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Saturday, January 29, 2005


By: Press Release
1/29/2005 2:56:59 PM

Effective immediately Championship Wrestling is withdrawing from it's affiliation with NWA Blue Ridge.

Championship Wrestling, based out of Kingsport, TN has been an affiliate of NWA Blue Ridge since July. Several NWA Blue Ridge stars have appeared on our television program and on our live events during the time of this affiliation.

2 weeks ago, NWA Blue Ridge started a weekly television program on the UPN WAPK (The same station CW's weekly program airs on) in the Tri-Cities TN / VA market. The NWA Blue Ridge program has a talk show format and doesn't air any actual wrestling footage. The program is hosted by a gentlemen wearing a tuxedo and a cowboy hat, as well as another young man who wears WWE T-shirts and uses "insider" terms such as "heel" and "babyface" on air.

We at Championship Wrestling feel that the format and content of NWA Blue Ridge's television show is not something that we need to be affiliated with.

Also, it was announced on the TV program that NWA Blue Ridge will be promoting an event in Kingsport on April 9th. We were already aware that they would having an event here in April and had agreed to lend our talent to that event. However, we were not aware that the event would be on April 9. That date coincides with the date of a Championship Wrestling event in Kingsport at the National Guard Armory. Our April 9th event has been listed on our webpage since October and we refuse to cancel the event no matter what the circumstance.

The "double booking' of our home base town, as well as the fear of "brand confusion" with their TV program and our product are the main reasons that we must end our relationship with NWA Blue Ridge.

Despite our differences, We wish NWA Blue Ridge and all of the NWA members and associates the best of luck in the future.


Tony Givens
Excutive Producer, G1 Productions


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