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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hawks Nest

Let me start out this week by thanking Heather again for allowing to voice my opinions. I have spent the last few bashing everything I hate about WWE. Now....Let me begin with what makes me like this company.

Love him or hate him Vince truly is a genius. He and certain people in that company know how to create a wrestler. Mike and I argue about this all the time. Name me any true superstar in the business that wasn't created by the WWE machine. Scott Hall, who was he before he was Razor Ramon. Do you remember the Diamond Stud? or American Starship Coyote? Nope you remember the toothpick flicking, trash talking and bad boy that the WWE created. Kevin Nash, once again do you remember Oz or Vinnie Vegas. No you remember Big Daddy Cool. One more guy...Stone Cold. How many people remember Stunning Steve or one half of the Hollywood blondes? People give Vince hell about how he ruined the WCW angle and squashing Goldberg. True he puts over who he wants to. Sometimes he tries crazy angles (Red Rooster / The Goon / HHH) but who would have thought some other would have worked (the Undertaker / APA / the Hardys). He tries a little bit of everything just to see what might catch on. And the competition what do they do? I'll tell you ....they take Vince's cast offs and try to squeeze that last mile out of their career. TNA is a virtual who's who of ex WWE people. They were so proud that X-Pac and Billy showed up this week. Yawn!!!!! I saw them 10 years ago when they were cool to watch. Oh well! So next time you start to jump on Vince, just remember if you like wrestling, take a look at the main event. I will bet you Vince created someone there. Well that's just my opinion, tell me what you think.

Till then Fly straight!!


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