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Thursday, December 30, 2004


Hi. I just wanted to update you all on what is going on. I have been so busy with the holidays and company that I haven't had a chance to take the time to write my blog but after the first of the year things will be back in full swing! I hope everyone has has a great holiday season and have a safe and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2004


Credit the Offical NWATNA Site

Petey Williams to defend X Title - Opponents to be named has learned from the office of Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes that the
innovative high-wire Ultimate X Match will return to TNA live on January 16 at Final Resolution!
That night, X Division Champion and the master of the Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams will
defend the gold against two opponents yet to be named by the Director of Authority.

Called the most innovative match in professional wresting in the last decade, the Ultimate X Match features two giant steel cables crossing high above the ring, with the X Title hanging from the center. Four steel girders surround the ring, holding the structure in place. The first X superstar to successfully scale the girders, cross the cables and pull down the gold walks out the champion!

The Ultimate X Match made its historic debut in TNA in August 2003 and quickly became one of the
most popular matches in wrestling. When asked to comments, Team Canada coach Scott D'Amore was livid, claiming bias by Rhodes against his Canadian squad. When asked about Petey's lone Ultimate X experience - a lose in the World X Cup Ultimate X against Hector Garza and Chris Sabin - the champion and his coach refused to comment. Regardless, the Director of Authority has ordered Williams to compete in the Ultimate X on January 16. Who will Rhodes select to face Williams for the X gold? The X Division is thriving with the top high-flyers in wrestling, including names like Chris Sabin, Kid Kash, Sonjay Dutt, Michael Shane and Kazarian and even The Phenomenal AJ Styles!


Credit The Official NWATNA Site!



Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes dropped a bombshell on Jeff Jarrett on Friday's Impact,
announcing that three of TNA's top superstars will compete in a Triple Threat Match at Final Resolution to face the NWA World Heavyweight Champion for the gold later that night on Pay-Per-View!

Diamond Dallas Page, The Alpha Male Monty Brown and Kevin Nash will collide on January 16 - with the last superstar standing to face Jarrett in the main event at the epic event!

Since returning to TNA, DDP has set his sights on settling a score with Raven. Now, the master of
the Diamond Cutter gets a huge opportunity to earn a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title at Final Resolution - but he's got to get past "Big Sexy" and "The Alpha Male" to achieve it.

The Alpha Male nearly won the NWA World Heavyweight Title prior to Turning Point on Impact against Jarrett - with the champion relying on interference by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, his guitar and two shots from a steel chair to put down The Alpha Male. The big question now is: Can The Alpha Male overcome the ring skills of DDP and Nash and Pounce his way to a World Title Match at Final Resolution?

Then there's "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash - a former World Champion and a member of the Kings of Wrestling with Jarrett and Scott Hall. Will Dusty's decision to put Nash in the bout cause some problems in the Kings of Wrestling camp? Will Nash put his World Title hopes above the Kings, or has Dusty made a mistake in putting Jarrett's right-hand man in the bout to take care of DDP and The Alpha Male?

Who will survive the Nash vs. DDP vs. The Alpha Male bout on January 16 to advance to face
Jarrett for the World Title that night on Pay-Per-View? Tune in to the epic event live on Pay-Per-View!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Telling It Like It John-Michael Newton

This week, various thoughts.

Welcome to all 3 of my readers again. Been a while, had to recuperate and
refresh my mind. Now down to business. According to a recent WWE fan poll,
I am not alone on this. It is time to fix the situation and get a new world
champion.......It is time for Chris Jericho to make another run.

Ever since Jericho's first title reign, he has barely been on the radar
screen. Of course, his first title was marred by horrible booking, as I
felt he should have NEVER gotten that run as a heel. Jericho has proven he
is a much better face champ. Bottom line is the man knows how to work a
crowd, he can work on the mic, and his work is rivaled by few in the ring.
If they could turn Benoit heel again, these guys would tear the house down,
just like they did in their 2000-01 run. Of course, as long as The GAYme,
Cripple H is still breathing, this will never happen. Never mind the fact
this political clown has not wrestled a good match since his comeback, or
that he is a HORRIBLE mic worker, or that he uses politics worse than Hogan
ever did. He is married into the family, and he basically had anyone who is
not aligned with him eliminated. I guess jericho feels that no matter how
he gets used, it will never be as bad as how he was treated in WCW.

Now on to TNA. Things are looking good, except for their financial
situation. The Carter family is going to need to get a better time slot in
place. 4 PM on Friday just does not cut it. You don't have to go up
against Raw, just get a good prime time slot where people actually watch TV.
Cutting the tapings to one every two weeks only shows things are not as
good as they look on the surface. Yes, they have a great local fan base.
Yes, they have good talent that is dedicated to the company, but all that
will not matter if they get their house in order financially.

I am going to piss off my JBL mark friend Ron here...but can someone tell me
why this clown is still champ?? I wear, this guy is HORRIBLE on the mic, the
endings to all his matches are worse, and by GOD, can we get that steroid
freak Heidenreich to not interfere in ONE of his matches?? I swear,
Smackdown is going to get as bad as Raw soon. At least RVD is starting to
get a little better run as Tag Champ with Rey Jr. That could prove to be an
awesome combo. BOth with similar styles, both are over HUGE, this has the
ability to go somewhere. Of course, RVD will never be part of a tag team
like the Sabu days, but this is the closest I have seen yet.

Well that is all for this week, but next time, more thoughts on the state of
wrestling. Until then, I want to thank my readers...both of them for
supporting me....LOL. Only 5 more weeks to go until I am home. Take care!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Credit to NWATNA's Official site!


Nashville, TN (December 21, 2004) – TNA Entertainment, LLC. announced today that its FSN show “Total Nonstop Action Wrestling iMPACT!” will move to the 4PM (local) timeslot on Fridays starting January 7th, with a national replay Saturdays at midnight (local).

The replay will have national clearance on FSN regional networks. Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic and Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia will continue to broadcast iMPACT! on Saturday nights in their normal timeslots.

“2004 has marked an incredible year of growth for TNA Wrestling,” said Dixie Carter, President TNA Entertainment. “The national launch of ‘iMPACT!’ on FSN and the move to a monthly pay-per-view format have been very successful. By changing the timeslot of iMPACT! to 4PM and adding a Saturday night replay, we will expose the program to a much larger audience. iMPACT!’s move to 4PM increases our HUT percentage and wrestling on Saturday nights has historically proven to be a ratings success.”

“TNA Wrestling has been a pleasant ratings surprise for us at FSN,” said George Greenberg, FSN Executive Vice-President of Programming and Production. “We hope with additional exposure, wrestling fans will have more opportunity to enjoy TNA's athletic and entertaining presentation."

TNA debuted iMPACT! on June 4, 2004 in the 3PM timeslot on Fridays and it exceeded all network ratings expectations. In November, FSN and TNA teamed up for two primetime specials on “Best Damn Sports Show Period’s ‘Best Damn Wrestling Event Period.’”

TNA Wrestling has been riding a wave of success. The December 5th pay-per-view “Turning Point” has been hailed as one of the best professional wrestling pay-per-views of the year, Liquid Blue, an apparel licensee who’s clients include the NFL and NBA, just released its first wave of officially licensed T-Shirts, and Toy Biz, a division of Marvel Enterprises, Inc., will release its first line of TNA action figures in March 2005.

The alternative for the true wrestling fan, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling prides itself on delivering quality, family programming that is clean, innovative, cutting edge and with the high-risk, high-flying athleticism that TNA Wrestling is known for. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!” airs Fridays at 3PM (4PM starting January 7, 2005) on FSN (check local listings) with a Saturday midnight(local) replay starting January 8, 2005. TNA “Xplosion” is a syndicated program that airs on Empire Sports Network, Sunshine Network, Comcast Sports South and other local channels (check local listings).

Saturday, December 18, 2004

So Cal Val Interview

1.How did you get into pro wrestling?

I attended some local shows in Los Angeles and the fans took notice of me. A promoter approached me about managing in his next show and I have been doing it ever since.

2.Was there a wrestler that really inspired you?

The first woman I began watching has been the one most influential in the shaping of my character, Stephanie McMahon. I also loved to hate Trish Stratus in her T&A days.

3.Were did you get your training at?

I am self-trained as a manager. Studying tapes is my version of homework. As far as any wrestling goes I have learned here and there from different individuals willing to help me. However, I did train to learn the basics in SCW at a training facility
located in Altamonte, Florida but do not consider myself a wrestler as I am
not fully trained.

4.What promotions have you worked for?

It's well over 30 now but they include MLW, UPW, Women's Extreme Wrestling, NWA:TNA and Randy Savage's

5.Have you held any titles?

In terms of belts, no. I am not a wrestler and therefore leave the gold-getting to my clients. I am however currently holding the 'title' of General Manager of Women's Extreme Wrestling which can be seen on both 'InDemand PPV' and 'The Sunshine Network'.

6.Do you consider yourself a "Diva"?

No, of course not. I consider myself THE Diva.

7.What is your favorite type of match?

So far, intergender tag team matches. I love them because there is something for everyone.

8.Do you find it harder being a woman in pro wrestling?

Absolutely. In a lot of ways, especially those that aren't seen by the casual wrestling fan,
it is indeed harder to be a woman in our sport.

9.You're a valet/manager who are some of the wrestlers you've managed?

Billy Fives, Scoot Andrews, Frankie Kazarian, The Miz, Danny Doring, Steve
Corino, Francine, Gorgeous George...the list goes on and on. I've managed
over 60 wrestlers thus far.

10.Is there any wrestler that you would really like to wrestle that you
haven't wrestled yet?

When I become more skilled in the ring I would love to wrestle any of the WWE Divas. Particularly Dawn Marie.

11.What do you think your greatest match as been so far?

I haven't had very many, but any of the matches I managed in at the tapings were a thrill simply for the fact that Randy Savage was so involved with the
shows. It was both exciting and nerve racking to have him watching nearby.

12.Is there any advice you have for someone wanting to go into wrestling?

Stay true to yourself. This is the more important than anything else you
can learn.

13.Is there anyone in the business that you have met that really gave you
good advice?

I have been fortunate enough to be given a lot of good advice
by a lot of talented people in our business. A few things that spring to
mind are from Randy Orton who always stressed the idea of being respectful
toward those who have come before you. Especially being so young, it's
important to keep your mouth shut and your ears open so that you can learn
every bit you possibly can. Egos and such only make you lose your focus.

14.What is your pro wrestling goal?

To perform to the best of my abilities.I hope one day that will be in the WWE, but my fate is in God's hands.

15.Is there anything you would like to add?

Just a thank you and a reminder to visit my website at

Friday, December 17, 2004

Rico Casanova Interview

1.When did you decide to go into wrestling?

I have always loved wrestling since I can remember. While stationed in Virginia for the US Army, I decided to go to a nearby wrestling school.

2.Was there a certain wrestler that really inspired you?

My favorite wrestler growing up was Jimmy Snuka.

3.Where did you go for your training?

I went to the Monster Factory in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

4.What promotions have you wrestled for?

I have wrestled for many, many promotions. Many are listed on my web site at

5.Do you hold any titles?

I don't hold any titles at this time.

6.What other aspects of wrestling have you worked in?

I have worked as a promoter, and booker.

7.In your opinion what is the best aspect of wrestling?

The Fans

8.In your opinion what do you think that Indy promotions could do to draw in a bigger audience?

I think the most important thing is having wrestlers that actually look like wrestlers. Many use guys that don't even wear proper gear. They come out in jeans, tennis shoes, T-shirts, etc. A lot of promoters use "cheap" wrestlers and most of the time they are not properly trained. Fans don't want to spend show to see a mediocre show. They want to see a great return for their money. Bottom Line, use great wrestlers and be willing to push the bar a little.

9.What is your future plans for your wrestling career?

I plan on taking it easy and concentrate more on promoting shows and opening up a wrestling school.

10. Would you like to add anything?

Want to say thanks for the interview. It has been my privilege and honor to have ha the opportunity to do what I have done in the wrestling business.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Tonights Wrestling Wrap

Don’t forget to check out Wrestling Wrap tonight at 8pm. For those of you that don’t know what Wrestling Wrap is it is a weekly online wrestling talk show. Hosted by Lee Douglas Commissioner for New Revolution Wrestling!

Tonight’s special guest is going to be Badd Boy. He is know for speaking his mind, so when you mix in Rouge and Kevin Rhodes it should be an interesting show! You can also call in to ask questions or add your comments!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Lexie Fyfe Interview

1. Were you a wrestling fan when you were younger?

I was a wrestling fan when I was really young and then
I got out of it for a while until I was in college. A
bunch of friends and I used to watch it in our dorm
and I never missed a show.

2. Why did you decide to go into wrestling?

I actually was asked to give it a try. I met Brandi
Wine when we both worked for the same company. She
was looking for a training partner and I thought it
would be fun to do. I got in the ring and took a few
moves and thought it was fun. It was hard work
training but I love it!

3. Was there a certain wrestler that really inspired you?

I like a lot of different wrestlers for different
reasons. Leilani Kai was always a favorite to watch
though. She had great ring presence.

4. What type of wrestling training have you had?

I consider myself more versed in mat wrestling than
anything else. I went to a couple different schools
as I moved around and still consider myself learning
every time I step into the ring.

5. Have you always been a female wrestler or were you a valet/manager first?

I've always been primarily a wrestler. I've only
managed a few times on special occassions.

6. What wrestling promotions have you worked for?

Wow, too many to count over 9 years!! The bigger
promotions are WWE, WCW, UPW, NWA (a couple branches),

7. Have you held any titles? If so which ones?

I have been Women's Champion in:
Florida Championship Wrestling
Ultimate Championship Wrestling
Impact Zone Wrestling
King Championship Wrestling
Wild West Wrestling
Hoosier Pro Wrestling
Mayberry Championship Wrestling
Southern Championship Wrestling
I'm probably forgetting some.

8. How would you describe your wrestling style?

Old School with an Attitude!

9. What is your favorite type of match?

My favorite is single's matches although mixed tags
are fun!

10. So far what has been your greatest wrestling moment?
Wrestling for the troops in Bosnia. It was really a great experience.

11. So far have you suffered any injuries while wrestling?
Oh yes, lots...3 concussions (mild though), nose
broken twice, dislocated shoulder, broken thumb, did
some tendon and muscle damage to my arm recently from
a bad fall. That's besides the wear and tear on my
back, neck and knees. And they say wrestling is

12. Do you think you have to prove yourself more because you are women in
professional wrestling?

I feel we have to fight for respect more because it
seems that people don't always think that we can
wrestle as good as the guys. They always want to put
us in gimmick matches until they see what we can do.
That's only some of the people though. Most promoters
have treated me really well.

13. Who is your greatest opponent so far?

Wendi Richter was really tough. Leilani Kai taught me
a lot.

14. Who is your greatest ally so far?

I have made so many good friends in this business that
I consider myself blessed.

15. What advice would you give to someone that wanted to be a professional

Get your education first. It's important to be well
learned even in this business. Go to a good wrestling
school. Do your research on schools and find one that
trains people well and that makes you feel

Monday, December 13, 2004

Telling It Like It Is..By John-Michael Newton

This Week: Breaking down Turning Point, and other thoughts.

Well, another week has past, and I have to give my props to TNA for an
overall SOLID PPV Effort. AMW-XXX was stellar, as well as the
Williams-Sabin match, and the Tag title match too. I swear, forget big name
has beens for cheap pops, Team Canada has been doing a remarkable job and
are getting over HUGE as heels. Of course, Savage had a lame last second
run-out in his match against the KOW, which is not surprising. You know I
really cannot blame Hall, Nash and Jarrett for the failure of this
storyline, I have to blame the creative team for giving them a LAME gimmick.
COme on guys..Elvis suits?? Can I say enough of Monte Brown, Abyss,
Raven and DDP? Both matches were excellent efforts, and the Brown-Abyss
match, despite what you think, Heather, Brown is over HUGE and is ready to
be a champ. TNA needs new blood at the top and Brown would be a fresh

One thing though...To borrow a quote from Admiral Isokuru Yamamoto after
Pearl Harbor, "I believe all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant, and
filled him with a terrible resolve. The skits making fun of the WWE were
okay, but I do not think it is a move you want to pull at this stage. Maybe
when Rupert Murdoch finances you and you have billions and can keep and buy
talent, but not when you are trying to survive. VInce may have totally lost
his way, but he is still worth over $500 million. He can still buy any
talent he wants to. He has power, and he is battle proven from a 6-year war
in which he nearly went out of business. Believe me, you may not be scared,
but you are not ready to take on the World Wrestling Whermacht just yet.
Maybe a few years down the road. Just keep your own house straight, and you
will be there one day.

Now on to other things...SO Goldust..ERRRR Dustin Rhodes is in TNA. ANd he
is going to be booked in a main event at the next PPV. Stop me if you heard
this before. Unless Dustin is "Goldust", he is not really that watchable,
kind of bland. Even when he was Goldust, he was a great midcarder and over
huge, but like Jarrett, he is just not the kind of guy who's shoulders you
put a company . It is too bad he can't don the gold makeup and cape. He
was one of my favorite characters.

To answer Heather's question, what happened to Female Wrestling? Pretty
simple, sadly, it went out the window when Vince McMahon found out just
having his female stars parade naked would easily mean a full point in
ratings. Overtly horny men who have no lives other than jerking off 30
times a day do not care about wrestling. But sadly, they comprise a large
section of the adult population. Do the math. And drunk, horny frat slugs
are not going to watch a size 12 in a bathing suit and control top pantyhose
in the ring. They are not going to care if she wrestles like Eddie
Guerrero. It is sad, and I am definitely not condoning this, I am just
simply stating the what and why things are.

Well that is all for this week. Only SEVEN more weeks to go. Have fun and
be well. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


I know that this is a little bit late but it's better late than never! I got this information from TNA'S Official Site!


As many of our fans are aware, TNA superstar and wrestling legend Sabu was recently hospitalized for a lengthy time dealing with a number of health problems. As a result, many of his friends, fans and colleagues in wrestling will be joining together on tomorrow night for a special benefit show for Sabu.

Both VIP and General Admission tickets are still available for Sunday's "Night Of Appreciation For Sabu"

"A Night of Appreciation for Sabu" will be held on Sunday 12/12 at the Diamondback Saloon at 49345 South I-94 Service Drive in Belleville, Michigan.

Confirmed Matches include:

Raven vs. Shane Douglas with Mick Foley as special Guest Referee

Jeff Hardy vs. Kid Kash

Insane Clown Posse & The Rudeboy vs. TBD

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

America's Most Wanted vs. Team Canada

Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams

Monty Brown vs. Abyss

D'Lo Brown vs. A1

Sharkboy & D-Ray 3000 vs TBD

Belltime is 6pm.

Tickets are currently on sale. Special VIP Tickets will be $30 and include a autograph session with all the Superstars appearing on the show (at 4pm) and choice seating. General Admission tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under.

Tickets are available online!
Fans who wish to pay for their tickets in advance can send a payment to

A benefit fund has also been set up for those wishing to donate to Sabu but are unable to attend the event. A donation may be made via to or a check or money order may be made out and sent to:

Georgiann Makropoulos
23-44 30th Drive
Astoria, NY 11102-3252
Be sure to mark the donation - SABU FUND in the memo.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

NNW Charity Show

NNW is doing a charity show on Dec. 12,2004 for Toys For Tots. The show is free just bring a new unwrapped toy to get admission. The show is going to be at Pirates Dinner Adventure! The show starts at 2pm.

Some of the awesome talent at this show is going to be Chasyn Rance, Barney Rumble, Mister Saint Laurent, Flatline, and the return of Justice! As well as many more NNW wrestlers.

I think this is an incredible awesome thing NNW is doing! I think that they are really in the Christmas spirit by doing something good for under privileged children. I think it is really inspiring for people. Sadly I wont be able to make the show because I will still be working if it was a little later I could.

Other than the fact that this show is for a great cause there is some outstanding local talent on the roster! I’ve seen several of them in action several times and I’m sure that it’s going to be a great show. Plus you get the return of Justice to the ring. Justice has some amazing highflying moves!

If you’re interested in other collections for the Holidays OROCK 105.9 FM is doing Songs for Soldiers just take a new unwrapped CD or CD’s to one of there events and they are shipping the CD’s over to Iraq giving the soldiers the gift of music for the holidays!

Also Real Rock 101.1 FM is collecting non-perishable food items for Second Harvest Food Bank at their events. If your not in the Orlando, FL area I’m sure there is something similar in your area! Remember it is the season of giving!

Friday, December 10, 2004

More on the Savage Saga!

Well folks it seems that as it seems Savage is out of TNA again! Which I really think is better for TNA in the long run! He is useless!

But anyway according to the word on the net on December 7,2004 before the Impact tapings Jeff Jarrett and “Macho Man” Randy Savage were having a meeting to try to find a way to make Savage content with his up coming match at the January PPV “Final Resolution”, but after a hour they still hadn’t come to any resolutions Jarrett was seen leaving the meeting and stating that Savage was “crazy”.

Not that Jarrett didn’t try to work something out with Savage they spent 3 hours in there meeting causing Jarrett to miss directing the first one hour taping of Impact. I’m sure that do to Savages attitude towards TNA is why they went a head and implied that Dustin Rhodes is going to wrestle Jeff Jarrett at “Final Resolution” for the title. I think this is a much better move by TNA officials than Savage.

The “Turning Point” match really sucked. Savage isn’t any good any more and they shouldn’t play him up like he is! When I was little Hulk Hogan was one of my favorite wrestlers when he had started wrestling but that doesn’t mean I would be real excited if he got in the ring with a Christopher Daniels or a Petey Williams and won the match.

At Hogan or Savages age it is stupid to think that they are still in the shape that they were in their prime! Yes, they still have fans but I think that they would be much better suited for roles such as the ones that Dusty Rhodes has!

I know there are a lot of you that think that Jarrett is really up there but he is only in his mid thirties, it just seems like he is older because he has been in the business for ever the same goes for Dustin Rhodes!

Guys such as this are more of what TNA needs, seasoned veterans that are still young and able to wrestle with out having the younger wrestlers over job for them! Watching the Savage match on “Turning Point” was hard to watch even though Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were involved in the match you could see that they were really over jobbing for Savage to.

The whole thing that TNA needs to realize is they have some incredible young talent they need to use and develop, rather than relying on washed up old wrestlers such as Savage!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Impact Spoiler and My Thoughts

Well, TNA has decide that they are going to do there Impact taping every 2 weeks now I assume it will go back to weekly after the holidays pass. I hope so anyway it's a little ruff to remember this taping schedule!

So I went to last nights taping. For the first Impact I was glad to see that Mikey Batts was wrestling. He was up against a very angry Christopher Daniels.

Daniels won the match but Mikey was really holding his own and showing everyone not only is he a great tag team wrestler but he is also a great singles wrestler! It's easy to see that Mikey has a bright future ahead of him!

Now on to the second Impact that they taped because this is the one that really got my attention! Between the Impact tapping they announced that there was going to be a new wrestler, wrestling for the first time on Impact.

So of course the crowd is on the edge of there seats with anticipation. Of course this match was one of the last matches on Impact. They announce Johnny Swinger and his opponent is none other than Dustin Rhodes (AKA Golddust)!

Now I can't say I was surprised by this now that Dusty is in charge of bookings of course he is going to bring in his son! Which is no big deal because as we all know wrestling tends to be a family business.

Dustin gave Johnny a beating he wont forget soon. Than he went on to say that he was challenging Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Champion at there next PPV "Final Resolution" on January 16,2005.

Now here is just my prediction but I think that Dustin is going to be the new champion after the PPV. Now the reason I think this is probably different from what the rest of you are thinking!

Not necessarily because Dusty is going to make it happen but because in my opinion like Jarrett, Dustin has the experience to hold that title. Not that I'm saying Monty would be a great champion but he isn't ready to be champion yet!

Than there was Hardy but did anyone really think he would become champion? I mean come on he has lost his moves. At "Turning Point" Hardy did the best Swanton I've seen him do since he came to TNA and that was an accident! I'm also going to predict a 3 way match with Raven, DDP, and Eric Watts for "Final Resolution."

You can see this one coming last night and I think from what Raven was saying something went on with Eric and Kimberly so I wonder if she is going to make an appearance. Raven kept saying "You forgave the unforgivable or maybe you don't know" or something like that. But I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit though.

There are also a lot of rumors of Billy Gunn coming on once he is fully released from his WWE contract. If I was TNA I would pick a PPV to bring him back on to help 3LK maybe? That would also give them the opening to bring in the much rumored Sean Waltman to make his return to the squared circle!

It only makes you wonder who else is going to show up on TNA maybe the return of Sting? or someone else all together we maybe didn't even give it much thought! I do think that Sean Waltman would really pump some life in to the X-Division and that is something they really need!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Telling It Like It Is:By Mike

This week: Looking to Turning Point, My temporary episode of stupidity, and
other things.

Hello all, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Of course I could have had
better given the circumstances, but that is another story for another day.
Down to business.

I want to apologize for my temporary transformation to a "want to believe
every story about a wrestler leaving for another company" mark. I have
grown so tired of hearing the "Goldberg, Hogan, Savage, and every other WCW
wrestler to WWF" story on every dirt site that insulted my intelligence, yet
I stooped to the same level with my prediction of RVD possibly going to TNA.
Feel free to call me a moron whenever you like. I based the story on the
information I had on his contract being up soon, the burying he has been
getting, and a hope that the TNA Creative team would try and stop thinking
it is 1984 or 1996, and wake up and try to get a superstar that can draw.
Dragging out Piper's Pit, The NWO, or Mahco Man from mothballs is not the
way to build a big following if you want to be a major corporation. TNA
needs to get a compelling storyline, which leads me to my next point.....

....They have a HUGE opportunity to get on the right track at the top, by
putting over Monte Brown. I was not sold on Monte's gimmick at first, but I
cannot deny the guy is over HUGE. Putting the title on him would prove a
fresh start. I am all with the idea of keeping Jarrett, Hall, and Nash in
the main picture, Just not as a champion. Make them henchmen for an evil
executive or something. Nothing personal against Jarrett. My wife has met
him and he is a nice guy, but historicaly, he is not a proven champion who
can draw. As for Randy Savage, are they paying this guy with a lifetime
supply of Nubaine or what?? I mean, TNA needs to realize people are sick of
seeing this guy shoved down their throat. Savage's time is long past. Jeff
Hardy? Let's be honest!! The only title run this guy ever got was 2 years
ago, and Undertaker did about 95% of the work in carrying this guy. Put
Hardy in the X-Division, and let him work a program with Jerry Lynn or
Styles, for he is a good mid-carder, but he is not the kind of guy you build
a company around.

Moving on to WWE....Can anyone explain to me why Eddie Guerrero is getting
buried? Oh wait, I forgot, Angle hates him, and he is not one of Vince's
"Boys". From February to July, Eddie Guerrero was well on his way to a PWI
Wrestler of the Year Award. Now he has been buried with no end in sight.
As for the Dudleys, they are in the same boat. Scuttlebutt is that Bubba
Ray is not on good terms with Vince right now, for reasons unknown. NO I am
not going to make the same stupid comment that they are getting fired and
they may be coming to TNA. Raw this week was an actual good show for once.
The Edge-Benoit controversy is just the way to push these guys. I nearly
thought WWE was going the TNA route when they hinted of Edge and Christian
(another tag team that has run its course) getting back together, but thank
GOD they backed off of that.

Well that is all for this week. Next week, Breaking down Turning Point, and
a response, actually an agreement to Heather's opinion on Women's wrestling,
or lack thereof..LOL. Take care, and have a great time on Sunday, those who
are attending Turning Point. War TNA prime time deal, War Wrestlemania in
Tropicana Field in 2006, and Okay, War Eddie Guerrero to TNA (Stupid wishful
thinking again)! I am out!!! See you in EIGHT weeks.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Review Of TNA's "Turning Point" PPV

I arrived at TNA's "Turning Point" PPV. Only to encounter one suprise after another! My first surprise which by now shouldn't been a surprise was that some of the Universal staff let there friends and family in before anyone else so they took all the good seats.

Not that you see these people another time they strictly come to the PPV's and sit in the best seats! That is a big disappointment to all the loyal fans that go weekly to all the tapping! Well, now that I'm done bitching about that I'll get on to the review.

The first match of the PPV was 3LK VS. Team Canada for the tag team belts. Now I can't say I was surprised that 3LK lost the match. There was a lot of back and forth action but as I had stated before with Konnan being injured and Ron Killings stepping in I felt the match was as good as lost!

Well, of course there was interference on Team Canada's side but it wasn't Scott D'Amore that help Team Canada win, it was Johnny Devine making his wrestling comeback after getting stabbed coming out of a club in Nashville! Johnny looked fully recoved and in outstanding shape.

Oh I do have to throw in they stated that they had a limo pull up with Connicut tags. After this statement they started to run corny vignets of someone dressed like Vinny Mac and HHH. I'm sure that WWE will be totally pissed over this, but I have to give TNA big time props for having the balls to go at WWE!!

The second match was a 6 man tag match with Kid Kash, Michael Shane, and Kazarian with Traci VS. Sonjay Dutt, Hector Garza, and Sonny Sieka. Now let me just say I'm getting a little bored with TNA having so many tag team matches! 4 men, 6 men, or what ever it is getting old! I mean out of the matches there were 4 tag team matches last night.

Oh and I almost forgot that the pre show match was a tag match as well so that brings the count up to 5! Well back to this match. I am very disapointed that Sonny wasn't more into the match, it really didn't seem that he cared one way or the other about the reason they were having this match which was because Kid Kash and company attacked Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka at the "Victory Road" PPV.

You would think because Sonny and Jimmy are related that he would have been more into the match than he was it really seemed that Sonjay was the most upset about it! This match was pretty good, it had a lot of action.

But of course Traci couldn't stay out of it and she had to cost her team the match because of her interference!! She jumped off the top turnbuckle and took out Kazarian, allowing Sonjay to get the pinfall! Boy was Traci in trouble when that match was over!!

The third match was Abyss VS. Monty Brown. This match started out with Monty going on about animals and daring Abyss to go after him! Which of course Abyss did and that was when all hell broke lose. These two monsters just started beating the hell out of each other.

Abyss put Monty through a table and Monty brought out his own bag of thumb tacks to spread out around the ring. Abyss didn't bother to spill his since there were already so many in the ring. Monty ripped of Abyss's shirt and throw him in to the tacks and got the win!

The fourth match was Glenn Gilberti and Johnny Swinger VS. Johnny B Badd and Pat Kenney with Jackie as the special guest referee. This was a very predicable match one of the most of the evening. After what happened a "Victory Road" did anyone really think that Jackie would be fair about reffing this match?

Of course they didn't and it is an insult to our intelegence to think that we would think any different! Now this match was going good with out really any involvment from Jackie except for a slow count!

But Glenn had to mess with her which was the mistake that caused NYC to lose the match! Jackie ended up doing a number on Glenn and Johnny B Badd got the pin fall!! I'm sure Trinity was pissed when she found out!

The fifth match of the evening was the Raven VS. DDP with Eric Watts co announcing the match. Since it was stated that Eric was a large part of the problem between Raven and DDP. This match is what you would expect from two experienced athletes such as these two!

But of course when the match was really getting going and hardcore Eric had to get involved in the match. DDP won the match which isn't all that surprising! I'm sure this isn't the last of the fighting with these 3.

The sixth was I think the best match of the evening Petey Williams VS. Chris Sabin for the X Division title. This match was for real total non stop action! It had great mat work as well as amazing ariel attacks!!

This whole match was just breath taking to watch! I was a little disapointed that Petey kept the belt but of course that wasn't with out help! But they are both incredible athletes and I'm sure this is only the start of a major feud between them!!

The seventh match was Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall (KOW) VS. Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Randy Savage. Now as far as I'm concerned there was no need for this match at all. Savage didn't even come out until the minute before the match was over made like he still had what he lost years ago and got the pin fall.

That totally sucked! I thought the vignet in the beginning of the PPV was right on the button you can't understand a thing that Mumbles Savage has to say and he needs to go back to snaping into a Slim Jim. I think that Jeff Hardy is a waste to. Hardy is half the age of Savage and he has already lost his moves!! I couldn't belive that KOW jobbed like they did!!

While they were setting up the cage for the main event they showed the much antisipated WWE confortation tape! Well that was something special for sure! I didn't see one WWE Wrestler the whole thing was one big head game and a way to screw with Vince!

But hey good for TNA give it to WWE!! WWE sucks anyway and has just gotten so stupid they don't know how to go back to being a crediable sports entertainment company!!

The eighth and final match was Triple X VS. AMW in a cage loser had to disband forever! I was really looking forward to this match because it would get rid of one of there tag teams that they have way to many of! I figured from the begining that Triple X would lose because I don't think that AMW guys are strong enough wrestlers to wrestle singles!

But saddly this match was that prodicable because Triple X had a towel in there corner hidding hand cuffs for who else but Chris Harris to get hand cuffed to yet again! Yawn!

That trick was so played out by the time the PPV got here you would think that he would have been wise to it but no I guess that was giving him to much credit! This match was very very bloody but I did notice that Prime Time was the only one not bleeding!

This match was a total mess and I was starting to get concerned that they were going to hurt Rudy! I must say I think Triple X turning heel was one of the best things they could have done!

I didn't like them as a face team but as a heel their great! There was some great moves off the top of the cage and there was one point when Prime Time walked around the top of the cage that was amazing I thought for sure he was going to fall into TNA'S Pit!

But in the end I was kind of happy with this match because by the time it started I really wanted to see someone bleed!!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Interview With Indy Wrestler Mr. Highlight

1. What made you want to go into wrestling?

Up until I went to my first indie show I was perfectly content being a fan. But for some reason it really had a grip on me, I was hooked.

2. Did you have support from your friends and family when you decided to go
into wrestling?

Absolutely not. Not at first anyway. Both my parents are college graduates and when I told them what I wanted to do they saw my future and college go down the drain. Plus my dad said that I was just not a big enough guy, I guess he was wrong.

3. Were you a wrestling fan growing up?

Off and on, I started watching when I was about 6 and got turned off around 1996 when all the stuff starting going on cable. Plus I have so many other sports I've played so I was always busy watching those.

4. Who is your favorite wrestler?

Harley Race.

5. Who trained you and what wrestling school did you attend?

I've trained with Bonez the Cutthroat

6. What wrestling leagues have you wrestled for?

I've done some stuff for NNW, working on NRW.

7. Have you held any titles? If so which ones?

No titles.

8. How long have you been wrestling?

Since July.

9. How would you discribe your wrestling style?

Old school.

10. Is there anyone you would like to wrestle but haven't had the chance to
wrestle yet?

On the indie circuit I think I would like to have a match with Rick the Reaper or Flatline. If I ever had the chance I would like to step into the ring with Ric Flair.

12. What is your favorite type of match to wrestle?

I like to take my time, a slow pace is always better in my book.

13. Do you have any signature moves?

Yes but they don't have names.

14. What are your wrestling goals?


15. Is there anything you would like to add?

The nickname Mr. Highlight goes way back, it's not just a wrestling name, I got it on the playgrounds playing basketball. It was actually a blessing in disguise that I had so many nicknames already all I had to do was pick one to wrestle under.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Special in-between column by Mike

Special in-between column.

Since William Muldoon was crowned professional wrestling's first official
World Champion in 1877, millions of matches have been wrestled from darkly
lit National Guard Armories, to huge arenas worldwide. It is near
impossible to name a greatest match EVER, for there are so many, so I got to
thinking one hight, and I made up a match of what I thought is my list of
greatest, and most overrated matches of recent memory. I hope you enjoy it,
and hope you agree, and if course if you don't, then YOU'RE WRONG!!!! LOL.
take care and see you soon!!!

The 5 Best:

1. Ric Flair-Ricky Steamboat: 2 out of 3 Falls, Clash Of The Champions, New
Orleans, 1989.

This is as close to a perfect wrestling match as we will ever see in our
lifetimes. This match had every intangible. Countless near falls, nonstop
action, all of boteh wrestler's signature moves, and a controversial finish.
54 minutes and 26 seconds of action that may never be duplicated. Ending
of Stemboat's double chicken wing on Flair with his shoulders on the mat mad
a perfect lead to another great match between the two, yet the second match
of the Flair-Steamboat trilogy remains both their legacies.

2. Eddie Guerrero-Dean Malenko: Best 2 out of 3 Falls, ECW Arena, 1995.

It wasn't for a title, it wasn't for any special stipulations, yet the
emotion of this match surpasses any other in recent memory. This was both
competitors' last ECW match before going to WCW. Thirty minutes of nothing
but flawless wrestling from two of the best technical guys in the biz. But
that, combined with the emotion of the crowd, made this match truly special.
As Joey Styles once said, You had to be there in person to fully
appreciate it.

3. Ricky Steamboat-Randy Savage: IC Title, WMIII, March 29th 1987.

Arguably the greatest match in WWF History. As much as I feel that Savage
is a worthless oxygen stealer today, I have to give him his due for
wrestling a great match along with Steamboat. High flying spots by both
competitors, combined with flawless spotting made this one a classic.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart, Submission Match,WM 13, Marc
18th 1997.

The match that started the Attitude Era. Austin's near breaking of the
Sharpshooter pretty much clinched this as a classic, but the near 40 minutes
of all out brawling and sheer heat between these two made this match worth
watching over and over again.

5. Undertaker vs. HBGAY, Original Hell In A Cell, October 6, 1997.

The original and best. As much as I cannot stand Michaels and his politics,
I will have to admit he sold like a mother for this one. The story building
up to this was great, but the finish was what made this. The introduction
of Kane, and the win by Michaels after selling a HUGE beating, made this
match a classic.

The 5 most OVERRATED matches in History:

1. Undertaker vs. Dick Foley, King Of The Ring, 1998.

This smatch was voted the Greatest Match in History by none other than
stupid marks who log on to Of course, these are the same people
who get off to the diva pictures, so there you go. 30 minutes of Foley
getting his fat ass thrown through a cage, because he isn't much good for
anything else. Plenty of Undertaker no-selling, but at least he shows SOME
skill when he wrestles. Other than that, it was pure stuntman crap.

2. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, WM III, 1987.

We all know Hulk Hogan is a manipulator who uses politics to hide the fact
he can't wrestle his way out of a brick shithouse!! This match is a perfect
example. 30 minutes of boring Hogan spots, including the sleeper refusal, a
steroid induced body-slam (WHOOP DE FREAKING DOO) and the Gay Leg Drop. I
felt sorry for Andre the Giant that he had to do the job, but more that he
had to put over a non-wrestling goof like Hogan.

3. Hogan (Again) vs. the Ultimate Steroid Abuser, WM VI, 1990.

They made this drivel a freaking main event? They should have made this a
ladder match with a steroid syringe at the top, and MAYBE it would have been
exciting. Two of the most non-skilled oafs in wrestling history in a match
full of dull spots, and both wrestlers'crappy skills. VERRRRRYYY Overrated.

4. HBGAY vs. Scott Hall, ERRRRR Razor Ramon, WM X, 1994.

This was a Ladder Match all right. Michaels had a match against pretty much
the Ladder. Hall preetty much did two things in this match, Jack and Shit.
The ending was lame too. Whoever thinks this is a classic match probably
took the short bus to school when they were kids.

5. You Know Who vs. Bret Hart. Survivor Series, 1997 (Yep, that one)

If not for the controversy surrounding the finish, thihs had to be one of
the WORST title matches in history. Bret Hart pretty much didn't even want
to be out there, and he and Michaels pretty much wrestled this match with
the drive and emotion of Walter Cronkite on Mescaline!!!! I cannot
understand why people think this is a classic match, other than for the
historical significance of it, but when you strip that away, it was just
another crappy wrestling match

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Interview With NWA Serior Referee Rudy Charles

1. Where you a wrestling fan growing up?

For the most part. I started really watching wrestling when I was in middle school. That was the 1992 Royal Rumble when Ric Flair won the title.

2. Did you participate in any sports in school?

Yes. Football and soccer.

3. Why did you decide to become a referee?

I started refereeing soccer in the eighth grade, and always loved reffing and wrestling. So while at one of the local matches my senior year in high school, I was watching the referee and what he did. I half-joked to my friend Sheila that I should try reffing that, too. She told me I should give it a shot, and with some more encouragement, I did.

4. Who trained you?

Mark Vance initially. He was a ref for USWA toward the end of the company and promoted in the Evansville area for several years. Also, Tracy Smothers helped a lot, too. I try and have the attitude that I'm always learning more, and to learn something new everytime I ref.

5. How long do you have to go to school to be a professional wrestling referee?

It depends. It depends on how quickly you catch on, how often you train, etc.

6. Did you have support from our friends and family?

For the most part. My mom was a little worried I might get hurt (gotta love moms), but everybody saw how much I enjoyed doing it and was supportive.

7. Where did you go to school for you training?

Wasn't an official school, I guess, but Vance was running a promotion and I worked for him that summer (cutting grass) and was able to learn from talking to him at work and observing his matches and other ways.

8. How long have you been a referee for professional wrestling?

July of 1996 was my first match, so over eight years now.

9. Have you ever refereed for any other sports?

Yes. I am a licensed official in the state of Indiana for Football, Soccer, Wrestling, and Basketball.

10. How did you feel when you got appointed senior referee for NWA?

I was very happy. A little surprised and nervous, perhaps, but I was given a great opportunity and I knew that I needed to step up to the plate.

11. Other than calling the matches you’re the referee for is there any other duty you have since you are senior referee?

I work a lot with the other referees. We'll go over mechanics, such as positioning, enforcement, etc. We all work closely with NWA rep Bill Behrens when assigning the referees for each match. We also help backstage when we can doing odds and ends.

12. You’re a fan favorite on the NWA-TNA shows are you surprised by that?

A little. I've always enjoyed it when fans like me, but as a referee, I do have to make calls that the fans don't like.

13.Is there any type of match you really like to referee?

I really enjoy tag team matches, even though there is so much craziness going on around me. I always enjoy matches that go longer. Those matches are a good test of my endurance as an official, both physically and mentally. I refereed the 94 minute match between Chris Hero and CM Punk a while back, and that was very intense.

14. Have you ever sustained any injuries while you've been refereeing a match?

A couple, but nothing major. I got my arm cut open one time by accident, and that required fifteen stitches, but that (knock on wood) is the only time I've ever had to go to the hospital. I tend to get knocked around a lot as a referee, though.

15. Do you have any advice for anyone that wanted to be come a referee?

Find a good school/trainer. Work hard at it. Referee other sports, as well. If it's a dream of yours, stay at it. I reffed for six years or so before I got my big break. If you set yourself up for success, you'd be suprised at what being in the right place at the right time can do for you.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Interview WIth Indy Wrestler Special Effex

1. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in new york city.

2. Were you a wrestling fan growing up?

Yea, I remember sitting on my fathers shoulders when Andre the Giant got body slammed by Hogan. That day forever changed my life.

3. Was there a certain wrestler that really inspired you?

Shawn Michaels, before shawn it was Super Fly. These two wrestlers really changed the course of wrestling in my eyes. We arent limited to just matt work anymore, because of them we get twice as many flashing cameras.

4. Did you participate in any sports growing up?

I was into everything growing up, Basketball, Baseball, Football and Gymnastics.

5. When did you know that wrestling is what you wanted to do?

I really think it was Hogans bodyslam on Andre, But I probably wasnt inspired to become the daredevil I am until I saw a Rey Mysterio and Kidman match.

6. Where did you do your training? And with who?

I trained at the L.i.w.f. Doghouse in Brookyln,Ny. At LIWF I learned from a list of guys including T.O.T, Danny Yams, and Grim Reefer. I didnt take wrestling seriously untill I was approached by Low Life Loui. Loui really believed in me and always told me I had something. It was Loui and Jonny "deranged" that really pushed me.

7. What are the wrestling promotions have you wrestled for?

I have wrestled for :

P.A.W ( a fed which was running out of the LIWF)
R.D.W. (no idea)
H.O.P.W.F (house of pain wrestling federation)

8. Have you held any titles? If so what ones?

A bunch of titles that dont mean anything to me. Mostly Cruiser titles. Held a tag title with Ariel (Saber).

9. How long have you been wrestling?

About 3 1/2 years now

10. Do you prefer to wrestle singles or tag team?

Whatever works really, I prefer Singles but wouldnt over look tag team wrestling.

11. Do you have your own signature move?

I do, and I dont believe anyone can do them but me, so it helps (laughs)
I can pull a Shooting Star Press into a DDT and have done it to a Rana a few times. I can also say im the only person I know of that can pull a Double SkyTwister Press( yea thats more than the Infrared!!!)

12. You also do music, would you like to tell us about your music?

I dont want to seem like a king of none and jack of all trades, so lets just focus on wrestling. (laughs)

13. Is your entrance music your own work or do you come out to someone
elses music?

I come out to alternative rock, not hiphop. Im Special Effex, Mr. Indyrific himself! How would the walking summer blockbuster look coming out to 50 cent? uhhhh nah.

14. Do you prefer working on your music or wrestling?

Wrestling, hands down. Music is a good "vent". I feel like Wrestling is my heart, my passion. Music is more like my balance, a way to let out whatever im fealing at the time. With music I can explode as much as I need to and I would never hurt anyone.

15. Do you have any thing else you would like to add?

Uhhh, YEA! If you really want to see some death defying high flying, If you crave SfX in person, contact the person Interviewing me!
If you are looking for swantons and moonsaults look somewhere else BUTT-SNACK! In this movie, twisting 450's and Shooting Stars are all you're gonna see!