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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Hawk's Nest

Pay Per Views

Wrestlemania the greatest and grandest of them all. Then came Survivor Series then SummerSlam then Royal Rumble then King of the Ring and then the In Your Houses. It was a hell of a thing, You wait all year for the feud of feuds to end at WrestleMania.

Heroes were born, villains were crushed, the heel or face turn that no one ever expected and the new flock of stars that came in after Mania.

Survivor Series, an excellent concept. Putting teams together of heels versus faces. Remember the ultimate survivor when the winners all faced each other in a battle royal at the end or the great team names (The Vipers, the Rude Brood or best one ever Roddys Rowdies). No true main event just something different. SummerSlam, okay so we started getting bored waiting for Mania so Vince tossed us a bone.

Usually a tag team main event involving the big names. Here we go, my personal favorite The Royal Rumble. What a truly ingenious idea. 30 men over the top rope a few filler matches on the card. I can remember having parties with all my friends over, having a chart on who was going win and what the odds were.

King of the Ring, wrestlers that never feuded would meet in the winners brackets of this event and a mid carder could earn a main event spot. In You House, Backlash, insert a lame name Pay Per View, now we get to have a pay per view a month! I don't know about you but they wonder why wrestlers feuds don't last.

Back in the day feuds were allowed to stretch months and the wrestlers may never even lay a hand on each other, and when they finally did you wanted to give Vince your money just to see Jake finally get his hand Rick Martel or Bret Lose???? to Owen. Now feuds have to happen month to month, causing more heel/faces turns and over all lackluster build of an event.

I remember thinking 5 pay per views was a lot. This year Vince has 15 planned, 15!!!!!!!! That means Jericho will have to turn his character 3 times this year and Undertaker will become a biker, then dead again, then reborn and then become a rapper from west Des Moines.

I can live with the brand split, personally I like it. I liked the old pay per views because they each had their own personality. That's what I miss, How about you? Next time aging old fart who refuse to get out of the way!

Till then Fly Straight


At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brother. What about the Rumble? Who did you pick to win? Who will the winner challenge?


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