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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Interview With NRW Comissioner Lee Douglas

1.Were you a wrestling fan growing up?

From the earliest remembrances
probably around 8 I was hooked on wrestling. My first match that I
clearly remember was Johnny valentine against Karl Von Hess. Of course
in those days there wasn't much on. There was probably 20 hours of
wrestling on per week. From all over the country, Boston, New York(where
I grew up) Jersey, California

2.Did you participate in wrestling or were you always involved in the
business side of it?

I started out as a photographer and writer for
Wrestling Revue Magazine. Went with a friend of mine to train with the
late Dr Jerry Graham. I spent six months learning how to bump, interview
and eat, Graham believed in eating your way into the heavyweight
division. At the end of the six months my friend went from 175 to 236
and I went from 180 to 178 pounds. Needless to say I wouldn't be a
heavyweight and work in the NY area where I lived. So I worked for the
magazine plus many other wrestling publications, had my own wrestling
news sheet and went to school.

3.What was it that made you want to get involved in wrestling?

I just always enjoyed watching and participating so I thought I'd give it a try

4.Have you ever been injured while working a wrestling promotion?

Sure. I tore my achillles tendon while refereeing for MFW here in Orlando last

5.Your now working with NRW promotion but what other promotions have you
worked for?

I worked for SECW for two years as web master, announcer and
finally commissioner. Worked as announcer on and off for MFW.

6.What are the different aspects of wrestling have you worked?

I have worked as booker, ref, wrestler, commissioner and of course wrestling
talk show host of Wrestling Wrap which is on on the
internet on Thursdays at 8 PM live.

7.Is there any aspect of wrestling you prefer to work?

Yes but I am too old to wrestle anymore. In fact I am actually too old to do anything.

8.Would you like to tell us a little bit about how NRW is different from
other wrestling promotions?

NRW was developed from am idea to give the
wrestlers a guaranteed pay day regardless of how large or small the
crowd might be. We take the time to listen to the wrestlers ideas and
have changed many matches because of that. We try and give all a fair
shake. To all. The business of working for nothing to get experience is
not in our mission statement. We respond to all e mails from fans and
wrestlers alike within 24-48 hours. Also I take this job very seriously
and try to show respect to all fans, wrestlers and other wrestling
promotions. The only one I don't show respect for is the WWE. My problem
dates back to Vince McMahon Sr. getting me fired from my job at
Wrestling Revue because I criticized their matches too much.

9.Being commissioner what are the duties you have to make sure that
everything runs smoothly?

You name it, I do it. I write the flyers,
write the program. Help with my partners book the talent, do the angle,
and work to ensure there will always be another show coming.

10.Do you think that there is a justification in Ricco Moon claiming
that is was a conspiracy against him in his match at War Games for 50%
of the company?

Absolutely, I played his game and beat him. I didn't
make him trip over me, he was just clumsy. I looked back and in the year
history of NRW and two years prior in SECW, Moon was responsible for
every win from every wrestler he managed. Now he turns around and cried
FOUL. Maybe so but I will give him a return match when he returns the
winning money share from each and every match that he cheated for his
wrestlers over the last three years.

11.What do fans have to look forward to in the coming months with NRW?

I think we have some big surprises in store for the fans in 2005. But I
cant go into any more details right now.

12.You host Wrestling Wrap an online wrestling show, how did doing this
come about?

I was just working in SECW and wanted to get some publicity
from Bewteen the Ropes. After numerous phone calls and e mails to them,
I realized they wanted no part of local organizations unless they paid
for the privilege. So I decided to give all the local indies a chance to
get on a show and plug their shows.. From there we have had a successful
run cut short by a man who thought our show wasn't smutty enough and
told us we'd have to pay to continue the show. The we got on the group and we are enjoying free control over what we do.

13.What is one of the craziest things that has happened on Wrestling

Too many to name. All usually revolves around the Man Named
Rouge's inability to talk. The there was the night I hit Rico Moon with
a crutch while he was calling all of us some names. And of course any
time Python came on he went berserk and cursed and said things that I
wasn't too happy with.

14.Is there any guest that you really enjoy having on?

Believe it or not
Rico Moon is my favorite guest.

15.Thank You, for doing this interview Lee is there anything you would
like to add?

It is my nature to talk a lot so of course I have something
to add. We want to expand NRW and despite thieves posing as friends and
rumors and inuendos Rico Casanova and I will continue to give the fans
what they want. That's why we have the Livest wrestling crowds in the
Central Florida area. We use wrestlers from all the indies in Central
Florida plus Georgia and Alabama. We are always looking for sponsors to
help get us on television which of course is the next logical step. We
always will try to give the wrestling fans what they want and only
problems with wrestlers not showing up or logistical nightmares like the
cage not fitting inside the building doors which cant be helped, make us
a change a card. Again anyone with questions about our promotion can e
mail me @ for a quick response.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Telling it like it Jon-Michael Newton

This edition: going from the heart, not the mind.

As you have read from my column, I can be very critical of many things. I
take a very "Joey Styles" approach to my views on wrestling, being very
analytical of characters and storylines. As you also know, I have been very
critical of TNA's recent practice of pulling old characters out of mothballs
to make a short term punch that may prove detrimental in the long run. That
is my opinion and I base it on knowing what has made companies thrive and
what has made companies, like the UWF and WCW, go down the drain.

But tonight, I am going to break tradition and shoot from the heart, not the
hip. For Scott Hall and DDP, two men who I kind of got on in my columns,
did something I am thankful for.

In September, DDP made a trip to Balad, where I am stationed. I got to take
his picture with him. My wife Ronni has the picture framed. Last week, she
met DDP at Impact. DDP remembered the picture, and also signed the copy and
will be putting it on his website. That in itself really made not only my
Wife, but myself have her spirits raised. Then after the show, Ronni got to
meet Hall and Nash. Scott Hall chatted with me and told me how grateful he
was of mine and our service to America. Then he joked around about my wife
flirting and stuff, which brightened my day.

So to Scott Hall and DDP, I want to thank you for providing me with the
morale I need to make it through the days in Balad. ANd thank you for
putting a smile on my Wife's face, the face of a wife who has had to go
through many trials as an Army Wife. I also want to make an impassioned
plea. We, the fans of TNA, have our hearts and souls in this company. It
is a company we want to see succeed and make Vincent K McMahon take notice
that he is not the dictator of wrestling anymore. Please make us proud.
Please take the young guys and show them the right way to do things. Please
show them the WCW that nearly put Vince out of business, not the sad days of
WCW where only 750 fans would show up to Nitro, and the company was dying.
that is all I ask. Let's make this work, and in the words of Chris
Benoit...Prove me wrong!!!

Well wrestling fans, I just got off shift, so I am going to hit the sack,
but have fun and be well. I will see you on February 2nd at Stage 21!!!
Who knows, we may just have RVD by then....we can hope!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Female Wrestling

What happened to female wrestling? Now there is almost no such thing as female wrestling in the USA. There are a few exceptions such as Traci Brooks, Trinity, and Jacquelyn. Of course there are still female wrestlers in Indy promotions.

Such as Alere Little Feather, Lexie Fyfe, Lady Draven, and So Cal Val. But for the most part what we get to see in a female wrestling match is females degrading themselves in nothing more than a cheap strip club catfight! Back in the day female wrestling was a respectable part of Pro Wrestling.

Now it seems it’s just there to get the male viewer worked up and to buy Diva merchandise. I’m not sure exactly when it was that female wrestling went wrong but I’m sure it’s was in the early to mid 90’s when female wrestlers became more of a show piece than a trained professional.

Oh I know sex sells but there is a point when you need to draw the line. There never used to be mud wrestling matches, bra and pantie matches, or body paint matches. Kids always have and always will be part of wrestling’s fan base and these are things that are a bit inappropriate for them to watch.

Not to mention for the most part women don’t want to watch it either. Think about it people would you really want your daughter to tell you she wanted to grow up and be Trish? Sure she has money but she is forever degrading herself. They are not the athletes that female wrestlers such as Medusa or Rockin Robin were!

Somewhere the whole state of female wrestling went wrong. Not I don’t think they should wrestle totally covered but they can be sexy with out being sleezy! I am also appalled that a few years back a female wrestler such as the Fabulous Moolah and May would go on national TV at their age and degrade themselves by flashing their breasts to the audience.

Moolah was a champion and one of female wrestling legends. You would never see the wrestling legend Penny Banner behaving like that! Behavior like that just turns the whole female pro wrestling circuit in to one big joke! Women have been a part of wrestling history for years.

Even wrestling valets/managers have changed greatly. Valets such as the late Miss Elizabeth used to come to the ring dressed in a sexy evening gown or something but now they wear string bikinis and thongs to the ringside. Less is not always more ladies!

You are there as an arm piece for the wrestler you escort and to help insure he wins the match. Not to have everyone so distracted by what you are or are not wearing at ringside that no one is watching the match they actually came to see.

I have been a wrestling fan for over 20 years and I have seen so many changes and they were all for the better! Even the girls that used to wrestle for female wrestling promotions such as G.L.O.W wore more clothes and had more class than some of what we get subjected to every time a female gets anywhere near the squared circle!

Not that there was anything wrong with G.L.O.W I spent many weekend afternoons when I was younger watching it But it was nothing compared to WWF’S Female Wrestling division they had when the company was in their prime.

Sure WWE (WWF) makes tons of money now but the quality of the product has gone such down hill that I don’t think it will ever get back to the way it was in it’s prime. Well with that having been said I’m now going to get off my soap box and stop preaching!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Tag Team Champions 3 Live Kru

With Konnan's resent injury one would wonder what this will mean for the upcoming tag team title match on TNA'S Victory Road Pay Per View!

It's been announce that fellow 3 Live Kru member Ron "The Truth" Killings is going to defend the title in Konnan's place but there could be a problem with this because there is a big size difference between Konnan and Ron.

Konnan has more weight and is more of a skilled and experienced wrestler. Ron is a good wrestler but he doesn't have the experience that Konnan has. Konnan has wrestled in Japan, the USA, and in Mexico. But Ron has some of his own moves that are awesome.

Another problem for 3 Live Kru will be Scott D'Amore! Scott is always there to lend a hand to his wrestlers to help insure they win. Team Canada is a very skilled group of wrestlers even without Scott's help but he likes to give his team the winning advantage!

There is one more little problem that would be the Kings of Wrestling! They seem to be just about everyone's problem at the moment. They are quickly become a force to be recond with!

I'm sure what ever happens it will be one hell of a match and I hope that 3LK gets to keep there belts a little longer!

Friday, November 26, 2004


Credit: The Official NWA-TNA Website

I want to wish Konnan a speedy recovery!! has learned that during last week's brawl at Impact with the Kings of Wrestling, the 3Live Kru's Konnan suffered a seperated shoulder and will be unable to compete at Turning Point on Sunday, December 5 against Team Canada.

Just minutes prior to the begining of Impact, the 3Live Kru were attacked by the Kings of Wrestling in the backstage area at Universal Studios. TNA television cameras were able to capture The Truth, BG James and Konnan being taken to the hospital in an ambulance before a near-riot broke out backstage. TNA's D-Ray 3000, Shark Boy and The Amazing Red were subsequently assaulted by Jarrett, Hall and Nash as well. Konnan and BG James were set to defend the NWA World Tag Team Titles against former champions Team Canada at Turning Point, but as a result of the injury Konnan will be on the sidelines. also learned that the NWA Championship Committee will allow Ron "The Truth" Killings to step in and take Konnan's place in the match - citing previous rulings that allowed the Triple X trio of Primetime, Daniels and Low Ki to defend the gold as then-champions. hopes to have an update on Konnan's condition in the next week

Tune into Turning Point on Sunday, December 5 to see BG James and The Truth of 3Live Kru defend the NWA World Tag Team Title against Team Canada!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Up Coming 6-Sides Of Steel Match

I wanted to write my opinion on the upcoming six-sides of steel match at the upcoming TNA Pay Per View "Turning Point" Scheduled to air on December 5,2004. This match is going to have 2 of the top tag teams in the league Triple X and America's Most Wanted (AMW)! The losing team will have to disband forever!

In a way this sucks because they are 2 of the best tag teams in the league but TNA is also getting to many tag teams. So they really need to do something with them! Now is this going to be a fair match no way there is going to be interference!

We should all be prepared for this. Because the are going to be people that want to make sure one of the teams win! I'm sure that some of the interference is going to come from the "Kings of Wrestling" (Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall). They seem to be getting very friendly with Triple X!

Of course this being a cage match it's going to be very bloody and violent! I think that the team that should win is AMW because I'm not sure they are strong enough wrestlers to do it on there own! They are an awesome tag team though! Now Triple X on the other hand are both very strong wrestlers in both singles and tag team action!

I really think that AMW is going to win though. That way Triple X can go on to bigger and better things in the singles division!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Credit to: The Official NWA-TNA Website

Nashville, TN (November 24, 2004) – Since he was stripped of the X Division title in March 2004 due to injury, Chris Sabin has been plotting a way to get the strap back. By winning the Ultimate X match at the “Best Damn Wrestling Event Ever,” Sabin, the former two-time champion, is set to face current champion, Petey Williams in an X Division Title Match at “Turning Point” on December 5, 2004.

Williams, a member of Coach Scott D’Amore’s Team Canada and the practitioner of the Canadian Destroyer, took the title with a victory in a 20 man gauntlet match on August 11, 2004. Since then, William’s signature move has been unstoppable with one exception – Chris Sabin. Twice in the past month, Sabin has countered the “Canadian Destroyer.”

Sabin’s mastery of the Canadian Destroyer has been a surprise to all in the TNA locker room as well as the wrestling world. But, Sabin has known this counter for a long time. They both learned the business and trained together. Sabin was literally there when the “Canadian Destroyer” was created and is the only man with the knowledge to defeat it.

Like all classic rivalries between familiar foes; winning and losing comes down to execution and tendencies. Does Williams have a new trick up his sleeve? Can Sabin stop the Canadian Destroyer a third time?

Those questions will be answered when these two X-Division greats face off in the six-sided ring on December 5th at Turning Point.

All this action and more is available on pay-per-view Sunday, December 5th 8PM ET/ 5PM PT for only $29.95 SRP. This is more wrestling for less money than anywhere else in the world!

The alternative for the true wrestling fan, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling prides itself on delivering quality, family programming that is clean, innovative, cutting edge and with the high-risk, high-flying athleticism that TNA Wrestling is known for. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!” airs Fridays at 3:00 p.m. on FSN (check local listings). TNA “Xplosion” is a syndicated program (check local listings). TNA Wrestling pay-per-views are available on iN DEMAND, DISH Network, DIRECTV, TVN, Viewers Choice Canada, Bell ExpressVu and Shaw Communications. For more information, log on to

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My Thoughts

I go to the TNA Impact tapping every week and I do have to say that they have been getting a lot better all the time! I think it has a lot to do with the new talent they have and the matches are just getting better all the time!

Now I know what some of you are thinking "what new talent"? Well, I mean Hall, Nash, DDP, and Savage. Don't get me wrong they have a lot of "new talent" that really is new such as Mikey Batts and Jerrelle Clark. But right now I want to talk about their most recent additions to their roster!

I know what a lot of you are thinking oh they're washed up there is no use for them, well they really work everyone up for the most part. I do think that Savage is a waste of air time but this isn't the first time I've said this! I have been bored with him long before there was a TNA!

But the others in my opinion really add something to the show! With Hall and Nash you either love them or you hate them but either way they really get you going. They really know how to work the crowd, which is something that all good wrestlers need to be able to do.

There are some and I'm not going to say who that have no business talking in that mic. You need to really be articulate and have the confidence to stand there running their mouth! Which is something Hall and Nash are very good at! Now on to DDP I'm not what you would call a fan of his but I'm so glad that they have someone that is going to have decent matches with Raven!!

Raven is one of my favorite wrestlers and there are times when he is not against or used in a way that shows his skill on and off the mic. Raven is very intelligent and really gets on a roll when he is talking!

So I'm glad he has someone to feud with that he can argue with as well! I know a lot of you still aren't convinced that bringing in these older wrestlers on is such a good idea. Well, they have a huge fan base that covers different generations. We should also keep in mind that wrestlers such as Konnan are around the same age!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Telling It Like It Jon-Michael Newton

This Week....Breaking down Survivor Series.....and other thoughts.

Well, Survivor Series has come and gone and pretty much it was a pretty run
of the mill event as far as PPV's go. Three things basically were made
known. Randy Orton is basically the future of the company, RVD is buried
and pretty much on his way out, and, well, the women's division still is an
insult to my intelligence!!!

First things first. In the Smackdown Survivor Series match, Eddie Guerrero
got over on Kurt Angle. Except for the stupid run off of Super Crazy
ERRRRRR Carlito Carribean Cool, It was a fair match. The whole spin on the
storyline dragged down John Cena, which I thought would have been the star
of this match. But oculd this match have been any more indicative of RVD
being BURIED!! First guy out, and no offense or good moves in. It is a
pretty much a foregone conclusion that his days in WWE may be numbered.

In other news, the body of Jimmy Hoffa was found, Pigs can actually fly, and
Triple H actually put someone over!! Orton looked really good, and it is
pretty evident he is going to get another strap run after his showing. Now
only if Jericho and Benoit could get some more run again, yeah like that
will happen.

Undertaker-Heidenreich was pretty good, but it was pretty much the standard
Undertaker match, with lots of no-selling and all that, so more on that some
other time.

JBL-Booker T....I am starting to think JBL is getting some on the side form
Stephanie. How is this guy a world champ?? On top of that, champ for 4
months now!!!! If there was ever a time Booker T should have been put over,
it was now. Just further proof that is you are not one of Vince's "boys"
then you are pretty much an also ran in his company!!

The Women's match..don't get me started. What an abomination ending in a
DQ. I mean how bad can it get?

Well that is pretty much my speil on that. My column is pretty short
otnight being I am suffering from writer's block. I will be back next week,
hopefully when I have my mind refreshed. Take Care for now

Saturday, November 20, 2004

11/19/04 NRW Show Review

I had arrived at the show a bit early last night but since this was my first NRW show I wanted to make sure I got a good seat! Little did I know at the time that I was in for an incredible night of heart stopping action!

I do have to admit I was a little disappointed when I arrived and found out that the "War Games" match wasn't going to be a cage match do to technical difficulty! But I would later find out that cage or no cage really wouldn't effect the brutality of this match!

NRW Has some extremely talented wrestlers on there roster. There were several wrestlers on the card last night that I have already had the pleasure of seeing them in action. There was some that were new to me but great talent none the less.

One of the first matches of the evening was Flatline VS. Barney Rumble with Rico Moon. This was the second time I've seen Flatline but the first time I've seen Barney! I do have to say when I saw the weight difference I thought Flatline was going to be dead in the water!

I was very impressed to see how well Flatline was able to hold his own against Barney! But this would not last there was some interference from Rico but not to much. Barney did go on to win the match by pin fall. But it was a great match lots of back and forth action!

The next match was one I was really looking forward to maybe more so than any of the other matches on the card. It was the historic first Cruiserweight Champion title match. This match had 2 incredible athletes Jerrelle Clark VS. Chasyn Rance with the sensational So Cal Val and Mister Saint Laurent! This match was just amazing!

I was very impressed that they had more of a technical match than there normal Ariel style match! It just went to show how very talented both of these athletes are! The match was very back and forth from the beginning. There were several near pin falls!

But in the end Chasyn came out the winner! He is now the first NRW Cruiserweight Champion. Some of the people in the audience were implying that there may have been some cheating involved but if there was I didn't see it!

Another huge match of the evening was Rico Casanova VS. Rico Moon. There was a lot at stake in this match because the winner would get 50% of NRW. So to make sure that the match was won fair and square NRW Commissioner Lee Douglas was special guest referee! Now this match was a street fight style.

For any one that hasn't had the opportunity to see one live you don't realize how intense these matches are and they are always an adventure since they always spill out into the audience! This match started out with such a momentum that continued through the whole match! There were chairs and brutal punches flying in every direction.

But when Casanova was getting the best of Moon, Ace Valvone ran into the ring and hit Lee with a chair shot from behind! Now normally Moon would have been able to win the match considering the interference but fate was not on his side and winning just wasn't in the cards for Moon last night!

Moon ended up tripping over an unconius Lee and going head first into the chair that Ace left in to ring. Casanova made a quick cover and referee Chris Carson ran in to do the 3 count! Of course Moon sees the whole match as a great injustice and a huge conspiracy! Which I assure you that was not the case.

Even though I'm sure with Casanova making the win there was a big sigh of relief back in the locker room!

The last match I'm going to review is the main event "War Games" match! Now there were other great matches last night but I've just been touching on all the major highlights of the evening!

Now on to the main event. Like I had said earlier it wasn't a cage match but it was still set up the same way with 2 men to start and a man entering every 2 minutes there after. With an over the top rope disqualification until there were 4 men left in the ring!

The competitors in this match were Axis, Python, Lord of Discipline, Kahagas, and Marcus Dillion VS. Tommy Havoc, Paul Havoc, Big Nasty, Rouge, and Agent Steele! The match started out with Marcus and Steele in the ring. Steele was really getting the better of Marcus until Axis came in to even things out. From there it just became a very crazy, brutal match. At one point in the match Rouge got hit so hard in the chest that the skin broke and started to bleed. The last 4 men to survive this match were Axis, Python, Tommy Havoc, and Paul Havoc! This match became a real knock down drag out brawl. But Havoc would end up being the victorious team!

All in all it was an extremely entertaining night and well worth the money! If you get a chance to check out NRW I suggest that you do. Also don't forget to check out Lee Douglas on Thursday night at 8 PM for Wrestling Wrap!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Big Nasty Tim Washington

Big Nasty Tim Washington has accomplished many incredible things so far in his life! His most recent activity is independent wrestling in the Orlando, FL area.

Outside of the squared circle Tim is as nice as can be but in the ring he is the wrong person to cross! He likes to brag that he had put more people on social security that the government!

It’s so hard to decide where to start with Tim. Tim has always been a very athletic person, in high school he participated in football, basketball and track!

Tim broke seven records that had not been broken in about 30 years! Some of those records he still holds!

Tim was also a boxer for a time, but boxing maybe something in his blood his cousin is Marvin Hagglar boxing champion.

He also won the Ucon Jack arm wrestling competition against an assortment of athletes including Sergeant Slaughter. Tim’s victory is still shown on ESPN from time to time!

Tim was also “Titan” in American Gladiators! This was a major accomplishment for him! Tim had only been out of the hospital for 2 days after a hit and run accident before he tried out!

Just to show an example of his strength doing one of the shows he broke both of his competitors in one of the events.

After his time on American Gladiators ended he went on to try out for Roller Jam! Where he became a blocker for “The Enforcers”! With Tim's incredible size and strength he was able to take his opponent down with out any problems! He was also a jammer from time to time, which just went to show how fast he was for his size!

Now that Roller Jam has ended he is doing Indy wrestling and stunt work! He never bothers to name any of his signature moves because he says he doesn’t care what you call it he is going to take you down!

Tim will be wrestling tonight for NRW in a 10-man cage match! I wish him lots of luck with this and any other endeavor he takes on!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

New Revolution Wrestling

Indy wrestling promotion New Revolution Wrestling is based in Orlando,FL. On Friday November 19,2004 they will be having their first Anniversary show “War Games”. From the looks of it there are going to be some really good matches with some great local Indy talent!

The biggest match they have listed is a 10-man cage match! It will be Axis, Python, Lord of Discipline, Kahagas, and Marcus Dillon VS. Tommy Havoc, Paul Havoc, Big Nasty, Agent Steele, and Rouge! I’ve seen several of these guys in action. This match should be very violent and brutal! It should be interesting to see which team wins with the amazing amount of strength involved in this match!

There is also going to be a Street Fight for 50% ownership of NRW! This match will feature Rico Casanova VS. Rico Moon with Lee Douglas as special guest referee! For anyone not familiar with Lee Douglas he is NRW’S Commissioner and also hosts Wrestling Wrap Radio every Thursday night at 8pm on

They are also going to crown the first ever NRW Cruiserweight Champion! This match will feature 2 outstanding highflyers Jerrelle Clark and Chasyn Rance! Both of these wrestlers have been on NWA-TNA. Jerrelle has signed with them and Chasyn has had a couple matches with them. It’s been a while since I have seen these 2 fine athletes in the ring and I can’t wait to see them in action!

There are several other matches as well such as Flatline VS. Barney Rumble, The Crude Alliance VS. The Breakers and others!

This should be a great Friday night out! For ticket information call 321-277-1053 or on the web at Don’t forget to check out Wrestling Wrap Radio on Thursday nights!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

TNA Spoiler

I am the first to say for the most part I hate spoilers! So you might wonder why I'm writing what would be considered a spoiler! Well, folks its like this it was so stupid I have to comment while it's fresh in my mind.

I went to the Impact taping like I do every week well to my dismay at the last match Randy "Macho Man" Savage came out to interfere! I mean come on after all the stupid Bs from last week with Hulk and Randy.

Randy claimed to have quit TNA but low and behold he was there tonight! What's a matter no one else would have him? Or was there a problem with him just up and quitting like that?

I personally think they should just let him go cut there loses and say see ya! He really isn't an asset to the company. If any thing he is more of a joke than the great wrestler he once was!

He gets the mic just to go on and on and on about who knows what because you can't even hear him. Which I'm sure your much better off that way! Does he even have much of a fan base any more? He is just a washed up mouth piece now that we can just do without!

Monday, November 15, 2004

REALLY Telling It Like It Jon-Michael Newton

This Week: Jesus H. Christ, Here We Freaking Go Again!!

Last night was a monumental night in the short history of TNA; it's
inaugural Pay Per View, Victory Road. The event was stellar, ESPECIALLY the
X-division Gauntlet match. Jacqueline did a great job putting over Trinity
and showcasing her skills. And what more can I say about the X-Division and
Tag title matches? TNA is doing a great job of putting over Petey Williams
and Team Canada. Excellent job of booking on TNA's part. And maybe my
synopsis of Frankie Kazarian as a jobber for life may be unfounded. All in
all, an excellent Pay Per View.......

......Right up to the World title Match.....

....Did any of us wrestling fans with half a brain think this was going to
go any different?? Jeff Hardy basically looked like he didn't want to be in
the arena. Jarrett, as much as I think he has no business being a world
champion in ANY promotion, actually wrestled a good match. But did any of
us think that it was going to go any different than Hall and Nash joining
with Jarrett?? If so, please stand up so I can laugh at you!!!

And what the heck was that with Randy Savage coming out?? What is next?
Freddie Blassie coming back from the dead?? Hall and Nash taking out the
entire TNA roster and making them essentially look bad was unacceptable. I
have said all along that this was a bad deal. It seems like TNA is doing
everything right...EXCEPT the World Title situation. even the Monster's
Ball Match was good. Abyss and Monte Brown actually carried the match,
which was impressive. But carting old storylines from a promotion long
gone, and dragging old wrestlers out just to get a quick pop is not going to
work. I have said before, the only three wrestlers this works with is Ric
Flair, Terry Funk. and Sting. When I see Randy Savage coming out, I think
"Jesus H. Christ, here we freaking go again".

TNA needs to rectify the problems it has at the top of its roster or things
are going to go south really fast. The Tag Team division is stellar.
Williams and Styles proved the X-Division is possibly the best thing going
in wrestling, and it will only get better when Jerry Lynn gets healed up.
The mid-card is solid. All TNA needs is to get their heads on straight at
the top. You have free agents like Lance Storm, Test, Mike Awesome, and
quite possibly soon, Kane. Bring some of them in and give the World Title
chase some punch. Don't go to quick fixes, because as WCW and the XWF
proved, it is simply a (Victory) Road to Nowhere.

Next time. Jon-Michael breaks down the Survivor Series. Also, are Kane,
RVD, and The Dudleys on their way out??? Take care and see you in 11

Sunday, November 14, 2004

My Opinion On Yesterdays Post

I just have to write my opinion on yesterdays post! I know the whole thing was just stupid and kind of funny. But there is also parts of it that are just retarded!

First off if Vince wanted to make a commercial or whatever in an Orlando, Florida theme park why did he have to use Universal Studio's when there are plenty of other ones?

Well I have a theory on this. I think they wanted to shake up there competition and maybe try to run them off!

I think the best thing in the world for WWE is a bit of stiff competition! Even though there are a lot of people out there that are saying ohhhhhhh TNA is going out of business or their are no compatition for WWE.

TNA has to many shrude businessmen with many years in the business to go under so easily! Lets give them all a little credit they aren't people that know nothing about the business. They have plenty of experience!

Well, guess what folks Vince must see them as a bit of competition or he wouldn't have went over the deep end over a simple gesture of kindness! I mean come on they were bearing cookies and balloons!!

OK grant it Abyss is intimidating but how scary is he really when he has his hands full of balloons! What did they think they were going to beat them half to death with balloons and cookies!

I totally agree with the point they made in the statement about Vince being a bull. The whole thing was totally uncalled for.

I'm sure he realizes that the best thing for them would be a little bit of competition. I mean they're not on top of the world like they were when WCW and ECW were still part of the equation!

People are getting bored with their stupid, stale storylines and have nothing else to watch. So they just stop watching all together! So WWE just get over it and enjoy a little competition!

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Credit To: The official NWA-TNA website

November 12, 2004 (Nashville, TN) In response to media reports about a misunderstanding that occurred at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL this past Wednesday -- TNA Entertainment issued an apology to Vince McMahon and WWE for what was apparently a mistakenly perceived “hostile” act.

In recent months, Universal Studios and TNA have become the epicenter of the wrestling world. Last Sunday at Victory Road, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and “Macho Man” Randy Savage made their dramatic returns to professional wrestling. Even the immortal Hulk Hogan was backstage and also witnessed the electricity of that historic night. Two days later, during a TV taping for iMPACT!, Diamond Dallas Page made a surprise return to the ring.

This past Wednesday, Vince McMahon and all the top stars of WWE were at Universal Studios, just feet from TNA’s Sound Stage 21, to film a commercial.

TNA staff was elated that the WWE was coming to their home. While filming vignettes that day for TNA’s upcoming pay-per-view, “Turning Point”, TNA Superstars 3 Live Kru, Traci, Abyss and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas decided to offer some hospitality and welcome WWE to their home. Carrying cookies and balloons, they approached the WWE talent during a break in their shooting. However, the congenial welcome was met with ungracious resistance. The WWE talent immediately withdrew to their studio, where they remained sequestered behind closed doors.

WWE has filed a formal letter of complaint with Universal Studios. One senior WWE official even sent a production assistant to TNA Soundstage 21 and delivered a verbal warning that if any WWE talent was filmed by TNA, “we will sue your f------ a--.”

“I was disheartened,” said “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. “If our kind gesture was mistakenly perceived as threatening and hostile, we sincerely apologize.”

Even the monster Abyss, in a rare melancholy moment, was seen with a tear in his eye, still clutching the very same balloons that no one from WWE wanted.

“Personally, I just wanted some mahi mahi,” confessed BG James, upon seeing the elaborate WWE catering spread. “The only thing I had to eat all day was a stinking cold sandwich from my cheap free-lance producer. Now I know how the other half eats.”

Some things in life are consistent. Success breeds envy. The bully always picks on the little guy. But we all know how the story of David and Goliath ends…

The alternative for the true wrestling fan, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling prides itself on delivering quality, family programming that is clean, innovative, cutting edge and with the high-risk, high-flying athleticism that TNA Wrestling is known for. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!” airs Fridays at 3:00 p.m. on FSN (check local listings). TNA “Xplosion” is a syndicated program (check local listings). TNA Wrestling pay-per-views are available on iN DEMAND, DISH Network, DIRECTV, TVN, Viewers Choice Canada, Bell ExpressVu and Shaw Communications.

TNA is not affiliated with or endorsed by Universal Studios, WWE, or Hulk Hogan

Friday, November 12, 2004

Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage Feud

I want to just say how stupid I find this whole thing before I get started! As we all know Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage have worked together for many years and for several promotions.

I'm not sure when there relationship went south or who started this feud nor do I care. But it is now just getting really stupid. I mean they are two grown men. But yet they are both acting like little kids.

Randy recently thought because Eminem is a white boy that can rap that he could to. Now I'm not a fan of rap music but I do know that Randy sucks at it but he insisted on talking crap about Hulk! It's been a whole big issue with the both of them.

They have on several occasions called the other one out, this big end all this bullshit fight has never happened. It seems it never will either!

Randy was working for TNA and made one appearance! At Victory Road but didn't show up for the Impact taping on Tuesday because Hulk Hogan was backstage and threatened him!

So needless to say Randy quit because he says there is unsafe working environment! It seems to me that Randy was a bit scared that he would lose in a real fight and made a run for it!

You know they could really do the rest of the world a favor if they would just fight it out and stop all this petty bickering. I mean enough already! Either fight it out or shut the hell up!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Some Comments On Indy Promotions

You know I know several Indy wrestlers and they tend to state that they don't get half as many people as they could! Well, it's not that the shows or the wrestlers are that poor of quality that they don't draw people there are 2 simple reasons on why they don't attract people.

The first reason which is probably they main reason they don't draw big crowds is they don't promote the shows! For the most part they are all of the belief that if you have the show people will just come! Well, folks it just doesn't work that way! I've done promotions for years mostly bands put it's all the same principle.

If people don't know your there they can't come to your show! I don't mean just having a street team because for the most part you get a few people that really bust their ass and the rest do nothing but still get the perks! I mean come on people go where there are a lot of people in your area and hand out flyers or something. Post on a messageboard or two but you need to work to get people in.

The other reason is at least in my area they have the shows out in the middle of nowhere! Who really wants to drive 45 minutes to an hour to see an indy show in bad chairs in a school gym! You end up paying $10 to $20 a person to drive forever and be uncomfortable. Not to mention that it's a bit pricey if you have a family if it was a little more affordable more people would come.There has got to be a way to make it more comfortable for audience. To make them feel like they made a wise choice in spending there money.

Now there are some indy promotions that are just poorly run and they don't have very good talent so for those promotions there really isn't anything that can help them because if your product is bad it's just bad!

I am in no way directing my comments at any indy promotion in particular! But they all need to give a thought to promoting because it is a benefit for everyone involved. Not to mention there are tons of people that would go if they knew about it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Telling It Like It Is....By Jon-Michael Newton

This Edition: Inside the Twisted Mind of Dr. Newton.

I get asked this question a lot: "Why can't you just take wrestling for what
is?? Why do you have to be so analytical??

My answer is two-fold and pretty simple on both points. First, I am an
educated man from the information age, so I am analytical by nature. The
popularity of ECW brought out the power of the Internet in opinions on
wrestling. I am not insinuating that people that do not think along these
lines are "stupid", because that is not the case, but it is simply a
framework for the way I view the business and how I write my columns.
Heather, my counterpart, is different. She takes wrestling for what it is
and has a much less nit-picking approach, but her columns are no less
merited nor are they inferior. Heather has a wealth of knowledge about the
sport, but she views it differently.

Second, I am a person who demands quality. When I go to a restaurant to
eat, I want quality service, or else I am going to walk out. When I watch a
movie, if it is not good, I will leave early. When I watch a wrestling
show, I want a quality product, and I do not want my intelligence insulted.
Otherwise, I will turn it off.

This is why I have essentially stopped following WWE. When Mr. Mcmahon made
it clear that he was going to insult my intelligence with all his Triple H
politics and horrible storylines, he basically lost all respect I had for
him. When TNA makes creative mistakes that may jeopardize their momentum, I
get nervous. I personally am sick of WWE, as most people in The Pit are.
That is why I want TNA to keep their momentum, hopefully leading to Mr.
Murdoch at Fox to really pump some money in and give vince a heart attack

Of course I get, "But Mike, Triple H is supposed to be a bad guy, you aren't
SUPPOSED to like him" That is true, but not liking someone and that person
boring me to the point of changing the channel are two different things
entirely. When the Dudleys were arguably the most despicable, vile heels in
all of wrestling history in ECW, I lived to see them get beat down, but when
they were on, my eyes were glued, because they had you interested. Same
with Justin Credible. Same with Ric Flair in his NWA heyday. That is what
a heel is supposed to do. Make you hate him, but at the same time,
mesmerize you that you can't get enough of this guy. I hated these guys
during the show, but at the same time, I thought they were the show and they
were the coolest guys on the planet!! That is the difference.

Get used to it....Fans like me have been in vogue since the mid-90's, and
blame Paul Heyman for people like me. then again, blame Vince McMahon for
making such a crappy product and making fans demand more, as we should in
all things in life. Enjoy Victory Road, my fellow TNA fans, and I will see
you in 11 weeks!!! God Bless!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Victory Road

Victory Road was an awesome pay per view! There was so much action and excitement it is hard to decide where to start! So I think I will start with my few complaints first.

I have to say I don't have that many complaints really and I in no way want to sound like I'm whining but one of the Universal personal in charge of handling the crowd let some people in to the event before anyone and they took up all the best seats as well as the handicapped seating so there wasn't any seats for the handicapped people's family. Now the reason I'm so pissed over this is I paid $49 per person and go stuck in crappy seats because the Universal personal let their friends who are also Universal employees in first! Which I thought was totally uncool. Not that this is TNA'S fault this was defiantly Universal's personal that messed up!!

Now enough of my complaining and on to the matches! The first match was the 20 Man Gauntlet started with Kazarian and Sonjay Dutt. That was just the start of what was an incredible match. I was very disappointed that Mikey Batts or Chris Sabin didn't win. Even though I did think it was very impressive that Kazarian managed to make it through to be one of the final 2 in the match! The other person was Hector Garza. I can't say I was thrilled that Hector won but you can't always expect your favorites to win all the time.

Next came the 8 man tag match Kid Kash, Dallas, The Naturals vs. Erik Watts, Pat Kenney, Johnny B Badd, and The Truth. This one was a pretty good match and I was having trouble deciding who I wanted to win in this one since I like people on both teams. This match ended with The Truth pinning Andy Douglas!

Than came one of the matches I was most looking forward to the Lucha Libre Mini's Match! This one was very exciting to watch. It was Piratita Morgan (Little Pirate)(a fat pirate looking midget) vs. Mascarita Sagrada (a very small power ranger looking midget). I didn't realize that they were going to be just a highflying as the bigger Lucha Libre's but they were and very fast. It was really incredible and funny to watch. Mascarita Sagrada was the winner of the match!

The next match was for the Tag Team Title. Team Canada vs. 3Live Kru! This match was pretty good as well. Of course there was interference in the match. You could expect nothing less when you have someone like Scott D'Amore at ring side with his hockey stick! But to Team Canada's miss fortune The Truth came to help out his team mates by stopping Scott from interfering to much. 3Live Kru won the match and becoming the new Tag Team champions of the world!

Next came In the Pit with Piper! His special guest was "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka! Who for those of you real wrestling trivia people he was the first ever Piper's Pit guest! The interview was more of an apologize for what had happened between them so many years ago. But Kid Kash had to come out and run his mouth. He attacked Snuka. Kazarian and Michael Shane also came out to back up Kid Kash! Feeling that he didn't really do anything for the sport! Piper and Sonjay Dutt came to Snuka's rescue. But Kid Kash ended up hitting Sonjay Dutt in the head with a coconut instead of Snuka.

Next match was Trinity's open challenge. She started the match running her mouth about how there was no one that had the guts to face her. But to her surprise and the audiences as well Jacquelyne came out to take her on. It was a very good female match. Trinity ended up winning but I can bet she felt it the next morning.

The Monsters Ball match came next and I was really looking forward to this match because Raven is one of my favorite wrestlers. First to the ring was the monster Abyss next came Raven and than Monty Brown. It was a brutal match. Raven got knocked out of the ring and was out of the match for while during this time Abyss gave Monty a good beating. Then Abyss pulled out his bag of tacks and spread them out with the intentions of slamming Monty in to them. To which Monty was sitting on the top turnbuckle but Raven had other plans he snuck in the ring and slammed Abyss in the tacks. Abyss had tacks stuck in him all over the place and was bleeding like crazy. Unfortunately for Raven while he was setting up a table Monty pounced him into it and won the match!

Next was the X-Division Championship Petey Williams vs. AJ Styles. Before the match started Scott D'Amore told Petey if he lost he was getting shipped back to Canada! So this was what you would expect from the 2 of them right from the start! There was so much action in this match it was hard to tell the out come. But in the end Petey got the pin fall and retained his belt. I was very excited about this because I wanted Petey to win!

The last team standing match with Triple X vs. America's Most Wanted was kinda boring! I expected much more from 2 fine tag teams. Both teams were way to cocky and it turned out to be more of a pissing contest than a match. It was a total disappointment. America's Most Wanted got the win when Chris Harris beat Skipper.

Mike Tanney entered the ring to announce the Director of Authority which to a very unsurprising out come Dusty Rhodes won.

Now it was time for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy. Let me just say on this match I was looking forward to Jeff Hardy getting a good beating! I am so sick of Hardy and all his little Hardy freaks. This was a hell of a good match there was a lot of brawling and flying. Scott Hall came down to ring side to help Jarrett but not as much as you would have thought. At the end of the match Jarrett got his guitar to take to Hardy when Kevin Nash made his way to ring side with 2 guitars. He gave one to Hall and the 3 of them broke them on Hardy. Than Jarrett made the pin retaining his title! Nash went on to state that Hall and him were there to stay and did an open challenge that 3 Live Kru and AJ Styles answer. But then out of no where Macho Man Randy Savage showed up to help out 3 Live Kru and AJ. I can't wait to see how this saga will unfold over the coming month!!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Telling It Like It Is by Jon-Michael Newton

Shout To An Inspiration

About 2 or 3 years ago, I was surfing on Yahoo! and I came across this
website run by a man named "Dynamic" Dave Goldberg. I have been a fan of
wrestling for a long time, and I had kind of wanted to do a column like this
for alittle while. Then I saw this man's website. And I knew I had an

Dave Goldberg hails from Monmouth, NJ, and has had his website up since
around 2000. He is very abrasive, moreso than me, and pulls no punches when
telling an opinion. We agree on many issues, such as People holding the
business down, and some people have no business being champs and stuff. And
we disagree on other points. But his column has always been entertaining,
and I have been a fan from the first time I saw it.

Sadly, for the last 3-4 years, Dave Goldberg has been fighting illness that
has put him in and out of the hospital. He has had an extra rough time of
it the last year or so, and has been in and out of treatments and
surgeries. In August, after he wrote his last column, he had to go in for
more treatments. No word on his present condition, but I hope the worst did
not happen.

If anyone knows about this website or if anyone has any knowledge on his
condition, I would really appreciate an update. And join me in wishing him
well, and I just want to say Thank You for being an inspiration. I know I
have a long way to go until I get to your level columnwise, but I am willing
to make the journey.

Next Week, a look at where TNA goes after Victory Road, and who may be
leaving WWE soon. Until the next time, take care, and you are all in my

Sunday, November 07, 2004

TNA'S Fanfest

Yesterday was the start of NWA-TNA'S Fanfest weekend. Yesterday was a meet and greet with Q&A Sessions! Which were a lot of fun. I didn't really spend a lot of time at the Q&A's because they were outside in the sun and in Florida it's still in the low 80's.

There was a large turn out of fans despite what has been being said on the net about the lack of TNA fans. Most of the top superstars were there as well as a few legends. Such as Dusty Rhodes, Team Canada, Raven, Terry Taylor, and many others. They also had merchandise you could buy as well.

There are a few suggestions for the next time they do something like this. They need to have it in a bigger place. The bar they had it in was way to cramped for that many people. They may also want to think about doing the Q&A's inside despite the fact that Florida tends to have great weather all year it gets very hot out in the sun with no cover.

Other than that though it was great and well worth the money. I can't wait until tonight. The pay per view and pre show will be 4 hours of wrestling!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Jas..Your Mom lives in our hearts

Good Morning. My blog is on a very personal note today. A friend of mine Jason (Wilt) from Tampa, FL is a huge wrestling fan and is known by many of the wrestlers and fans a like. His mother passed away this morning. She was a very warm and caring woman. She will be truly missed by everyone that knew her. My thoughts and sympathy goes out to Jason and his family. If anyone would like to contact Jas to send your regards his email is

Friday, November 05, 2004

Pipers Pit

Pipers Pit was one of the hottest most watched wrestling segments of all time! Starting November 7,2004 at NWA-TNA'S "Victory Road" Rowdy Roddy Piper is going to resurrect his famous interview segment.

It is unknown at this time, who is going to be his mystery guest. But one thing you can be assured is that it is going to one hell of an interview.

For those of you that are to young to remember Pipers Pit or just wasn't in to wrestling at the time let me tell you a little about it.

Anyone who knows any thing about Piper knows that one of his best assets is his way with words. He also has a very intense personality! So you combine that with other wrestlers with big personalities and you have a very volatile talk show!

I don't think there was ever a Pipers Pit that didn't end in a brawl! It never failed either Piper would insult the other wrestler or he would just get bored with it and start verbally attacking the other wrestler which would end in a punch thrown!

One of the most famous Pipers Pit segments was with "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. In this particular segment Piper hit Snuka in the head with a coconut. This started a battle that would end with Piper breaking Snuka's kneck when he threw him over the top rope and he landed on a chair.

This is just an example of how crazy it got there were times he sprayed people with fire extinguishers. You never knew what was going to happen next! Which is part of what made it so good. I'm excited over the mystery guest. I'm sure it's not going to be any of the talent already on NWA-TNA'S roster it's has to be someone else. There are lots of rumors about Lex Luger and several other big names. I look forward to seeing who it is and what will happen to them!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Chasyn Rance Update

I wanted to update everyone on what Indy wrestling sensation Chasyn Rance has been up to! As I had wrote about a week and a half ago he did a match in September on TNA Impact against Scott D’Amore. Which I feel was a great injustice to Chasyn. He has such an impressive highflying talent that went to waste in that match! I think that NWA-TNA should have him back in a match against someone where he can really utilize his talent such as Amazing Red or Chris Sabin!

He also spent most of the summer up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada doing more training with Teddy Hart! He has been wrestling between Central Florida and Canada during the summer.

Chasyn is also part of Team Vision. Team Vision consists of Chasyn, Mister Saint Laurant, So Cal Val, and Manny Montana. They are all incredible wrestlers with a bright future ahead of them.

Chasyn has several matches coming up in the next month in Florida. They are NNW on November 5, 2004 against Louie-G in Orlando, FL, SCW on November 13,2004 against Josh Rich in Debary, FL, NRW on November 19,2004 against Jerrelle Clark for the NRW Cruiserweight Championship in Orlando, FL, and NWA-Sunray on November 20,2004 against Johnny Vandal for the NWA-Sunray Junior Heavyweight Championship in Palm Bay, FL.

If you’re in any of these areas you should check Chasyn out! He is an amazing athlete and has the determination you need to go far in professional wrestling!

Victory Road Is Just A Few Days Away

We are just 2 days away from NWA-TNA’S Fan Fest Weekend! If you don’t have tickets but are in the Orlando, Florida area I would get mine while you still can. It promises to be an incredible weekend.

The event is 2 days ending with their first ever monthly Pay Per View “Victory Road”! Day 1 is a full day of interaction with the wrestlers. There will be autograph sessions and Q&A sessions.

Day 2 starts out with a post party with the wrestlers than goes on to the Pay Per View everyone has been looking forward to. It’s going to be an awesome event.

Some of the matches are the main event Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy in a ladder match. I personally am very bored with Jeff Hardy so I hope he loses! I think Hardy has an over in flated ego and isn’t as good as he once was! Jarrett on the other hand only seems to improve with age!

Then there is the Monsters Ball, this match will be Abyss, Raven, and “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown. All trying to in flicted as much pain as possible on each other! With the verbal and physical attacks this should be a good match! Not to mention what is in Abyss’s bag? Thumb tacks maybe? Could this match turn into a tack match?

Then there is Trinity’s open challenge! Who is her opponent going to be? Is it going to be a male or female opponent? I’m sure it’s not going to be Tracy. So could it be Athena or another female wrestler? Nothing has really been said about this match other than Trinity isn’t going to like it.

There is also the 20-man X-Division gauntlet. That has some of the top high flyers from all over the world. Including Mexico and Japan. Some of the superstars involved in this match are Chris Sabin, Mikey Batts, Sonjay Dutt, Hector Garza, and La Parka. I’m sure this is going to be an outstanding match! I’m hoping for Chris Sabin or Mikey Batts to win! They are both very skilled and at such a young age. They continue to get better and better all the time. We should all expect many incredible things from these 2 outstanding athletes!

One of the ones I’m looking forward to is the Lucha Libra mini’s match! I’m sure that this is going to be a very fast highflying match full of intense action.

Incase this isn’t enough to make you want to check it out there is also Scott Hall and Kevin Nash’s return to wrestling! There will also be the vote for Director of Authority between “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and Vince Russo (who is the current Director of Authority). The fans will decide! I think that it’s safe to say Vince only has a few more days in his current position!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Konnan Interview

1. Why did you decide to go in to professional wrestling?

I went to a Lucha show in Tijuana and fell in love with it.

2. Where did you do your wrestling training? Who trained you?

I trained in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez and was trained by Rey Mysterio Sr, Pscosis, Eddie Guerrero, Super Astro and Negro Casas

3. With your U.S Navy background do you think that your professional wrestling training was a little easier than it would have been with out it?

No my Navy background did not make it easier my heart and passion did

4. Were you involved in any other sports?

I was very successful in boxing and tennis. I also have a lot of trophies on my mantle for track, judo, bodybuilding, volleyball, baseball, football, waterpolo, basketball

5. You were a masked Lucha Libre wrestler in Mexio for a while, do you prefer to wrestle with or with out the mask? Why?

without a mask, it is easier to see and breathe

6. You were also an actor and in the band Los Gringos Locos while you were wrestling in Mexico. Is acting and music something your still pursuing or are you sticking strictly to wrestling?

I still hope one day to put out a rap record again but in Mexico and I think I will one day have my own show on TV

7. How do you feel about being considered one of the biggest names in Mexican wrestling history?

Tremendous honor

8. You've wrestled in the US, Mexico, and Japan. They all have different wrestling styles. Is there one you prefer? Why?

Mexican Lucha it is the most exciting and creative to

9. You have wrestled as both a face and a heel do you prefer one to the other?

love being a heel

10. To this point what do you feel has been your greatest wrestling moment?

Way to many, being in the Wolfpac, traveling the world, being a huge draw in Meico and meeting so many cool fans.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Telling It Like It Jon-Michael Newton

Remember when the WWE, or WWF, or whatever the hell it is calling itself
these days, was actually good?

Remember when the WWE had innovative storylines and character development?

Remember when the WWE actually elevated deserving young talent, and didn't
bury them, unlike WCW?

Me too. Sadly those days are gone.

WWE has basically turned into a stale, repetitive promotion bent on shoving
storylines down our throats. It is in the control of a man who believes he
cannot be wrong because he won a 6-year war with a rival promotion. It is
under the rule of a man who does not accept initiative, expects his writers
to be "Yes Men", and makes sure his son in law is looked after at the
expense of the product.

As if things were not bad enough with the miserably failed "Invasion"
storyline, it only served as a preview for what was to come. Vince
McMahon's basic goal of the Invasion storyline was to show that he and he
alone ruled wrestling, and we had no choice but to watch him, no matter how
bad the product was. ANd with no competition, why should he try. Then Ric
Flair came on board, and Triple H returned, and the promotion took a turn
for the better.

But it soon became knowledge that Mr. Levesque had engaged to Stephanie
McMahon, and he gained the majority ot pushes and TV Time, and storylines.
The shows suffered, and the Raw/Smackdown split only made it worse. By the
End of 2002, Triple H was in full political control and basically killed the
pushes of anyone he saw as a threat. Case in point, the Katie Vick
storyline. Quite possibly the WORST storyline in the history of wrestling,
it served only one purpose, to Kill Kane as a main event superstar.

Over the last 2 years, with the exception of 9 months, HHH has held the
world title. In this span, he has constantly vetoed putting over opponents.
He only put over Benoit at WM 20 reluctantly. Since HHH's return in
January of 2002, Chris Jericho has disappeared from the main event radar,
and many stars are being held down in Triple H's mad thirst for power.

Smackdown is now starting to lose its immunity from politics as well. For
the first part of 2004, Eddie Guerrero was world champ. He filled in
magnificently in Brock Lesnar's departure. Guerrero was simply the best
wrestler in the world for the 6 months he was champion, and Smackdown was
the wrestling show to watch. But he made one mistake. He ran afoul of Kurt
Angle in the back. Angle was the main reason that Guerrero had to drop the
belt to JBL, a man who has absolutely no business holding a world title.
Word is that Angle has become more power hungry than HHH, doing favors for
friends as well.

I could go on and on with the creative debacles over the last 3 years.
Bizarro Austin, the Invasion storyline, the blatant BURIAL of Taz and RVD
and other ECW stars, and do not get me started on the Katie Vick story and
the Diva Search. It stems back to one root problem, politics.

The answer is simple. Get back to basics. Let Tommy Dreamer and Paul
Heyman do their jobs. Encourage initiative and ideas among your creative
team. Elevate those stars you pined after when they were in WCW. Jericho
and Benoit should have had at least 2 or 3 title runs in their WWE careers,
not just the alloted one. Is it any surprise that the WWE s becoming less
and less appealing. Just 4 months ago, AJ Styles turned down a deal with
the WWE. Several other independent stars have as well. Unless the WWE can
right the ship, it is in for tough tiimes ahead. But hey, Vince has already
proven he can weather any storm, so why would he care about this one.

Have fun at Impact, you orlando fans, and I will talk at you next week.
Thanks for your support.