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Monday, February 28, 2005

Hawk's Nest

I can only hope Vince does WrestleMania right this year. Anybody that has read my column knows what I am talking about. Put Batista over !!! I am not sure he is the next Rock or Stone Cold but, he definitely is the best thing going. This deal with Vince pushing a wrestler then burying him to see how well his popularity will stay is an interesting approach, but don't do it this time.

Randy Orton definitely did not do well with that approach (wrestling Tyson Tomko nowadays). 6 months ago I would have said Randy vs. HHH was the WrestleMania main event no doubt. The Batista angle has been built nicely and so far I (and most WWE fans) feel that they may have done it right. I was listening to between the ropes radio show the other day and even they said this might be the beginning of something new.

A draft from Smackdown to Raw will be a good idea. Hurricane, Rosie, Christian and Jericho to Smackdown. Jericho versus Angle or Cena could be huge. Christian could be over anywhere he goes and should be a contender for the U.S belt immediately. Hurricane because he could be back with the cruiserweights and Rosie because.....well no good reason just send him with Hurricane.

Make Simon Dean a superhero again join him with them and make them a superhero league. That would be cool. From Smackdown take All the Divas, Big Show, Orlando Jones and Heidenricht to Raw. Big Show because the bigger wrestlers are all on Raw. He dominates the smaller guys as he should but he would look better wrestling Kane, Snitsky and HHH. Orlando because I believe he needs to be groomed better.

Some matches and training from Beniot or Edge could help him season out. Heidenricht because he needs to be teaming with Snitsky. The divas...Just because I like to see Stacy and Torrie together. I could be forgetting a few other changes but I hope Vince helps Smackdown out. But hey that's what I think how about you.

Till Then Fly Straight


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