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Monday, January 24, 2005

Telling It Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton

This Week, various thoughts, and feeling good to be home.

Well, I am finally back in the good old U.S of A!!! I want to thank every
one ot the TNA fans that turned out on Tuesday and gave me support for my
return, especially Sign Guy Foley and his crew!! Down to business. I guess
I had received poor information. Abyss will not be leaving, which is a good
sign for TNA. The turnout was very good, except for one thing. That stupid
press conference angle basically sucked the life out of the crowd in the
first 10 minutes of the show. I am going to call my shot in. Dusty Rhodes,
as great a legend as he is, cannot write a show to save his life!! That and
Jarrett's horrible promo basically put the crowd to sleep. As for Jeff
Hardy, my GOD!! It is really sad to see how this guy's career has fallen
apart. He looked absolutely HORRIBLE in both matches he was in. I am not
going to infer about his condition, but I think we all know what happened.

I want to welcome Hawk and give him two thumbs up for a great column. I can
understand why the WWE put JBL as Champ. JBL is pretty much a part of the
"intelligencia" in the real world. THis is something most wrestling fans
hate. The way to make this a huge success is to have Cena win the RUmble,
and put him over at Mania, I can understand that. As for RAW, All I will
say is they have better get the two Arab AMerican wrestlers soe serious
police escorts. I saw them in action, and they are going to succeed in
getting these guys killed. If I were one of them, I would be seriously
consulting The Dudley Boys for tips on how to evade whole cities that want
to kill you (Buffalo, 1998). All I know is they have GOT to get Batista
over for the title at the Rumble or Mania, but I do not see that happening.
Personally, Hawk and I agreed that they need to turn Orton heel and get him
the belt back. A good Idea, but I see pigs flying before that happens.

Well I have to run. I am off to New York for a few weeks with Ronni for a
well-deserved vacation. Hope to see all of you when I get back.



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