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Friday, February 11, 2005

The Hawks Nest

I was sitting here thinking about what to write this week when my phone rang. It was Mike! He started complaining about Vince not hiring Brock back and Brock suing the WWE to get out of his contract. Now at this point I said I had been working too hard this week and that there is no way that Vince would be that stupid. Well I started investigating this issue and what did I find... not Vince's name on this one but HHH's. Now I will not hide the fact that I think HHH has been the worst thing to happen in the wrestling business since the gobbly gooker. Anyone who goes as far as he does to kill someone else's career needs to go. Brock Lesnar like him or hate him he was over! He would put people over, he could brawl and he could go technical if needed. So, because HHH doesn't like him Vince is going keep him out? He wasn't even on the same show. Vince please look at what is going on....Scott Steiner over huge, (getting older and brittle but please you put the belt on Hogan so come on) but HHH wont put him over and he becomes a jobber with Test as his partner (and we all know how successful Test has been). Kane, I don't even want to get into the corpse deal but exactly how fast did Kane lose his push after that. Booker T, here we got some great ethnic jokes from the Game (sorry Vince racism went out 20 years ago) and then he became Booker Who. Who's next??? Oh yeah Goldberg. A prepackage gimmick, unbeatable monster who could be used in feuds for years. Made to look like the equivalent Gillberg. I did some more research and put this little deal together. HHH won oops was given the Raw Title in August of 2002, loses it for a month to Shawn Michaels (won't even put over his friends for long), gets it back then holds it for a year until August 2003, loses it to Goldberg, is involved in every main event till he gets it back in December (I was at that show and man it sucked), drops it at WrestleMania to Beniot who drops it to Orton a couple of months later who in turn drops it to HHH. The very next night after Beniot loses the belt he is opening Raw in a tag match. Orton is on his way to jobber hell now. Watch out Batista your next in the waiting list, I hear the Hurricane is already planning a mean feud with you over the summer. But since the title's creation in 2002 (30 months ago) HHH has held it all but 9 months, and now he wants to control what goes on during Smackdown. That show needs all the help it can get. So all I can say is, I hope one day Vince wakes up and takes his grapefruits back and starts running his own company. But hey that's just my view. Tell me what you think.

Till then fly straight


At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell is it with WWE and HHH (he hates him) I need someone to break his leg. Remeber when when he was out for about a year.. what I would not do for that time to come screaming back. We could get a a true new beginning!

"if you drink don't drive, if you drive don't drink.. and if she says no then by gawd stop!"

At 5:26 PM, Blogger Hawk166 said...

your absolutely right it would be a true blessing maybe people would get their proper push


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