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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hawk's First Column

Hey wrestling fans let me start my first column by thanking Heather and Mike for allowing me to add my 2 cents to the site.

Now with that being said let me jump in. I would have liked to start my first column all about Raw except I fell asleep. Now let me see, I have been a hardcore WWF & E fan for 20 years and I fell asleep.

There were times I would call in sick to work because I wanted to see The Rock vs Stone Cold or Bret Hart complain about something. Wrestling is missing that key character, you know that guy you love to hate or hate to love.

There are some possiblities out there, listen to the crowd when Jericho comes out or when RVD oversells his frog splash. I miss being surprised! Don't get me wrong Thursday night I will plop myself in front of the T.V and go with the same routine I have for years and Monday I will have renewed faith that Triple H won't be booking the show. Why? Because I love wrestling!

After all these years I have learned one thing, wrestling goes in cycles. We currently are in a lull, but as always the best is yet to come. The next Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan may be wrestling in TNA or Ring of Honor right now.

Personally I have high hopes for the Smackdown crew. I know Mike will disagree but the JBL character is a positive step. Fans hate him, he cheats to win every match and he has beat almost everyone. Why take a mid card wrestler thrust him up to World Champ? Because when the babyface underdog beats him they will be over huge.

This is old school wrestling at its best. I hope I didn't rant to much in my first column, just wanted see if anyone else feels this way. Feel free to email me with comments or suggestions for columns. Next week I discuss Pay Per View of yesteryear.

Till then Fly Straight
-The Hawk


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