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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Telling It Like It Is:By Mike

This week: Looking to Turning Point, My temporary episode of stupidity, and
other things.

Hello all, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Of course I could have had
better given the circumstances, but that is another story for another day.
Down to business.

I want to apologize for my temporary transformation to a "want to believe
every story about a wrestler leaving for another company" mark. I have
grown so tired of hearing the "Goldberg, Hogan, Savage, and every other WCW
wrestler to WWF" story on every dirt site that insulted my intelligence, yet
I stooped to the same level with my prediction of RVD possibly going to TNA.
Feel free to call me a moron whenever you like. I based the story on the
information I had on his contract being up soon, the burying he has been
getting, and a hope that the TNA Creative team would try and stop thinking
it is 1984 or 1996, and wake up and try to get a superstar that can draw.
Dragging out Piper's Pit, The NWO, or Mahco Man from mothballs is not the
way to build a big following if you want to be a major corporation. TNA
needs to get a compelling storyline, which leads me to my next point.....

....They have a HUGE opportunity to get on the right track at the top, by
putting over Monte Brown. I was not sold on Monte's gimmick at first, but I
cannot deny the guy is over HUGE. Putting the title on him would prove a
fresh start. I am all with the idea of keeping Jarrett, Hall, and Nash in
the main picture, Just not as a champion. Make them henchmen for an evil
executive or something. Nothing personal against Jarrett. My wife has met
him and he is a nice guy, but historicaly, he is not a proven champion who
can draw. As for Randy Savage, are they paying this guy with a lifetime
supply of Nubaine or what?? I mean, TNA needs to realize people are sick of
seeing this guy shoved down their throat. Savage's time is long past. Jeff
Hardy? Let's be honest!! The only title run this guy ever got was 2 years
ago, and Undertaker did about 95% of the work in carrying this guy. Put
Hardy in the X-Division, and let him work a program with Jerry Lynn or
Styles, for he is a good mid-carder, but he is not the kind of guy you build
a company around.

Moving on to WWE....Can anyone explain to me why Eddie Guerrero is getting
buried? Oh wait, I forgot, Angle hates him, and he is not one of Vince's
"Boys". From February to July, Eddie Guerrero was well on his way to a PWI
Wrestler of the Year Award. Now he has been buried with no end in sight.
As for the Dudleys, they are in the same boat. Scuttlebutt is that Bubba
Ray is not on good terms with Vince right now, for reasons unknown. NO I am
not going to make the same stupid comment that they are getting fired and
they may be coming to TNA. Raw this week was an actual good show for once.
The Edge-Benoit controversy is just the way to push these guys. I nearly
thought WWE was going the TNA route when they hinted of Edge and Christian
(another tag team that has run its course) getting back together, but thank
GOD they backed off of that.

Well that is all for this week. Next week, Breaking down Turning Point, and
a response, actually an agreement to Heather's opinion on Women's wrestling,
or lack thereof..LOL. Take care, and have a great time on Sunday, those who
are attending Turning Point. War TNA prime time deal, War Wrestlemania in
Tropicana Field in 2006, and Okay, War Eddie Guerrero to TNA (Stupid wishful
thinking again)! I am out!!! See you in EIGHT weeks.


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