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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Fridays Impact Review

I wanted to go ahead with my review of Fridays Impact even though Hawks Nest was posted today as well. Since I had posted about the news article yesterday I wanted to wait until today to do my review.

Now I always go to the Impact tapings at Universal Studios, FL, so if my reviews ever vary from what you saw on TV that is because something may have been cut.

This Impact started like most of the other Impact tapings except instead of just having Don West and Mike Tenay at the announcer’s booth they also had “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels!

The first match was Sharkboy VS. Petey Williams with Scott D’Amore. This match set the tone for the rest of Impact. I was glad to see Sharkboy!

It has been several weeks since he has been on and I was starting to wonder if he went to another promotion! With 2 incredible X-Division athletes such as these, there were amazing moves on both wrestlers parts!

There really wasn’t as much interference from Scott as you would have expected. One of the finer points of the match was when Petey had Sharkboy hook to the ropes ready to do his Oh Canada thing when Sharkboy grabs him and starts to bite him right on his butt!

Which really got Petey’s attention! Petey did get to use that move later in the match. Petey won the match when he was able to get the “Canadian Destroyer” on Sharkboy getting the pin fall.

The next match was AJ Styles VS. some jobber with Iceman on his tights, I didn’t catch his name! Of course with Daniels at the announcing table this got AJ running his mouth about him being there to study his moves so he is prepared for their gauntlet match in “Against All Odds”.

Of course a fight broke out between the two of them. Once the fight is broke up the jobber really starts to get the best of AJ, but AJ would recover quickly and win the match.

The next match was David Young VS. Jeff Hardy. Now we all know how I feel about Hardy so of course I was thrilled with this match a jobber and Hardy yippee! This match was fairly quick so I wasn’t subjected to this crap for long!

Hardy won with an almost swanton big surprise! But that was when the match made a drastic improvement! Abyss came out and started smacking the hell out of Hardy! This didn’t go on for very long before the referees broke it up.

Next there was a short video of Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane talking to David Young in the back about how he has not won a match in 2 years. Then starting talking about how he could win against Jeff Hamond!

Of course this was 3LK and Jeff Hamonds queue to come out and challenge poor David Young to a match on the next Impact show! You know you really have to love Kazarian and Shane they are such troublemakers!

Next match was Abyss VS. Lex Lovitt! This match I would like to say there was a lot of skill and very impressive but I just can’t! This match lasted a mere 2 minutes tops before Abyss blackhole slammed Lex! At this point Hardy came running out to jump Abyss but Abyss got the better of Hardy than he got out the table to give Hardy just a taste of what was coming at “Against All Odds”.

Hardy recovered just enough to ensure that they both met the table the hard way! I thought that maybe Abyss got hurt because of the way he hit the table but he seemed to be fine afterwards!

The main event of the evening was The Naturals VS. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown and DDP. Now to be perfectly honest with you I didn’t really watch this match. I am so sick of The Naturals jobbing all the time.

That is all they have done for like 2 months. They are better athletes than that. Give them a match against some no name jobbers just so they can win if you have to. But all in all this was a good Impact.


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