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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mike's Last Post From Iraq

Special Telling It Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton.

This time around......Nice to know you TNA.

I am only a few days away from coming home from Iraq, and I get on the
computer this morning and look on 1wrestling again to check the latest news.
And I see that Abyss may be leaving for WWE. All I have to say is nice
going TNA. You have just lost a top perforner on your roster to Vince. You
should have seen it coming when you picked a fight with this guy.
Furthermore, it shows the continued incompetence of TNA's front office. You
shell out big bucks to get Hall, Jarrett, Nash, and Savage, but you are
going to let a top guy on your roster, who is obviously a fan favorite, get
away. Really nice work guys. Enjoy the unemployment line!!!

You know, I really wanted TNA to succeed. I have gone to only three shows,
and I loved the passion and the camraderie of the fans there. The sendoff
they gave me when I left to come back here will always mean the world to me.
These fans deserve better. They deserve this company to live and have a
fighting chance. This company was special to a lot of people, and it still
can if the right business choices are made.

If I were Abyss right now, I would be knowing fully well I am not going to
be used well in WWE. Heck if they can't use Rhyno right, what makes you
think they are going to use Abyss any better. Abyss was the legit monster
TNA needed on their roster. Now they are about to lose him, and Vince only
wants him to chip away at TNA's power, nothing more.

I am really sick of talking about this. I do not know why I even waste my
breath. Why should we believe in a company that talks the talk but is not
willing to walk the walk?? I still love TNA and the fans that come into the
pit, but I am really losing faith fast, if I have not lost it already. Mr.
and Mrs. Carter, you ignored my advice when I told you you should look into
Heyman, now I am asking you. Pay Abyss whatever he wants. If you lose this
guy, you are going to be sorry. Quit living in 1984 and 1996. It is gone
and it ain't coming back! Get with the program and make the right

That is all for now, I really needed to vent my fustrations. Heck maybe my
readership will double to 8 for all I know, but I had to make my feelings
known. See you all at Studio 21 soon.......If there is even a TNA to watch
by then!!! I encourage you to replay and send feedback to this one!



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