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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Interview with Phi Delta Slam

1. Why did you decide to go into wrestling?

[TILLIE] Red means Green?

[BRUNO] I have wanted to do this since I was a kid.

2. Were you a wrestling fan growing up?

[TILLIE] I watched it occasionally

[BRUNO] yes

3. Do you have a favorite wrestler?

[TILLIE] yes, Bruno.

[BRUNO] yes, Big Till.

4. Where did you go for wrestling training? Who trained you?

[TILLIE] I trained in Florida under Black Jack Mulligan

[BRUNO] Florida, Bodyslam University

5. What promotions have you worked for?

[TILLIE] Which one did I NOT work for... lol...

[BRUNO] WWF, WCW, ECW, USWA in Memphis, IWF, CCW, TNA, FOW, WWC in Puerto Rico.

6. How long have you wrestled with your tag team partner?

[TILLIE] 14 Years

[BRUNO] 14 Years with Tillie, 17 yrs total.

7. What titles have you held?

[BRUNO] CCW, FOW, IWF: Tag Team Titles, FOW: International Heavyweight Title
plus numerous tag titles for other Florida indy promotions.

8. What is your favorite wrestling move?

[TILLIE] the Tsunami Splash

[BRUNO] the Tsunami Splash

9. Who was your greatest opponent?

[TILLIE] Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

[BRUNO] Mr. Perfect Curt Henning

10. Is there any wrestler that you would really like the opportunity to wrestle?

[TILLIE] Dick Murdoch

[BRUNO] Tully Blanchard

11. Why did you decide to go with the frat boy gimmick?

[BRUNO] At the time we were into the college scene. We felt the marketing possibilities were endless. With the paddle, the various colors of the universities, not to mention the fact that fraternities all over the country were tuning in to watch wrestling. Look at the signs held up by the fans on televised wrestling shows; there will always be frat symbols around the arena.

12. Your entrance music is as important as your gimmick; why did you choose "All Star" by Smashmouth?

[BRUNO] Being a fan favorite (good guy) we needed something that was current with the times with an easy fun rhythm. The movie "Shrek" had been released in the theatres, and it was Shrek's theme song... the lovable fat ogre that had a great sense of humor... perfect!

13. What has been your greatest wrestling moment so far?

[TILLIE] Our 1st pay per view at TNA.

[BRUNO] Having my wife and all my closest friends present at "Against All Odds", our 1st pay per view at TNA.

14. What has been your worst wrestling experience so far?

[TILLIE] Have you ever read "Do you know the heart of a wrestler"? you can find it at under the 'news' link.

[BRUNO] honestly, the lack of humbleness, respect, and professionalism displayed on the small local indy scenes.

15. With so may different aspects of wrestling, are you involved in any other aspect of wrestling?

[BRUNO] Phi Delta Slam currently owns and operates C.C.W. We run every aspect from booking the events to setting up the chairs.


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