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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Fridays Impact

Ok I decided for today's post I wanted to review part of last nights Impact show! Now if you didn't watch it shame on you because you are really missing out on some great wrestling! For those of you that don't know it's on Fridays on Fox Sports check you local listing for times!

The first match was a match featuring Christopher Daniels! Now I think he is a very talented up and coming wrestler! At the end of his match he challenged AJ Styles for a shot at the X-Division Championship!

Dusty came out and agreed that if in the main event Daniels could last 10 minutes in the ring with AJ he would get his title shot on February 13 at "Against All Odds"!

Now at this point I thought ok Christopher Daniels can do this no problem! Well, there were a couple of times during the match that I really got concerned that AJ was going to get a pin fall in under the 10 minute time limit!

But this was not the case Daniels did manage to last 10 minutes to get his title shot. I am really looking forward to seeing there 30 minute iron man match. I know that AJ tends to me the fan favorite and everyone wants to see him keep the belt!

I would love to see Daniels with the belt he would be a great champion! He has mat skill as well as mic skills! Plus I'm partial to the heels! Yeah I know I like some baby faces to but heels get to be nasty and just smack there opponent around!

I wish "The Fallen Angel" lots of luck because he is going to need it going against a skilled wrestler such as AJ!

I didn't want to review the whole Impact show since I would have to review the "News Conference" at the beginning and I refuse to go there!! It was lame and that is as much as I'm going to say!


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