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Friday, January 07, 2005

Telling It Like It John-Michael Newton

This Time Around....Why doesn't TNA Get It??

Every time I look on and get a rundown of a TNA show, I shake
my head and wonder and disbelief. I understand the TNA fan base is made up
of mostly tradition heavy fans who remember WCW and want that old formula
back. What I am trying to wonder is why TNA is trying to emulate the WCW in
its dying days!!! I have said all along, that with the storylines they have
been producing, that this is not 1996, and you can not re-create the past.
But what is worse is that you actually think you can be a viable competition
for WWE with a writer like Vince Russo and a World Champ like Jeff Jarrett.
It is too bad you do not remember 2000, when that same failed experiment
brought WCW to its knees!!!

How many times do I have to say this before it sets in? VINCE RUSSO IS A
Hasn't the fall of WCW shown you that? You put mocking shorts of the
McMahon family on your shows and PPV's, but you are kidding yourselves if
you think you are going to be a viable cometition with self-centered
individuals like Nash, Jarrett, and Hall. It did not work for WCW, and it
is not going to work for you!!! What is worse, is you made absolutely no
play at Paul Heyman, and it looks like WWE is going to get him back. You
could have at least made a play for him and pulled off a major coup you
need, but instead you did nothing. Why? Joey Styles is still a free agent,
and he has specifically stated he would never work for WWE. If you land
him, you now have the best play by play man in the business and someone with
name brand recognition and respect. Put him with Shane Douglas on the play
by play, and put Tenay and West in backstage announcing which is their
strengths. And while there is still time left...MAKE A PLAY AT HEYMAN!!!
This guy can literally turn your company around. With old ECW talent like
Jerry Lynn and Raven, as well as good solid young talent, this guy can move
mountains. If you think Russo and dusty RHodes are the way then you are
fooling yourselves.

The bottom line is this. We deserve a chance to see the company we are fans
of have a shot, not to see it die with a whimper like WCW did. The ball is
in your court, TNA. Let's get our act together and give the fans in The Pit
a show we can really be proud of!!! That is all for now. Hopefully I will
get to see you all at Final Resolution, if not, the next show afterwards. I
should be returning to the States within a week. Until then, thanks to all
4 of my fans for their support of this column...LOL. Take Care and be well,
and I will see you all soon!!



At 6:17 AM, Blogger Hawk166 said...

Preach it to me brother. You speak the truth this week. Sorry you didn't show any praise to the most deserving champ in wrestling JBL. I see Raw used 5 people to job for the LAME this pay per view. Hope you have a good commentary on that.


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