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Thursday, February 03, 2005

This Friday's Best Damn Sports Show Period!

This Friday TNA'S Jeff Jarrett and the "Alpha Male" Monty Brown are going to be on the Best Damn Sports Show Period from Live from Jacksonville, Florida - Home of SuperBowl XXXIX!

Be sure to tune in to Fox Sports all week to see the BDSSP doing there SuperBowl reports with many different athletes!

This wont be the first time that TNA'S SuperStars have been on the BDSSP! They did a two day special back in November. For those of you that tuned in you will remember that when you combined TNA and the BDSSP anything can and will happen!

I'm sure that Jeff will be talking about his up coming title match against Kevin Nash at Against All Odds! I'm a fan of both wrestlers and I think they are both fine athletes.

I would really like to see Kevin get the belt. I feel that Jeff has held the title long enough! It is time for another wrestler to have a chance. I know there are people out there that don't feel Kevin should be champion.

Well, his time as a wrestler is getting short let him have the title while wrestlers that are huge fan favorites such as Monty Brown get more time and skill under their belt to be able to be prepared to be a great champion instead of a so so champion!

I'm sure that a lot of Monty's time on the BDSSP will be him discussing what it was like for him to be in 2 SuperBowls!

Football fans will remember Monty as former football player for Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots SuperBowl teams. So Monty will have a lot of great input on Sunday's SuperBowl!

I'm sure he will also have some interesting input on Jeff's upcoming match at Against All Odds! Which Promises to be one of the best PPV of the year!


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