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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Chasyn Rance Interview

First, I just wanted to thank you for having me on your Q&A and to all the fans that read the site. For those who don't know me, this Q&A should help but you can also visit my website at On to the questions.

1. When did you know you wanted to go in to wrestling?

I was lucky to have family in the business when I was young. My cousin, Howard Rapp, was a silent partner for a couple of independent promotions in New York. I vaguely remember my first independent event, but I know I was two at the time. I really started watching it around 92-93. I had already been in Shaolin Kempo Karate since I was 7, and thought I'd be able to work hard and eventually try to become a professional wrestler. I always knew I never wanted a desk job and do something that made me stand out more. Wrestling was perfect.

2. Did you get support from your friends and family?

My family thought it was a phase and all but a few of my friends didn't take me serious when I started. My family would go to my matches to support me even though they hated me doing it. My friends would come out sometimes. Usually, it'd be which ever girlfriend I was with at the time and then some our friends at my matches supporting me. It's always nice to have support of friends as well as fans I've wrestled in front of before that continue to support me. I always appreciate that.

3. What kind of training did you have?

I had a lot of training. I was always trying to better myself. Starting with 13 years of martial arts. Then training under Rusty Brooks starting at the age of 15. Other assistant trainers that helped in my training consisted of Rocky Johnson [ed note: Rocky Johnson is the father of WWE superstar The Rock], The Warlord, Billy Fives, and quite a few more. Last summer, I was invited to the Antonio Inoki Dojo in Los Angeles, CA to train which was some of the hardest workouts I've ever had. I was an assistant for "Dr. Death" Steve Williams for a three hour semenar. He worked with me a bit there. Also, this summer, I spend two and half months living and training with Teddy Hart in Calgary, Alberta where I was the last new student in the Dungeon before it was sold. It was a crazy and long summer. I can only talk so much about it, but I wrote a few entries on my forum that you can check out at my website.

4. How long have you been wrestling for?

It's been almost 6 years now. That's kind of crazy. I never really looked at it but it's been a while, and I'm only 21. I guess that's what happens when you start training at 15.

5. What wrestling leagues have you wrestled for?

I always laugh when I get this question. I have wrestled for about 40 different wrestling promotions in a few different states and in Canada. I also have a few events coming up with other promotions in NJ, NC, NY, GA, MD, PA, and DC. A bit of a busy schedule that I am looking forward to it. Back to the question, under my results on my website, it has a complete list of every promotion I have wrestled for.

6. Have you held any titles with the leagues you have wrestled for? If so what ones?

My first title reign last all of 1 day. I won the FOW International Heavyweight Championship from Fabulous Frank who was substituting for Billy Fives. It was realized that Frank never had the right to defend the title, so I was stripped the next day. After that, I kind of started a collection of junior heavyweight championships. I picked up the SCW Southern Cruiserweight Championship (x2), the NNW Featherweight Championship (x2), the FSPW Cruiserweight Championship (recently stripped while in Calgary), the SECW Light Heavyweight Championship (current), the CCW Cruiserweight Championship, and the USCW Cruiserweight Championship (current). I also picked up the FSPW Hardcore Championship for a total of a minute but everyone knows how those hardcore titles work.

7. Have you sustained any injuries? If so what were they? What did you feel was the worst?

I've had a few concussions. I fractured both of my feet in my third match. That wasn't too much fun. I was 16 and was supposed to go to one of those sleep away camps for a week where it's all high school students and all you do there is, well, you know what goes on there. I couldn't walk but of course, I still went. I was in so much pain that I was flown home a few days later to go to the hospital. That wasn't the bad compaired to getting 11 staples in my head and a concussion that gave me temporary amnesia. The amnesia was probably the worst. I broke up with my girlfriend two days before it happened but when she came to visit me at the hospital, she forgot to tell me. Thankfully, I was informed within the week and started to get my memory back.

8. Who is the person that you really look up to?
I always have a hard time answering this question, and I don't think I ever have. I guess the best answer I can give to this question is that there are many people I look up to for different reasons.
9. Who has been your greatest opponent so far?

As in wrestling a big star? It's between a couple of my trainers like The Warlord and Teddy Hart, and a 40 minutes match I had with Hector Guerrero where I successfully defended one of my junior heavyweight titles.

10. How do you feel about you upcoming match on TNA Impact?

I'm really looking forward to it. It's a great opportunity that Bill Berhens is giving me. He's a great guy. I'm also working this Saturday for his NWA-Wildside promotion in the first Wildside Super Indy Challenge tournament. Ron Niemi helped a lot with getting me the match for NWA-TNA. He's been a big support that I truly appreciate. I'm in the best shape of my life right now so hopefully I'll impress a few people in the back and everyone in the crowd.

11. Do you know who you will be wrestling in your Impact match?

I have no idea what-so-ever. I've been talking to my personal advisor, Mister Saint Laurent, about it. Wondering who would be the best for my to wrestle on the taping. I'm not even sure if I am in a television match or a dark match. I guess I'll find out when I am there.

12. What do you hope for in your wrestling future?

I hope to turn more people on to wrestling and just try to make the sport better. Personally, I want to be surrounded by my friends in the business and make sure that they and myself make money in it. Eventually retire at a young age, help more people get in who deserve to be in wrestling, and be happy with my friends, family, and start a family with whomever that special person may be.

Looks like those are all the questions. If there are any other questions that fans may have, they can always e-mail me at Hope you guys enjoyed the Q&A, and thank you for having me. I hope I hear a lot of you when I come out for my debut with NWA-TNA. See you guys there.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Jerrelle Clark

Jerrelle Clark is one of NWA-TNA’s newest signed, up and coming stars. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. But he is now living in Orlando, Florida with his wife Rebecca.

Jeremy McCulough trained Jerrelle from 1997 until 1998. From there Jerrelle wanted to focus on collage. He did continue to do some training on and off until 2000.

Jerrelle made is wrestling debut in Orange City, Florida. His first match was against Cutthroat Saxon. He did lose this match. But that didn’t stop Jerrelle.

Anyone that has seen Jerrelle’s wrestling matches knows that he combines speed with highflying moves. He tends to be a quick fan favorite as well.

Jerrelle also has several trademark moves that he uses. They are 630, Half past 6 (Canadian braker into a pile driver), Sky Twister (handspring full twisting moonsault), Jerrelle Driver (atomic knee drop in to face suplex), Clark Bar (619 rope spin in to a crucifix submission in the middle), JC Press ( shooting star into a cross body press), and Dragon Wing Sleeper #1 ( cross between chicken wing and dragon sleeper).

Jerrelle Has also held several titles in both singles and tag team competition. His single titles include NWA World JR. Heavyweight Champion, NWA Florida X champion, SPW Cruiserweight Champion, S.E.X Heavyweight Champion, NNW Overall Champion, and NSW Heavyweight Champion. His tag team titles include RCW Tag Team Championship as part of the Cutthroats. He held the title with Cutthroat Bonez. He also had the USFW Tag Team Championship.
If you ever get a chance to see Jerrelle fly you should really check him out he has a very impressive ring performance. It’s even more impressive now that he is on TNA with the 6 sided ring that gives him even more chances to fly!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Penny Banner

In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine what women's wrestling was like in the beginning.

Today, most of the female wrestlers are mosty valets, managers, and divas. Women wrestlers were sexy but not just sex objects like they are now.

Penny Banner is a true legend in Woman’s Wrestling. In my opinion, she is also an outstanding role model for young girls, or any young woman looking to go in to professional wrestling.

Penny Banner has led a truly amazing life. She faced many hardships as well as having great accomplishments. She also went on 3 dates with Elvis Presley, 5 years before he went into the armed services!

Penny Banner was born in St. Louis, Missouri on August 11,1934. Her birth name was Mary Ann Kostecti. As a young girl she had to endure many hardships. She over came it all, to become one of the greatest women, in professional wrestling history.

When Mary Ann was 11 years old her parents had got divorced. Mary Ann ended up spending the next 9 months in to St. Vincent DePauls Orphanage. After that, she went in to a US Government housing community called Peabody Terrace, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Later she left high school so she could go to work to help her mother support her siblings. Her father wasn’t around.

When Mary Ann was 16 years old she met a man named Blackie. He was 5 years her senior. Blackie tried to rape her nightly. She was contacted by the FBI in order to aid in his arrest. Which she did!

After that ordeal, she had to go into hiding at the age of 16. Mary Ann became a Governess of 3 children. The family had weight equipment in the basement were she started working out. She also started taking Judo. She wanted to be able to take care of herself in case Blackie ever came looking for her.

Once she had developed her Judo skills. Mary Ann was doing local TV demonstrations, to show her power and skill, in the art of Judo. She earned a reputation for being a powerful athlete and having the looks of a starlet.

Mr. Sam Muchnick at was the President of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). He had heard about Mary Ann’s Judo demonstration and how she was tossing around several American service men.

Sam was always looking for new emerging female talent for the NWA. He tried several unsuccessful attempts to get her to come and watch some womens wrestling matches. She declined the offer because she preferred to compete in conventional sports.

It is unknown how Sam convinced Mary Ann to accept a training assignment at Billy Wolfe’s School of Woman Wrestling in Columbus, Ohio. After a couple sessions it was he had seen her potential as a female wrestler. He also felt she was every bit the equal to such stars as June Byers and Mildred Burke.

It didn’t take long for Mary Ann to know what she wanted to do. After she realized the intellectual and physical aspects of tactical wresting, she was ready to go.

By Mary Ann’s second match she decided to changed her name to Penny Banner. She would later go on to explain the reason she chose this name. "Penny" because she was 19, and felt insignificant. "Banner" because it was Charlton Heston’s character in the movie Arrowhead. He is her favorite actor.

Penny’s career lasted for 23 years; starting in 1954, and ending in 1977. In the last 20 years of her career she never lost a match by pin fall. She decided to retire because of a lack of competition.

Penny had goained several titles in her career. Her first was the NWA’s Woman’s Title holder. To this day, it's the most important woman’s title in the history of woman’s wrestling.

She also went on the win the first ever AWA Women’s Title. It was decided in a battle royal style match. Her other titles include Texas Woman’s Champion, 3 time Ladies Tag Team Champion, and 3 Time Canadian Ladies Tag Team Champion.

Penny was married for a couple of years before she retired. She has 1 daughter. She was married for 35 years and is now divorced. She works as a real estate agent in North Carolina, where she is now living.

Penny is still a very active athlete. She participates in the Senior Olympics in several events including swimming, discus, shot put, and hammer throw. Penny also holds the “weight Pentathalon Record” in the North Carolina Masters for the years of 1995, 1996, and 1997.

She also does a lot of youth volunteering.Such as work with 4H. She also raises horses and competes in rodeo events such as barrel racing.

Ric Flair's mother Kay suggested to Penny that she should write a book. Penny had thanked her for the suggestion, but told her she just didn’t have the time. It wasn’t until later when she met up with her old friend Gerry, who also suggested she write a book, that she decided to do it.

Penny’s book came out on August 2,2004. It’s called Banner Days.

I think it will be a great read!

Saturday, August 28, 2004


I wanted to write something for those of you not familiar with NWA-TNA. It’s a very innovative new wrestling league. TNA has only been around a little over 2 years and is taking wrestling fans by storm!

NWA-TNA was originally based out of Nashville, Tennessee, but they are moving they’re home base to Orlando, Florida in the near future. NWA- TNA has a great mixture of familiar wrestlers such as Jeff Jarrett, Konan, and Jeff Hardy. As well as young up and coming wrestlers Frankie Kazarian, Chris Sabin, AJ Styles and Michael Shane.

NWA-TNA also has several outstanding tag teams. There Tag Teams have something for everyone. Such as 3 Live Kru, The Naturals, and America’s Most Wanted. If your interested in tag teams that really have team work, NWA-TNA has them.

There are several things that set NWA-TNA apart from other wrestling leagues. The first thing you will notice when you’re watching them is that they have a 6 sided wrestling ring! With having a 6 sided wrestling ring you get a lot more really intense matches! It also gives the high flyers more ropes and turnbuckles to work with!

With the design of there new ring they also redesigned the total wrestling experience that you can only get from watching or going to there matches. They also introduced the X-Division! Which are the best highflying wrestlers in the league.

Those are some of the most exciting matches in my opinion, but I don’t want to make it sound like I’m taking anything away from the skills of the rest of the wrestlers. It’s just that the X- Divisions matches are so new and different than the normal tactical matches.

TNA was originally delivered to the masses through weekly

Friday, August 27, 2004

Q&A With Wildcat Chris Harris of AMW

For those of you not familiar with Wildcat Chris Harris. He is part of TNA's tag team America's Most Wanted. If your intrested in learning more about him goto his website

1. Were you a wrestling fan when you were younger?If so since when?

Ever since I can remember I was in front of the TV every Saturday morning watching wrestling.

2. When did you know you wanted to go into wrestling?

I had thought about it in high school. I was obsessed with wrestling and thought of it as a dream. As high school ended and college began I took it more serious. A couple of years later I figured if I was going to give it a shot it was going to have to be now. After that I never looked back.

3. Was there a certain wrestler that really inspiredyou?
Bret Hart was my idol. I have the greatest respect for him as a wrestler and as a person. I watched hundreds of tapes of him throughout the years.

4. If you could wrestle any wrestler past or presentwho would it be andwhy?

Again, Bret Hart. How could you not want to wrestle one of the guys that inspired you.

5. I read on your website that Dusty Rhoades haskinda taken you and Jamesunder his wings. What is the most important thing isyou have learned fromhim so far?

From someone like him it has to be the psychology. Dusty was never the greatest worker, but he could always ignite a crowd. If something doesn't make since, Dusty has a way of explaining the situation.

6. If someone wanted to go into wrestling do youhave any tips for them tohelp them get started?

The first two things that you will hear from me is to get into the gym and get some quality training. I get sick of out of shape kids that look nothing like an athlete who come into our business and think they can be a wrestler with no training. It doesn't work like that.

7. How hard has it been for you in the past coupleof weeks traveling fromTenn to FL almost every week?

The travel schedule has definitely increased, but I accepted that when I got into this business. I don't mind the traveling so much. I just need a break once in a while. The excitment from the impact show over takes the extra travel.

8. What do you think about the 6 sided ring?

TNA is the future of wrestling and the 6 sided ring is another example of that. We are an innovative promotion. It wasn't bad to adjust to and it got everyone talking.

9. When your not working out, training, andwrestling what kind of things doyou like to do?

Sleep...I don't seem to get a whole lot of that.Other than that I just like to get out with my friends and share the good times. A cold beer, the movies, anything really.

10. In the past couple of weeks AMW has done 2brutal matches, the 6 sided cage match and thecountry whipping match. What did you think of theseand would you do them again?

Those two matches are right up our alley. The cagematch with the Naturals was very brutal and bloody. But you have to expect that. It is the most dangerous match in wrestling. The strap match hurts like hell,but feels so good when you are lashing out on someone else. I am sure you will see AMW in these matches again in the future.

Welcome To Pro Wrestling Impact

Hi All.

Welcome to Pro Wrestling Impact.

I wanted to do this blog because wrestling is one of my favorite things. I have been a fan for over 20 years.

I'm not going to write about just one certain league or one certain wrestler. What I plan to do it cover all pro wrestling such as TNA, Independant, WWE, and other wrestling related topics.

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say and come back often.