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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Michelle Madison

Michelle Madison maybe young but she is already making a name for herself in the UK indy circuit! She doesn't have a lot of experience yet but she has tons of enthusiasm and determination! Michelle is the younger UK wrestler to go professional!!

Michelle decided to go into wrestling after watching her sister Louise Lockwood wrestle. Following in her sisters foot steps isn't as bad as it may sound her sister was an accomplished wrestler by 15.

Michelle loves the Competition. She is also looking forward to meeting new people and traveling!

Michelle's favorite type of match is no holds barred! Especially when it's against her biggest opponent Louise Lockwood! Just because Louise is her sister that doesn't mean that she is going to cut her any slack! Michelle wants to prove herself to the world!

Even though she is a teenager she still works out and trains hard to reach her goals!! Her favorite move is the "Boston Crab". She has her own signature finisher called the "Victory Roll". She is still working on improving it! She also study's hard in school even though it bores her she understands how important her education is!

She hasn't held any titles yet but it is only a matter of time for her she is full of determination!! I'm sure that this isn't the last we are going to here from Michelle! She is well on her way to being a Superstar!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Scott Lost Interview

Before you go on to read this interview I feel there needs to be a little explaination about the questions. Scott was so excited about getting interviewed that he just copied Arele Little Feather's interview and answered her questions. So if it seems that the questions are geared more towards a girl well they are! But I think Scott did a great job and really took the questions in stride!

1. When did you decide to go in to wrestling?

In 2000 when I started training. I didn't ever think of becoming a pro wrestler until I met my old tag partner, Ryan Ruffio. He told me about a school up in LA and we went and checked it out. We'd been wrestling on my trampoline for months and it gave me such a rush that I decided I wanted to give it a try for real.

2. Since you are of Native American background did going in to wrestling go
against any of your beliefs?

I'm not Native American. What are you high?

3. Did you have a lot of support from your friends and family?

Yeah, my family was scared for me at first, much like all families that care, they realized that I loved it more than anything else. They still worry every once in a while but not as much.

4. Where did you do your training?

I was trained at UPW.

5. Who trained you?

Most of my training came from Tom Howard and a little bit by Samoa Joe.

6. Do you find it hard being a female in wrestling?

What? What kind of questions are these?!?! SoCal Val set me up, I know it.

7. How would you describe your wrestling style?

I'm fucking crazy!!! Just kidding. Uhh... I'd say technical/fantsy pants. Yup. That's my wrestling style.

8. Do you valet as well or are you strictly a female wrestler?


9. What is your standard ring attire like?

This is kind of a weird question, but I guess I'll go with it. A singlet with my symbol on it... and my name is usually on it too... Most of the time on the butt. Why?

10. What is your favorite wrestling move?

Sharpshooter, the flight of Superman(I do this flying spearthingy into the corner), Butterfly kick.

11. Are there any wrestlers that you hope to have the opportunity to wrestle

Tony Danza.

12. Who is your favorite wrestler?

Bret Hart. He's the best ever. Fuck Ric Flair.

13. What is your favorite type of match?

Female mudd wrestling

14. So far what do you think was your finest wrestling moment?

Going to Japan to wrestle for Osaka Pro. They were so light over there it was recockulous! It's all a work you wrestlers who beat the crap out of each other!

15. What is your wrestling goal?

I would love to wrestle for the WWE. Even on Velocity every week, I don't care. I'd also love to return to Japan and wrestle for Zero One and of course Osaka Pro again. But for now, I'd love to wrestle for the bigger indy feds like NWA TNA, ROH, NWA Wildside, etc.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

NWA-TNA Best Damn Sports Show Period Taping

The Best Damn Sports Show Period is doing a special on NWA-TNA. The special was taped last night at Studio 21 in Universal Studio’s Orlando, Florida. The special is scheduled to air on November 10th and 11th on Fox Sports!

I went to the taping last night and I have to say that is was one of the best TNA shows yet! I have to say if this is what we have to look forward to from them than we can expect many great things from them in the future!

In the show there are several breath-taking matches! Such as an Ultimate X match! The Ultimate X match was highflying and action packed! The participants in this match were Chris Sabin, Prime Time, and Sonjay Dutt! This was the first Ultimate X match I have seen live but if there all anything like this one I hope to see more of these in the future!

There is also going to be a flag match between Team Canada and 3 Live Kru. This was the first time I have seen a match like this the object was to capture your flag before the other team to win! I found this one to be entertaining to watch.

There was also the match that Tom Arnold was refereeing that was a midget match with Puppet “The Psycho Dwarf” vs. Teo from Bloody Midgets a hardcore midget match! I have never seen anything like this! I didn’t know there was even such a thing as hardcore midget matches. It was really cool though! They had a trashcan with bat’s, hockey stick, canes; what ever you name it they had it! If your not interested in anything else I’ve mentioned so far you should tune in just to see this match.

Incase your not excited enough about it there was also a cage match!! There isn’t a cooler cage match than a 6-sided cage match! In the cage was Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy with Rudy Charles as the referee. This match was intense! It had everything you would want to see a bitter feud between 2 hated rivals! Highflying moves, brawling, and blood!

Both 90-minute shows are well worth the time to watch! I hope all of you that have Fox Sports Network will tune in to see The Best Damn Sports Show Period!

Interview With Alere Little Feather

1. When did you decide to go in to wrestling?

I seriously decided to get into wrestling my freshman year in college. It
wasn't until a few years later, though that I started training. I did a lot
of research on where to train first. I wanted to find a really good
training center.

2. Since you are of Native American background did going in to wrestling go
against any of your beliefs?

No. I show pride in my heritage and handle myself professionally. There is
nothing I do in the ring that would bring shame to my people.

3. Did you have a lot of support from your friends and family?

When I first started, my family saw me come home beaten up and bruised. It
was hard to support seeing me in so much pain. But, after a while, they
were able to see the passion I felt about wrestling and how much I loved it.
They are very supportive now.

4. Where did you do your training?

I began my training at the IWA Cruel School of Professional Rasslin' under
head trainer, Rapid Fire Maldonado. He encouraged me to train with others
as well. So before shows and ring rentals, I'd get into the ring and
practice with my trainer and the other workers on the show. You never stop
learning. I continue my training at a variety of places. I feel that by
learning as much as I can from different people, it'll make me more rounded
and a true student of this sport. I have attended dojos with legends such
as Terry Funk as well. But Rapid Fire is the person I credit as my main

5. Who trained you?

See the above question.

6. Do you find it hard being a female in wrestling?

I train with mostly guys and grew up a tomboy, so no, not really.

7. How would you describe your wrestling style?

My style is definitely a mix. I prefer old school with some technical &
high flying thrown in. To be honest though it really depends on who I am
wrestling. For example, a girl like Mercedes Martinez is stronger and
bigger. I have to rely on my speed to win. There's no way I can outpower
her, so I do some technical and high flying, but the speed & intelligence is
key. Most of the people I wrestle are bigger than me, so that tends to be
my style. But I love a straight up old school match.

8. Do you valet as well or are you strictly a female wrestler?

I do not manage that often, but I do from time to time.

9. What is your standard ring attire like?

It varies a bit, but I try and stay with a tribal theme. I am definitely
dressing more sexy these day though.

10. What is your favorite wrestling move?

I have a bunch that I love. I love fijiwara armbars, northern light
suplexes, armdrags, hairdogs (modified bulldog) and tons of different
variations of getting into the armbars or switching it up with variations of
the tomahawk chop. The move that I am better known for is the tomahawk chop
and it's variations. I call it the tomahawk chop of death.....well actually
Angel Williams named it that and the name stuck.

11. Are there any wrestlers that you hope to have the opportunity to wrestle

There are so many people that I want to wrestle. Way too many to name.

12. Who is your favorite wrestler?

Again, a question where I could name a bunch. I'll break it down a bit and
only name a few.
FAV GROWING UP: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat & Ivory (Tina Ferrari/Nina)
CURRENT: Chris Jericho, The Rock, Victoria,& Molly Holly. I can't even
begin to go into the Indies, there's so much talent there, I have tons of

13. What is your favorite type of match?

One on one, old school match. Tag matches are great too.

14. So far what do you think was your finest wrestling moment?

Winning the 2004, 3rd annual WXW Elite 8 Championship. Previous winners
were Tracy Brooks & April Hunter. I competed agained some of the toughest
and most talented women in the USA. Winning is something I will never
forget. Neither will my body, I was beaten up big time.

15. What is your wrestling goal?

To learn as much as I can. I want to wrestle all over the world and
eventually make it to the WWE.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My Opinion

Before I really start getting in to this post, I just want to say I love TNA, and the fact that they are giving our local guys a shot!

I've noticed that they have been using a lot of the same local guys, which is great for them. They are getting exposure, but we have other great wrestlers in the area, who should be given the chance!

There are 3 that really come to mind at this point. The first one is Chasyn Rance! I've seen him in some amazing matches! Now granted he did do one match on TNA Impact but he wrestled against Scott D'Amore. Scott D'Amore not only out weighs Chasyn, but Scott doesn't wrestle in a way that would show the skills that Chasyn has! Chasyn is more X-Division wrestling. Put him in a match against someone like Chris Sabin or Frankie Kazarian, and you're in for a hell of a match!

The next one that I don't think is being given a chance is Rouge! Ok, some might argue that he is a little older so forget it, but that is certainly not the case! I have seen him in some crazy hardcore matches! The things he will put his body through, just to put on a great show for the crowd, are spectacular! His matches are worth checking out! I think in TNA he maybe sutted for a match with Raven or Sabu.

My last but certainly not least of great local talent is So Cal Val! Not only is she an outstanding wrestler, but she is also a valet! I have seen her wrestle as well as valet, and either way she does an incredible job! I would love to see her in a match against Tracy!

I think they all would really be an incredible addition to an already great TNA line up!! So come on guys give them a chance to shine to!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Telling it like it is. by Jon-Michael Newton

In the early 90's a small wrestling promotion started out of a sports bar in
Philidelphia, PA. Shortly thereafter, it moved to small arenas and a ex-WCW
employee became it's creative lifeblood. This man's mantra was to create
exciting and innovative, over the top storylines and characters with new
blood and with wrestlers that had been in the WWE or WCW. They were
wrestlers with great potential, like Mick Foley, Steve Austin, and Shane
Douglas. A few legends, like Terry Funk were sprinkled in, but with no
overkill. The formula worked, and from 1994-1998, this promotion was the
best in all of wrestling hands down. You may have heard of the man. His
name was Paul Heyman, and his promotion, Extreme Championship Wrestling, was
a phenomenon that we will never see duplicated in this business again.

Fast forward to 2004. A small, yet deeply rooted promotion, NWA TNA, has
formed in Orlando, FL. With a small, but rabid fan base, and exciting young
stars, and fairly well drawn storylines on the miscard level, it has
potential. But the main weakness of TNA is at its top structure. TNA is
becoming more and more like WCW, The Ressurection, but instead of the things
that worked for them, TNA is using the concepts that brought WCW to its

Exhibit A: Vince Russo. It is common knowledge that Russo is not the
creative genius that he was hailed as during his WWE days. He seems
hell-bent on trying to steer the tradition marks, so he loads the roster
with wrestlers that are popular, but past their prime. It is a formula,
save for maybe Terry Funk, that simply does not work.

Exhibit B: Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett has experience and skills, and he is a
good solid heel, but he just is not a good world champion. He simply has
"Change the channel" heat similar to Triple H. Plus he has Russo by the
short and curlies, being his father owns the promotion. Pushing a young
star like AJ Styles as a champ will breather fresh air into the company, but
Jarrett is simply not the way to go.

Exhibit C: The WCW Diehard and WWE Leftover formula. I do not see the
Hall-Nash addition ending any way but badly. I want to give them the
benefit of the doubt, but given both their work habits and their reputation
to throw locker rooms into chaos, I hope TNA knows what they are getting.
It may spike PPV buyrates and house show attendance in the short term, but
thinking short term is not what works in this business. Jeff Hardy needs to
step it up a notch. He can wrestle a great match when he has to, but that
has been few and far between lately.

Let's get one thing straight, TNA is not going to pull any major coups soon.
Vince McMahon has locked all his top wrestlers into long-term, ironclad
contracts. He is not going to make the same mistake he made in the mid
90's. So TNA needs to play it smart and make good creative decisions, not
quick fixes. TNA is a good small promotion with a lot of potential. But it
needs to be smart in order to build on that potential. See you all next
week. I will be taking all rub-ins from all Red Sox fans as well.....Hats
off to them, they beat my Yanks fair and square. Feel free to send all
feedback and low-blows to

Sunday, October 24, 2004

TNA Fans In The Orlando,Florida Area

Credit to the offical NWA-TNA Site!


TNA fans in the Orlando area will be treated to TWO huge television tapings this week, as TNA will be in the Impact Zone at Universal Orlando Resort on Tuesday AND Wednesday!

On Tuesday, fans can come as normal for our Impact and Xplosion tapings, featuring an appearance by “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash as he addresses the comments from Scott Hall! Plus, more matches for Victory Road!

Then on Wednesday, we’re inviting everyone back for a huge night of action involving the stars from Best Damn Sports Show Period, including Tom Arnold, Chris Rose, John Salley, Bryan Cox and the lovely Lee Ann Tweeden! This will be a very special TNA event, and will feature two huge surprise matches involving TNA’s greatest innovations! Also in attendance will be Rowdy Roddy Piper, AJ Styles, The Alpha Male, America’s Most Wanted, Jeff Jarrett, Raven, 3Live Kru and all of your favorite TNA superstars!

We guarantee it will be a Wednesday night of TNA Wrestling that fans in Orlando won’t want to miss! Don’t miss your chance to attend TWO HUGE days of TNA at Universal Studios this Tuesday and Wednesday!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

"Big Bad Biker" Blackhammer

“Big Bad Biker” Blackhammer is originally from Sturgis, South Dakota. He is an Indy wrestler that has wrestled in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. He draws his inspiration from Mick Foley.

Elvis Elliot and Al Snow trained Blackhammer. He made his wrestling debut in October 1999. His wrestling style is a mix of hardcore and technical with a dash of highflying!

His signature move is called “Dropping the Hammer”. He uses that or a frog splash to finish his opponent. His greatest match was one that he lost! It was on July 18, 2004 he wrestled former WWF star the “Honky Tonk Man”. Blackhammers most hated opponent is Tracy Smothers!

In only a few short years he has really started to make a mark for himself. He has held several titles they are OCW TV Title, OCW Tag Team Championship (3x), CWA Tag Team Championship, CWA US Title, and MSWF Northern Tennessee Heavyweight Title!

But despite his great wins there were some injuries that he has sustained as well. Such as a separated left shoulder, concussions, a torn ligaments in his left wrist, bruised ribs, minor neck injury, minor tear in the left ACL, and a dislocated right shoulder.

Which of course even with the injuries he still gets out there to entertain his fans!

Friday, October 22, 2004

"The Professor" Mike Tenay Interview

1. How did you get into doing color commentary?

As a young kid growing up in Southern California, I published a wrestling newsletter (predecessor of Observer, etc.) from 1966-73. I also wrote articles for the national wrestling magazines and the programs that were sold at the live events at Los Angeles' Olympic Auditorium in that same time frame. I hosted the nationally syndicated Wrestling Insiders radio program from 1991-97. I joined the WCW Hotline in 1992 and, after debuting on the AAA Pay Per View When Worlds Collide in 1994, I was hired as a WCW announcer by Eric Bischoff in 1995. (By the way, your question refers to "color commentary". Don West is the TNA color commentator. I am the play-by-play announcer.)

2. Have you worked in any other sports?

I have commentated on other sports in terms of hosting talk radio programs. I have not done play-by-play announcing in other sports, although I'd love to.

3. What did you do before announcing?

From 1986-97 I was in Race and Sports book management at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to that, I sold air conditioning equipment in Los Angeles, California for 12 years.

4. How many years have you been announcing?

13 years counting radio and TV.

5. What wrestling leagues have you worked for?

WCW and TNA.

6. Is there another announcer that you really feel like you work well with other than Don West?

I think that the key to working well with another announcer is chemistry. Don West and I have been great friends almost from the time we met in June, 2002, and I think it shows in our work. I also loved working with Bobby Heenan, in WCW, and Larry Zbyskzo, in WCW and TNA, and I remain good friends with both of them.

7. Is there any type of match that you really enjoy announcing on? Why?

I first gained my announcing reputation in WCW Cruiserweight and International matches and they were by far the most enjoyable bouts to announce. I loved the work of Mysterio, Malenko, Dragon, Juvy, Guerrero and Jericho. In TNA, the X Division matches are my favorites to call. Styles, Lynn, Low Ki, Kash, Red, Sabin, Shane and Kazarian are just great fun to announce. I think that I enjoy the combined challenge of "keeping up with the fast pace" and recognizing the moves "on the fly".

8. What do you of TNA’S X-Division?

See answer 7.

9. What do you think of TNA’S 6-sided ring?

The 6 sided ring is a great innovation for TNA. It's eye-catching (to attract new fans) and it makes for a better in-ring product also.

10. What is your advise for someone that wanted to do color commentary? Do they need to have a certain type of education or experience?

The people that succeed long-term in the professional wrestling business usually are very committed to their craft (this goes for wrestlers and announcers). I don't think you can overestimate an individual’s love for the business either. You better be prepared to work strange and long hours. And you better love to travel. With WCW, I flew over 1,000,000, miles with Delta Airlines alone. With TNA, I've made nearly 150 round-trips in the past two-plus years (every week from home in Las Vegas to both Nashville and Orlando). In terms of education, I had a journalism background and I can't strongly emphasize how important it was to my success in wrestling.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

"Hardcore Kingpin" Scott Phoenix Interview

1. When did you know you wanted to be a hardcore wrestler?

I don't consider myself a "hardcore wrestler". I consider myself a professional wrestler. One that, when it matters to do it, will do hardcore. I'm finding more and more these days that people are too quick at putting labels on people. I can and will do hardcore as good as anyone in the business, I will up and say that out loud, but it's far from all I can do or wish to do. The hardcore stuff has overshadowed that fact....I'm going to break out of that mold.

2. Did you particapate in any sports in school?

Actually, no. Some don't believe this one, but at that point in time I was a scrawny, lanky, clumsy kid. One that got picked on a lot, so I did fight a lot. Kinda started something that way, too.

3. Where did you do your wrestling training?

Found a wrestling school with a local promotion in 1998, headed up by Kit Carson of Team Extreme, a veteran of the business who went on a short time later to become a two-time NWA World Tag Team Champion. That's where I started out. Also spent some time in early 1999 furthering my training from former WCW wrestler Awesome Kong.

4. Who was your trainer?

See above :)

5. What was your first match like?

My first match was September 18, 1998. I was in there with a 400+ pounder in pink, believe it or not. The match consisted of me starting with an armbar then getting beat bad for about 8 minutes.

6. So far what is your greatest wrestling moment?

Probably last fall, when me and Drunk Adam beat Team Extreme for the XCW Tag Team titles in a cage match. Huge crowd on hand to watch the last match of a feud that had lit the area on fire for a goof part of the year at that time. After the match, in front of this big crowd, Kit raised my hand while I held a tag team belt in the other. That moment was brief but felt like a lifetime. I'll never forget that match....though I hope many in the future top it.

7. Have you substained any serious injuries?

Spent most of 2001 out of action with a neck injury. Have had other nasty stuff, too, like concussions and a dislocated shoulder. Goes with the territory, though.

8. What is your favorite type of match?

I do like a brawl. Not neccessarily "hardcore" but a nasty, brutal battle. Technically, though, my favorite type of match is any match that the fans liked.

9. What is the finisher you like to use most?

I have won most with a chokeslam that is pretty brutal. I also have a pet submission hold I call the Straightjacket.

10. What is your favorite weapon in a hardcore match?

I've used about anything, but my favorite is a barbed wire wrapped 2x4 that a fan made for me and handed to me in a match in 2003. Sort of a sentimental thing.

11. Who is your biggest allie?

Besides the fans that chant my name, easily Lady Draven. We were close many years before either of us stepped into a ring, and she has been with me through almost every up and down I've ever had in the business. She's also been at ringside for most of the matches I've ever had.

12. Who is your biggest enemy?

Bobby 2 Badd has trashed me publically for most of 2004. Character assassination is what I'd call that. Worse enemy than any critic or injury or other wrestler...he's attempted to lie publically to the "smart" fans in an attempt to undo my 6 years of hard work.

13. On November 13, 2004 you will be defending your CWP Hardcore Title against Bobby B Badd at CWP'S Starrcage show how do you feel about this match?

We'll settle this like men in the cage. Hard to get a promotion to agree to this one but it's set. Then I can move on and move foward in wrestling with the closure of this whole thing done.

14.This will be a steel cage match. Is this your first cage match?

Only my third cage match, but I've won the first two. No escape for Bobby that night. He's mine.

15. What are your plans for your wrestling future?

I grew up wanting to be like my heroes in the ring. I was a longshot coming into wrestling but after 6 years, 26 different wrestling promotions, and an ungodly amount of miles on my poor car, I've managed to get my name out there and get it out there with good press. A lot of people seem to be pretty high on my chances now, and I hope I can break through to that next level and take a shot at being a big thing in this business. I've set a lofty goal for myself and plan to do what has to be done to reach it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"The Crippler" Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit is on of the most technical wrestlers in the sport today! He has an incredible ability to work his opponent. He is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Chris knew he wanted to me a wrestler the moment he saw his first live wrestling match! It was at this time he got to witness “The Dynamite Kid” in action! “The Dynamite Kid” would become Chris’s idol.

Chris would start going to wrestling matches every week! He would be come a very familiar face in the crowd! Soon he would be asked to help with ring set up. Later he would be able to hang out backstage with the wrestlers!

It was at this time he would introduce himself to Stu Hart. Chris would start going to the Hart Dungeon for his training. While Chris was training he would wrestle for Stu’s wrestling promotion Stampede Wrestling. He would later go on to give credit to Stu Hart for making him the wrestler he had become.

Chris would make his way to Japan and started wrestling as masked wrestler Pegasus Kid and would start using “The Dynamite Kid’s” signature moves. One of his biggest accomplishment in Japan as a masked wrestler was taking the IWGP Light Heavyweight Championship from Jushin Liger!

Chris would later lose his mask in a mask vs. mask match! He would also change his name to “The Wild Pegasus” and totally develop a new identity! He became just as successful as he had been as a masked wrestler. In April of 1994 he win the J Cup.

Even with all of his success in Japan, Chris would go on to take an invitation from Paul Heyman to work in his wrestling promotion ECW. Two other wrestlers that worked in Japan with Chris those wrestlers were Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero.

Chris won a lot of matches but the North American audience just wasn’t warming up to Chris’s personality. It wasn’t until a match against Sabu were he dropped Sabu on his head and broke his neck that the fans started to warm up to him. Paul Heyman nicknamed him “The Crippler” because he was a man that can break his opponent with his bare hands became his gimmick!!

In 1995 Chris would have visa problems and would have to leave ECW! He was going to go back to Japan to wrestle but decided he would try out for WWF but he wouldn’t be able to work out a contractual deal because he wanted the leave way to go to Japan to wrestle as well!

He would make a deal with WCW that would allow him to wrestle in Japan as well as WCW, but soon after signing the deal WCW they would make it difficult for him to wrestling in Japan. Chris would start to grow very unhappy with his position with WCW Management. Chris was asked to become part of the “Four Horsemen” but was kept in the back of the spotlight!

So Chris would grow even more frustrated. In hopes of making Chris happy WCW had him wrestle Sid Vicious for the World Heavyweight Title! Chris would win the match but he had already decided to leave WCW. In January 2000 Chris went to work for the WWE. Now Chris has the fire and love of the sport that he had once had!

He has had much success since coming to WWE. He won his first WWE title on April 2,2000 at Wrestlemania XVI. Just a mere 4 months after join them. He has gone on to win many more matches and titles with his signature finishing move the “Crippler Crossface”.

During Chris’s impressive career he has entertained wrestling fans all over the world and is just getting better all the time! I’m sure there is still a lot more success in his future.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Samoan Dynasty Part 4 "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka

"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka is Afa and Sika's cousin that is how he is tied into the great Samoan Dynasty! Hailing from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific.

Anyone that has had the chance to have the breath taking experience of watching him in his prime, knows that he started a new era in wrestling! He was the first to amaze the crowd with his awesome aerial moves mixed with martial arts moves.

This combination along with wrestling moves formed a new style of wrestling that is more like an art form than a regular wrestling match. Many wrestlers would copy that style for generations to come. His signature move is called the "Superfly Leap".

Snuka would be a huge draw for the WWF (now WWE) in the 80's right after Bruno Sammartino retired. He started out being managed by Captain Lou Albano but it wasn't long before the relationship would sour and Snuka would go out on his own!

Snuka would go on to be one of the WWF's most admired wrestlers. He had just as much merchandise as Hulk Hogan and Andre "The Giant". He even had a character on Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling Cartoon!

Snuka's most memorable moment was an amazing death defying "Superfly Leap" off the top of a steel cage on to his opponent Don Muraco at Madison Square Garden. Another very memorable moment in Snuka's career is the feud between him and Rowdy Roddy Piper! It all started when Snuka was doing an interview on the incredibly popular wrestling segment "Pipers Pit". After a heated interview Piper hit Snuka in the head with a coconut causing a concussion. They went on to have many brutal battles one ending with Piper breaking Snuka's neck!

Now Snuka is in to his 50's but still has his love of wrestling. He can still be found as a main event in Indy shows across the country. You can also find him helping out at the Wild Samoan training center! Helping to train our future wrestling stars!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Telling It Like It Is By Michael J. Newton

This is my first column to you from Balad, Iraq. Many of you who read this
may remember me from the Impact show on October 12th, in wich I was
recognized for my service in Iraq. I want to extend my deepest and
heartfelt thank you for your support and your ovation. It really meant a
lot to me and my wonderful wife, Ronni. I look forward to seeing all of you
at the Impact tapings on February 9th 2005.

I have always wanted to write for a website, so when my Father-In-Law told
me that Heather had a website, I jumped at the chance to ask her if I could
write a column for it. She gave me her email address, and I am truly
thankful that I have been given an opportunity to express my views on Pro
Wrestling today.

I will cover a variety of topics from week to week. Some dealing with WWE,
some dealing with TNA, some dealing with the Independent Circuit. Some of
you may view me as a "Smart Mark", which I confess I am. When I agree or
disagree with the direction a company takes, I will be straightforward on my
views. They may be different or similar to yours, but I wil make the best
effort to be objective, un-offending, and fair to all sides.

Once again, I would like to thank all TNA fans in Orlando for the support
you have given me at the October 12th Show. I look forward to providing my
next column on Saturday, October 23rd.

Michael J. Newton

PS: Feedback can be sent to me at

Some small Changes

Hi. I wanted let all my regular readers as well as my new ones that I will be having a weekly guest artical written by a friend of mine Michael J. Newton. Who is currently over sea's serving his country in Balad, Iraq! I hope you continue to enjoy his work as well as mine.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Interview With The Living Legend Larry Zybysco

Before I go on to the interview I just wanted to say this was a live in person interview done on October 16,2004. I also wanted to state that Larry is an incredible person.

1. Why did you decide to go into professional wrestling?

I saw it on TV when I was younger. Bruno was my hero. He inspired me!

2. Was Bruno Sammartino your only wrestling trainer?

Bruno was my main trainer as far as technical and the psychology of it. He was my metor!

3. I read that you got your ring name from Bruno Sammartino, how did that come about?

Zybysco was a famous Polish wrestling family in the early 1900’s. In the early days of wrestling wrestlers would use famous ethnic wrestling names to draw in crowds. Since I’m Polish it made sense. Zybysco’s rough translation means “Big One”.

4. Bruno Sammartino was your mentor, why the falling out?

I was Bruno’s protégé and that is how everyone viewed me. So in order to break out on my own I needed to take on Bruno and prove I was the next “Living Legand”.

5. In your opinion what was your greatest wrestling moment?

Wrestling Bruno at Shea Stadium!

6. What titles have you held?

WWWF Tag Team Title, NWA National Championship, Western State Heritage Championship, WCW Tag Team Title, WCW TV Title, and AWA World Heavyweight Championship.

7. You have worked many different aspects of professional wrestling during your career, what has been your favorite part? Why?

I loved wrestling! You can’t explain the feeling you get from wrestling in front of thousands of wrestling fans! But as I got older announcing was good to because it was a way to still be in the limelight but not wrestling.

8. Do you have any advice for the next generation of pro wrestlers?

The same advice Bruno gave me. Wrestling is unpredictable always have something to fall back on.

9. In your opinion how do you think professional wrestling has changed over the years since you started wrestling?

For the worse!

10. I read that you have you pilot license, why did you want to become a pilot?

Years ago we all worked different territories and sometimes we would drive 6 or 7 hours just to get to a match. We literally lived out of our cars. I didn’t like it so I decided to get my pilots licenses so I could fly and not live so much out of my car.

11. During your career you have wrestled many wrestling legends, was there one that you really wished you had gotten a chance to wrestle?

There are only 2 so called “Living Legends” that were afraid to get in the ring with me and they were Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair!

12. What is your position with NWA-TNA?

I’m head spokes man for the Championship Committee.

13. I read that you are planning to write a book, have you started it yet?

It’s underway I’m about 25% complete. Whenever I can I go to a secluded cabin up in Georgia to work on it. I hope to have it released by next summer. It is going to be a good read not like some of the books out there by other wrestlers.

14. How do you feel about being able to join the PGA Seniors tour?

It’s my second goal in life! Next week I’m going to be doing the Monday qualifiers, with hopes of getting on the tour!

15. Can we do some word association?

Word association is so stupid!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mister Saint Laurent Interview

Mister Saint Laurent is an indy wrestler in Florida. He is going to be wrestling at the SCW show tonight in a mixed tag match with So Cal Val! I wish them both the best of luck against Dagon Briggs and Seven!

1.Why did you want to do wrestling?

Professional Wrestling always seemed like the sport that would best allow me to express myself creatively. I look at myself as both an artist and a fighter and pro wrestling allows me to explore both aspects of life at the same time.

2.Where did you do your wrestling training?

My initial training took place in Miami with Duke "The Dumpster" Droese back in '99. That's where I learned the basics. I ended up working in different aspects of the business for several years before deciding to move to Orlando, which is where I met Chasyn Rance. I started working out with Chasyn and he taught me a lot as well.

3.What wrestling promotions have you worked for?

I've worked in wrestling for six years now, but only a year of that has been as a wrestler. As far as working in the ring, I've wrestled for FSPW, IPW, NWA FL, NNW, SCW, FWA, USCW, and NWA Sunray. Out of the ring, I've worked for FOW, MLW, H2 and countless independent promotions throughout Florida while working as Chasyn's manager.

4.What titles have you held?

I haven't been wrestling that long, but I was fortunate enough to defeat Vordell Walker for the SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship over the Summer. That's the only championship I've ever held.

5.Does wrestling ever get in the way of your music?

More than I could have ever imagined! A lot of people don't realize that I'm not just a wrestler. I'm a singer/songwriter, musician, actor, poet, and juggler among other things. Wrestling just seems to have brought me the most success the quickest, so I've had to devote more time to my wrestling career than I initially anticipated. Before I moved to Orlando, I was a regular on the live poetry circuit, but I've had to give that up for now. Sadly, performing poetry pays better than independent wrestling and you don't have to bump!

6.Is there a wrestler that you really look up to?

I'm not the type of person to worship false idols. I can appreciate the work of someone, but if I don't know them personally, I can't look up to them in good conscience because I don't know what they are really about. I think this is one of the reasons I am so involved with my fans. I want them to really know what I'm like and get a feel for my every day life so they can decide if I'm truly worthy of their time and money.

7.What is your training schedule like?

If you had asked me a few months ago, my answer would have been, "What's training?" After years of managing and working behind the scenes, I got used to not having to train and I'm paying for that now. I appreciate that the local fans in Orlando enjoy my work, but I know I have a lot more to offer once I get into better shape. Right now, I'm working out with Chasyn five days a week. I also make sure to get myself into a ring at least a few times a month in addition to the shows I work so I can continue to improve as a technical wrestler.

8.Do you advise any wrestlers other than Chasyn Rance?

Not to the extent that I advise Chasyn, but yes. Guys like Manny Montana, Josh Rich, Leon Scott, and Johnny Schumacher are all good friends of mine and I try my best to help them out when it comes to making career decisions. I handle bookings for a few of them as well.

9.What is your favorite type of match?

I strongly prefer a straight up pro wrestling match to any other type of match.

10.Lets do some word association.

a.Chasyn Rance

Chasyn is the best junior heavyweight in Florida and anybody that disagrees with me doesn't understand this business.

b.So Cal Val

So Cal Val is lovely on both the inside and the outside and I love working with her. As someone who was a manager for so long, I know what to look for in a manager and Valerie has it all.

c.Chris Carson

Chris is the most honest promoter I've ever worked with, which is why I prefer working for Southern Championship Wrestling over any other group in Florida.

d.Daggon Biggs

Definitely my best opponent. Dagon makes me give everything I've got just to survive and I think the fans have really enjoyed our matches.

e.Jason Hexx

Never really worked with Jason, but I can say that he has been the most dependable champion in SCW since I've been around.

f.Manny Montana

Manny is the third fighter in Team Vision ( along with myself and Chasyn. Not only is he a great wrestler, but he's a great jiu jitsu fighter as well. I think Manny adds a lot of legitimacy to Team Vision and I'm glad he's part of the team.

g.Vordell Walker

Vordell will soon be the top guy in Florida.

h.Jerrelle Clark

Never worked with him, but Chasyn has. They've always had great matches and I think Jerrelle and Chasyn are probably the top two juniors in Florida.

i.Mikey Batts

I'm glad to see a local guy like him get a chance to make some money in this business. I wish him the best.

Friday, October 15, 2004

My Views on TNA'S Tag Team Division

NWA-TNA’S tag team division is really heating up! On tonights Impact the tag team of James Storm (America’s Most Wanted) and Christopher Daniels (Triple X) lose their titles to Team Canada with the help of outside interference.

It seems that all the top tag teams in the league are vying for a tag team title shot, including 3 Live Kru (3LK). Now that James Storm and Christopher Daniels are back with their regular tag team partners. It would seem that those 2 teams are going back to there feuds.

With so many great tag teams in NWA-TNA it makes you wonder which team is number one contender. Is it America’s Most Wanted, The Naturals, Triple X, 3LK, Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian, or one of there up and coming tag teams such as Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts!

I think it would be great if NWA-TNA had a tag team elimination matches to work out who the number one contender is. The winner getting a title shot at NWA-TNA’S first monthly Pay Per View “Victory Road” on November 7, 2004.

What ever they decide to do I’m sure it will spawn some outstanding matches!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Views on the "Victory Road" Title Match

It looks like it's going to be Jeff Hardy facing "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett. It is going to be a ladder match for the title at NWA-TNA Pay Per View "Victory Road"!

There has also been a lot of talk about "The Outsiders" Scott Hall and Kevin Nash being involved in the match in some way.

From what it seems at this point Scott Hall is going to be on Jeff Jarrett's side and Kevin Nash is siding with Jeff Hardy.

But we all know from watching wrestling things are not always what they seem. It could be just the way they are saying but then again like we have all seen in the past Kevin Nash might turn on Jeff Hardy or Scott Hall may turn on Jeff Jarrett!

I'm thinking that if anyone turns it's going to be Kevin Nash since the outsiders are always heels! I can't wait to see them back in action, it's been to long.

Anyway a ladder match for the title may be in Jeff Hardy advantage since he has done so many of those types of matches when he was wrestling with his brother Matt Hardy in the WWE!

But then again Jeff Jarrett has grown up in the squared circle. Weather you like him or not you can't take away from his ability and talent! Jeff Jarrett is one of the best wrestlers out there today!

So this could be a very close match but I think that there is going to be some outside interferences! But it's still a good bet it's going to be a great match and it would be shames to miss the amazing course of events unfold!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

TNA Victory Road & Impact

Hi I wanted to at least post something tonight since I am going to reformat my computer tonight. With getting my computer ready for this I didn't have a chance to write my blog today. I will be back up and running tomorrow.


Scheduled for Impact! is NWA Tag-Team
Champions Christopher Daniels and James Storm vs. Team Canada, and
Jeff Hardy vs. Monty Brown for the title shot against Jeff Jarrett
at Victory Road on the line. We will likely have live audio coverage
of the Impact! and SmackDown! tapings on WrestleZone Radio tonight
live starting 10:00PM EST.

As we have reported before, Terry Funk is now no longer scheduled to
work the TNA Victory Road pay-per view scheduled for November 7.
Funk apparently opted to not work the show when being informed that
Kevin Nash would be involved with it. According to one source,
Funk's entire attitude about working the show changed when hearing
of Nash's involvement. There is some heat between the two stemming
back from 2000 when Nash destroyed Funk during a match at the 2000
WCW Souled Out pay-per view. Funk was going to be wrestling Dusty
Rhodes at Victory Road, a match TNA had been building on their
television for a while now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Rabia comes from an insane asylum in Tijuana, Mexico. This madman decided he wanted to become a Luchador in the late 90’s!

So he went to Rey Misterio Sr.’s school for training. Going to school here gave him the opportunity to work with Tijuana’s finest! He also prides himself on being able to learn Lucha and American style wrestling. Plus he has been able to combine them into his own unique wrestling style!

Rabia graduated in 1999. He had big plans for his gimmick but Rey Misterio Sr. has his own plans! He brought back Halloween masks and gave them to his top 3 students. From that day on Rubia wore a ripped flannel shirt with a leather mask that has 3-inch spikes on it! Rubia enters the ring to Chaos A.D by Sepulta!

Rubia works many promotions from Mexico through California. Such as SPW, Promociones Mora, and Luchamania. He hasn’t been able to win any titles yet. Some of his favorite matches are when he gets to team with Leprosy.

He like to stay current with his style and keep the product fresh even though he gets regular bookings! Some of his favorite wrestlers are Zumbido, De Santo, Nicho El Millonario, and Damien 666.

Rubia is also part of The Lucha Libre Mafia! He is a brutal opponent to go up against. Anyone going up against him knows there in for a tuff match. He plans to go back to Tijuana to wrestle soon even though the Tijuana Wrestling Commission is making wrestling there difficult.

Monday, October 11, 2004

"Da Suicidal Demon" AzRiEaL

"Da Suicidal Demon" AzRiEaL Or Angel Dust is the other name he wrestles by. He has been wrestling since he was 18 years old. He signed up for training at the Doghouse.

He learned the basics from Laython. Later he got more training from 187 Homicide! All his hard work and tuff training has paid off for him! He is now wrestling all over the North East! He has worked for several promotions they are RoH (As Angel Dust of Special K) , CzW ,JapW, NwA Wildside, Usapro, IcW, WxW, HwA, JcW, CcW, PwA & LiWf Doghouse!

He has also won a couple titles they are LiwF Doghouse LightWeight champion & JapW Light Weight Champ. The wrestlers that made him want to go into wrestling are Bret Hart and the Ultimo Dragon!

He as a lot of potential and has big plans to go far! I'm sure we will be seeing a lot of him in the future!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Simply Luscious

Simply Luscious real name is Ronnie Stevens. She is from San Antonio, TX. She has been wrestling for a little more than 4 years. She decided to go into wrestling after she sat ring side at WWF (now WWE) event. She loved everything about it.

She went to Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy for her training. Her trainers were Shawn Michaels and Rudy Boy Gonzales. She also went to Dory Funk Jr.'s Funking Conservatory.

Ronnie's wrestling style is highflying. She loves trying out new moves on her opponents. Her gimmick is being sexy but tuff. She also changes her uniforms often.

Wrestling moves she enjoys using are Springboard Elbow and The Tarantula. The finisher move she uses is Acid Drop, a.k.a. "The Luscious Landing".

She hopes to one day wrestle for WWE! She wants everyone to know that she is a female wrestler not a valet. She doesn't pull hair or anything like that either when she is wrestling! She enjoys participating in mixed matches as well. One of her biggest wins was against Chris Marvel. She won the ETW Television Title from Chris in that match.

Other than wrestling Ronnie also acts. Her most popular ones are Selena and Road to Graceland. She also models and was a Miller Light Girl!

Saturday, October 09, 2004


Edge is one of the most amazing athletes in the WWE. He competes in many different matches singles, tag team, and TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chair) matches. Becoming a wrestler was a life long dream of Edge's.

Edge was born Adam Copeland in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 30,1973. Edge spent a year training at Sully's Gym in Toronto. He made his wrestling debut on June 1,1993. It was a tag team match his partner was El Fuego Kid.

Not long after this match Edge wrestling as Sexton Hardcastle joined Jay Resoo (Christian Cage) in the tag team High Impact! They later changed there name to Suicide Blondes. In December 1997 the Suicide Blondes won the ICW Streetfight Tag Team Titles.

Edge made his WWF (now WWE) Raw wrestling debut on June 22,1998 against Jose Estrada Jr. But at Summerslam in 1998 is were Edge really made an impact on wrestling fans everywhere! He was Sable's (Rena Mero) Mystery tag team partner against Marc Mero and Jacquelyn. Edge and Sable won the match!

Edge and Christian formed the Brood with Gangrel. The Brood later became part of the Undertakers Ministry of Darkness! Edge and Christian later left the Brood and the Hardy boyz joined the Brood with Gangrel.

From this point on Edge and Christian took the wrestling fans by storm! They are a great tag team that work well together! They had very memorable lader and LTC matches against the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz!

Edge is also an impressive singles wrestler, but he does a lot of tag team matches! Edge has won the King of the Ring in 2001, WWE Intercontainal Champion (4x), and WCW US Champion. Edge's finishing move is called the Edgecution! These are not Edge's only tiles he has held the World Tag Team Title and impressive 8 times and WWE Tag Team Champion.

Edge has just recently returned to wrestling after being out of the ring for more than a year due to a neck injury! I'm sure that we can expect a lot more from Edge in the future!

TNA PPV Victory Road

Tickets for the Victory Road PPV on November 7,2004 at Universal Studio's in Orlando, FL went on sale today at 10:00am. Anyone that is interested in going to the PPV can got to to buy tickets! The listed matches are Jeff Jarrette vs. ??? for the heavyweight title, X division Championship Title Match Petey Williams vs. AJ Styles, and a 20 Superstar X Division Gauntlet match. There is also going to be the return of "In the Pit with Piper" with Roddy Piper!!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Lady Draven

Lady Draven is a hardcore female wrestler from Texas. She has been a wrestling fan since she was little. But it wasn't until she started going to the Sportatorium every week with her than boyfriend Scott Phoenix. Scott and Lady Draven are still good friends.

Lady Draven decided to go into wrestling after seeing Miss Texas (now Jacqueline) wrestle. Miss Texas was the first female wrestler in PWI 500. That was what really inspired Lady Draven to go in to wrestling.

Lady Draven was trained by Awesome Kong. She made her wrestling debut on April 30,1999. She has wrestled for 24 different wrestling promotions to date. Her wrestling style is Texas strong! She loves doing power moves. Her finishing moves are Samoan Drop and Chokeslam.

Lady Draven has held 2 titles so far they are TNW Women's Title and she is currently XCW Ironman champ. Her favorite wrestlers are Mick Foley, Owen Hart, and Scott Phoenix. So it's not a surprise that she enjoys hardcore matches.

Lady Draven's wrestling goals are to go to Japan to wrestle. I think she would do well in there hardcore matches!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Mikey Batts Interview

1. Were you a wrestling fan when you were younger?

Huge Fan!

2. Were you in any sports when you were in school?

Wrestling, baseball, and track

3. Was there a certain thing about wrestling that really inspired you to want to go into wrestling?

All of it! Plus I really admired my cousin Billy Kidman's success

4. Did you have the support of you friends and family?

There are always no people because of my size but I had total support from my friends and family because Billy was so successful.

5. What type of wrestling training have you had?

Billy Kidman mainly trained me but I also went to NWA-Florida School training by Roderick Strong

6. For how many years have you been wrestling?

2 Years pro and 6 years amateur

7. Have you worked for any Indy promotions? If so which ones?

NWA-Florida, IPW Hardcore, Connecticut Championship Wrestling, Assault Championship Wrestling, 3PW, Irishwhip in Ireland, NWA-TNA, and there are more but I can't think of them right now.

8. Have you held any titles? Which ones?

I currently hold NWA-Florida Tag Team Title with Jerrelle Clark and Defiant Cruiserweight in Connecticut. I have also held Pro Wrestling Fusion Cruiserweight, and USWS Cruiserweight. There are others but I can't think of them right now.

9. What is you favorite type of match?

X-Division matches say it all!

10. Is there a wrestling move that you really like to use?

Napoleon Complex it's a running sunset flip power bomb

11. How would you describe your wrestling style?

Mat based wrestling because of the amateur background with an aerial assault

12. Who do you feel is your toughest opponents are?

Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian, The Naturals, Roderick Strong, Lex Lovett, and Billy Kidman.

13. Who do you feel are your greatest allies?

Jerrelle Clark, Billy Kidman, Edge, and Christian

14. What was it like for you getting signed to NWA-TNA?

It was amazing! It's a great opportunity to learn from Jerry Lynn, Terry Taylor, the Jarrett's, and Dutch Mantel.

15. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I really don't look that far into the future. I just try to take things day by day and learn as much as I can on the way!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Raven is one of the most unique wrestlers out there today. Raven has been able to change promotions with out having to change his gimmick! He is one of the few wrestlers that has been able to do that!

"What about Raven" is a quote that is recognized by wrestling fans of all ages!

Raven's real name is Scott Levy. His birthday is September 8, 1964. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Raven went to the Monster Factory in Westville, New Jersey for his training. He made his wrestling debut in February 20, 1988.

When he made his wrestling debut with ECW. He quickly moved up in the roster. ECW was the perfect promotion for Raven because he excels in the extreme! Some of his best extreme matches were against Sabu! Since both are willing to risk life or limb to win the match!

Raven has also had quite an impact on other wrestlers as well as wrestling fans all over the world. Not matter what promotion Raven has worked for it seems he always manages to have a "Flock."

Even now with Raven wrestling for NWA-TNA he has had some followers. Raven has held many titles during his career. Several for extreme wrestling.

Wrestling isn't the only thing that Raven does. He also collaborates with comic book writers as creative support. The most successful comic book Raven has worked on is Marvel Comics "Spider- Man's Tangled Web." The story that Raven worked on was "The Last Shoot."

Quote the Raven Nevermore..........

Monday, October 04, 2004

Samoan Dynasty 3 Rocky Johnson

The Samoan Dynasty branches out in all directions Soulman Rocky Johnson is part of the Samoan Dynasty by marriage he was married to Lia Maivia ("High Chief" Peter Maivia's daughter). His son is also WWE Superstar The Rock!

Rocky was born in Nova Scotia Canada but he was raised in Toronto, Canada. His real name is Wayde Bowles. Rocky started wrestling when he was a teenager. He was also a truck driver at the time. He made his wrestling debut at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1966. He was a regular there until February 1967.

At this time he went to the west cost and won his first title in April 1967. Rocky went on to win more titles such as holding the NWA Tag Team Title 3 times with Pat Patterson. His most know title win was when he was with the WWF. Rocky and Tony Atlas beat the Wild Samoans for the WWF Tag Team Titles in 1983. Rocky also wrestled in from 1980 - 1982 has masked wrestler "Sweet Ebony Diamond".

Rocky was tag team partners with "High Chief" Peter Maivia when he met Lia. They fell in love and ran off to get married. Since Peter didn't approve because Rocky was a wrestler. He didn't want that life for his daughter. But the marriage was soon excepted and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) was born.

After 30 years in the business Rocky is now giving back to the sport that he spent so much time in. He is working as the boss at the WWE Finishing School in Davie, Florida. This is not a training school for beginners, it is more of a school to polish already skilled wrestlers! He also ran a weightlifting gym for 18 years!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hailey Hatred

Hailey Hatred is one of the most hated Indy Female Wrestlers around! Her look is black and piercings! She isn't big on smiles either unless she is hurting her opponent!!

Hailey was born in Columbus, Ohio, but she now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 20 Hailey has been in wrestling for 2 years!

She was trained by Cody Hawk, Matt Stryker, Race Steel, and Jimmy Yang. She gets her inspiration from Chris Benoit, Molly Holly, and Dean Malenko!

Hailey main wrestling goal is to wrestle in Japan. She really has a lot of respect for they way they do things in Japan. She would also love to just travel and wrestle everywhere she can. Which is not surprising since it was Japanese wrestling that had gotten her hooked on wrestling when she was little! Her favorite wrestler is Jushin "Thunder" Liger. As far as her wrestling style goes she draws a lot of her style from Japan!

Hailey's finishing moves are Cattle Mutilation, Fisherman Brainbuster, and Liger Bomb. Her other signature moves are Northern Lights Suplex, Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker, Fisherman Suplex, and Vertical Brainbuster.

Hailey hasn't held any titles yet but with her ambition I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she does! Hailey doesn't really have a gimmick but she does have a punky goth style about her! But that isn't what you would call a gimmick that is just who she is and I have a feeling if you don't like it she doesn't really care!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Sugar Sato

Japanese female pro wrestling or Jyoshi Pro started in 1948. The women come to the ring in beautiful costumes and wear them when they fight. They have really changed female wrestling. They have combined their knowledge of martial arts with traditional wrestling much like Japanese Male Pro Wrestling.

They are really innovative in their fight style. Their women come in all shapes and sizes! Now with a little bit of history on Japanese Female Wrestling, I wanted to write about Sugar Sato. She wrestles for GAEA the #1 Japanese Pro Wrestling promotion. GAEA was established in 1994.

Sugar’s real name is Toshie Sato. She is from Fukushima, Japan. She was a Japanese comedian on Beat Takeshi’s famous TV show. While she was on the show she met Mr. Kotetsu Yamamoto, he trained her.

When she entered high school she joined the wrestling club. From there she knew that pro wrestling was what she wanted to do. She auditioned for GAEA. She made her first appearance with them on April 15,1995 at Kourakuen Hall.

In July 1996 she left GAEA after being tempted away by Mayumi Ozaki. After she left GAEA she moved from OZ to SSU and HIMIKO. In May 2000 she went back to GAEA!

Sugar has won several titles they are All Japan tag team, WCW Female Cruiserweight, AAAW Jr. Heavyweight, and AAAW Tag Team with Nagashima. Sugar and Nagashima have been tag team partners for 7 years they are they longest running tag team in Japanese Female Pro Wrestling. Sugar's finishing moves are Body Attack and Raiden Drop.

In 2001 Sugar suffered a knee injury that took her out of the sport until 2003. She was able to return to the ring in 2004. She has a very powerful fighting style, as well an awesome technique. If you really want to see her display her power and skills you need to watch her in a free weapons match.

Chris Sabin

From the moment Chris Sabin starts down to the ringside. The crowd starts to go wild they know that they are in for a great match!

Chris is from Hell, Michigan. He went to Scott D’Amore’s Can-Am Wrestling School in Windsor, Ontario. Scott D’Amore, N8 Mattson, and Bobo Brown trained Chris.

Not only is Chris a technical wrestler but he is also a skilled highflying wrestler. Chris has drawn his inspiration from Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero. So it’s no surprise that he has such an intense wrestling style. Some of his favorite moves are suicide drops, chops, and drop kicks.

After just 3 short years in wrestling Chris at 21 years old he has already started to make a name for himself. Not only in indy promotions but on TNA as well!! He has held 2 reigns as TNA’S X-Division Champion in a year’s time. He was also the winner of the 2003 Super X Cup Tournament!

Other titles he has held are NWA-GL Heavyweight, NWA-GL Lightweight, MPW TV, XICW Tag Team, FIW American, and GLAPW Jr. Heavyweight.

Wrestling is not the only sport that Chris participates in. Chris played soccer for 13 years, competed in amateur wrestling, and track & field. Chris is very athletic and it shows in his wrestling ability!

No matter what type of match Chris is wrestling in your going to get a very exciting match! I really expect Chris to go far in pro wrestling. If you want to see Chris in action check him on TNA’S Impact, Explosion, or Pay Per Views!