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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Against All Odds Predictions

We are just a week a way from TNA'S PPV "Against All Odds"! Which promises to be an incredible PPV! I know I'm really looking forward to it!

Starting with the Pre-Show!! Who is going to be the Team Traci and Team Trinity? Both are vying for Director of Authority Dusty Rhodes attention! With the best tag team. One could only wonder are they going to have well known tag teams or are the going to dip in to some of Florida's fabulous local talent! I can't wait to see who it is!!

Now on to the matches that are going to be in the PPV. The first one I want to give my prediction for is the Metal Mayhem match! This match is for a title shot and the contenders are Abyss VS. Jeff Hardy! This match is a ladders, tables. chairs and chains match! Of course I am predicting that Abyss wins! Why well I hate Hardy and I am so sick of him going for the title and always coming up short. Plus I think Abyss would be a much better champion if he won the title. Of course I am also hoping that Abyss just beats the stuffing out of Hardy.

Ok I could go on about that all day so lets move on to the match featuring Petey Williams VS. "Primetime" Elix Skipper! This promises to be an amazing match. Both wresters are incredible athletes that will push their body's to the breaking point! We all know the amazing matches that they are capable of and I hope this is going to be the best of them all! As far as who I think is going to win it's hard to decide because Petey has Scott D'Amore on his side as well as the rest of Team Canada. But on the other hand Elix has outstanding agility! So I'm not going to speculate on who will come out on top of this match!

Another match that is going to be at the PPV is "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown and DDP VS. Scott Hall and Team Canada's Bobby Roode! Now as I start writing about this match I know Mike is rolling his eyes at me and having a fit! But I feel this is one of the most important matches of the evening because it is a mix of older wrestlers with younger wrestlers to help push the younger ones into the main stream. I don't feel that the older wrestlers are there to take over, I feel they are there to help draw in fans and assist the younger wrestlers! Now with that said I would really like to see Hall and Roode win this one but I don't think they will. Why would I want them to win well I'm really partial to heels and I've never really been a big fan of DDP but I am a huge NWO fan from way back!

Their is also going to be a grudge match, with Raven VS. Dustin Rhodes! This one should be interesting! With two excentric athletes such as these it could be nothing else! But it will be a hell of a brawl too! I'm of course rooting for Raven because he is one of my favorite wrestlers and has been since he was on ECW! But I like Dustin too but not as much and I thought he was much more interesting as GoldDust! Now your just overwhelmed by his redneckness.

Now on the lamest match of the evening before I go into the title matches of the evening! BG James and Jeff Hamond VS. Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian! I can not express enough how lame I think this is! I mean this is as bad as when David Arquette thought he was a wrestler! He is an actor for a reason just like Jeff Hamond is an announcer! I mean come on people just because it is Race Week doesn't make him wrestling right! You don't see Don West and Mike Tenay driving around in their racecar's. Do You? Now granted I'm not thrilled with Michael Shane either because I think he tries to hard to be HBK! Get your own gimmick and you could be great on your own!! But I still hope that Shane and Kazarian aren't jobbing in this very lame, stupid match!

On to the title matches! There is going to be an Iron man X-Division Title match with AJ Styles VS. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels ( who is quickly becoming one of my favorites). Daniels has proved that he can go the distance with AJ and earned this title shot. I hope that this match is no different and he continues to prove what kind of athlete he is. I would like to see him wearing the belt by the end of the night!

There is also a Tag Team title match this match is AMW (James Storm and Chris Harris) VS. Kidd Kash and Lance Hoyt (formally known as Dallas). I can hope for only on thing in this match and that is Kidd and Hoyt get the belts. I think it would be great for AMW to get knocked down a peg or two! They are getting way to cocky and arrogant! This would be alright if they were great wrestlers but they are just mediocre wrestlers at best! If Kidd and Hoyt get there stuff together they could be great champions!

Last but certainly not least is the Main Event NWA's World Heavyweight Title Match featuring Jeff Jarrett VS. Kevin Nash! Now say what you want but I like both of these wrestlers. But I do think it is time for Jarrett to lose the title. I think Kevin should get the belt and face Abyss at the next PPV! Just think what kind of match it would be with those two monsters going at it in the ring! It could be incredible! But what ever happens I really think it is time for Jarrett to lose the belt that he has held for almost a year and that is to long. People start to get bored with it! Change is good go with it!

I hope everyone tunes in Sunday for "Against All Odds" it will be a very entertaining night!


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