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Monday, January 17, 2005

Final Resolution Review

When I arrived last night there were a huge crowd of eager TNA fans waiting to get in! I had friends waiting inline for me so I didn't have to worry about getting in but there were several people that ended up getting turned away! They packed the arena to total capacity!

The pre show started with the normal interviews and talk about how great the PPV will be to get people to buy! There was 2 matches though. The first one was The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens) VS. Johnny B. Badd and Sonny Siaki.

Now I'm going to say it again for the hundredth time I don't feel that Sonny should get the push he has been getting just because Dusty likes him. Sonny has no personality or charisma, he has potential to be a great wrestler with his skill as well as his family background it is in his blood!

His mat skills aren't in question it's his lack of personality that they really need to work on!! Now with that said back to the match. The Naturals started to double team Sonny right from the start and the rest of the match went on like this.

Sonny finally got to tag in Johnny but Chase decided to wrap a chain around his fist to punch Johnny when Sonny got in the way getting knocked out and Chase got Sonny for the 3 count!!

The second match of the pre show was Chris Candido VS. some jobber Cassidy Riley! This match was a total joke! Putting such an unseasoned wrestler against a skilled wrestler like Chris! It wasn't hard to predict the out come of this match and I didn't even need a crystal ball! Chris walked a way victorious, while Cassidy kinda crawled away!

Now on to the PPV. The first match was Kazarian, Michael Shane, and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels VS. 3LK. This match was pretty much what you would expect from these athletes!

3LK started the match off smacking Shane around and having fun dancing the whole time. Than it looked like Shane, Kazarian, and Daniels might have a chance to win the match but that wasn't in the cards for them last night! Killings pinned Shane for the win.

The next match was "Primetime" Elix Skipper VS. Sonjay Dutt. Now I have to say that I was really disappointed with this match. I expected so much from this match and all it did was left me bored and wanting more of a match!

Now this could be because there are rumors that this was Sonjay's last match so maybe he wasn't really in to the match! Put with 2 fine X Division athletes like these there should have been more of a match.

Now Elix did walk a cross the top rope like he did the cage last month so he didn't disappoint the crowd. The winner of the match was Primetime!!

The next match turned out to be a good match it was Kid Kash VS. Dustin Rhodes. Now as you all recall Kash got himself into this by running his big mouth again. Now despite the fact that most of the fans wont admit to liking Kash I do because I think he has skill and has great mic skills!

He really is one of TNA's better talents that isn't used as much as he could be! Early in the match Kash faked a knee injury after catching Dustin off guard Kash very wisely went to work on Dustin's knee!

Kash wasn't going to let a big size difference get in his way. Kash really made a real go at winning the match but Dusty got Kash with a bulldog and won the match! By the way where was Dallas?? I haven't seen him in a while!

Next came Raven VS. Erik Watts. Now leading up to this match was just one of Ravens big mind games. This match was all out war, the battle lines were drawn long ago. This match was all over the arena.

It was a brutal violent match. Watts was able to choke slam Raven getting the pin fall. As Watts is heading back to the dressing rooms Raven gets the mic and starts going on about how he was blinded by his dislike of DDP.

Finally saying he was sorry and asking for forgiveness. This of course was more of Ravens mind games because while Watts back was turned he hit him with a trash can and knocked him off the ramp!! I'm sure this is just the beginning of a long heated battle!

Next came Scott Hall VS. Jeff Hardy with special guest referee Rowdy Roddy Piper! This match was ridiculous at best! between Scott's blatant jobbing to Pipper's interference to help Hardy win. This match was just a fill to waste time.

But if you wanted a laugh I guess it was worth that! Of course Jeff did actually do a real swanton so I guess that is something. Jeff of course won the match.

Then it was the elimination match to see who went on to fight Jeff Jarrett. This match was DDP VS. Kevin Nash VS. "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown. Now with this match experience really showed. Instead of a big free for all DDP and Nash took turns working on Monty!

This was working really well until DDP decided to turn on Nash and get him out of the running's. I have to say I was surprised that it was Monty that won the match and got the title shot again because I don't feel that Monty is ready to be champion. He is a huge fan favorite but he needs to work on his mic skills and ring skills to be a champion!

Next came the Tag Team Title match. It was AMW (James Storm & Chris Harris) VS. Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Erik Young) with manager Scott D'Amore. This match was off to a bang. It was all over the place a set of wrestlers at each end of the arena.

Finally Chris and Eric got in the ring to start the match! But once Chris tagged James in to the ring Team Canada started to go to work on James. But of course Scott had to get involved in the match, but AMW got the best of him when they hand cuffed him to the ring!

But that wasn't the need of the interference because Johnny Devine would come out to help his team mates. That work for a while until Johnny hit Erik in the head with a chair by mistake and cost them the match. Making AMW 6 time tag team champs.

Then what was easily the most outstanding match of the night the match for the X-Division belt in an Ultimate X match. This match had 3 very skill X-Division wrestlers Petey Williams VS Chris Sabin VS. AJ Styles! This match held a hell of a speed and kept it going through the whole match.

There were several close calls for the belt. At one point Petey and AJ were fighting at the towers that the belt was suspended from and Petey was holding AJ's arm in between the braces. AJ kicked Petey knocking him down but when he went to jump down his arm got stuck and he was dangling by his arm until shaking lose!!

At this point I really felt AJ was out of the match because he really hurt his arm it was bruised and swelling up! Finally Petey and Sabin were both at the belt trying to get it lose! When they did they were hangin upside down having a tug of war but in an amazing turn of events a injured AJ flew off the top rope and grabbed the belt with one hand and rolling in to a ball clutching the belt!

That had to be the most amazing move of the night!! I hope that his arm is not broken and he heals up quick because it would be a shame after all of that if he has to forfeit the belt do to injury!!!

The main event was next which was Jeff Jarrett VS. Monty Brown this match was violent until the very end! They both knew they were in a fight after this match. Jeff was able to dominate most of the match thanks to his skill and experience.

Poor Rudy Charles got the worst of most of the match first Monty countered the stroke by pushing Jeff into Rudy than later Monty pounced Rudy by mistake!

Monty hit Jeff with one of his own guitars and Referee Andrew Thomas came in to do the count but Jeff was able to kick out now if Monty hadn't injured Rudy He may have won the match because he would have had the count started sooner!! But Jeff hit Monty with 3 Strokes to win the match!!!


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