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Monday, March 14, 2005

Destination X PPV Review

There are only two words that can explain last nights explosive Destination X PPV “Holy Shit”! Those very words were chanted at several points during the evening when each and every one of the wrestlers wrestling last night put their all in to the matches! TNA’S PPV’S get better and better every month and the crowds of screaming fans are the proof of it! There were so many fans last night that they had to turn people a way! It was rumored that they had to turn away close to 700 disappointed fans! I did notice as I looked around the arena before the pre show started there were several familiar Florida Indy wrestlers such as Mister Saint Laurent, Josh Rich, Barney Rumble, Wiccan, and Torcher!

The pre show set the momentum that would continue to build the rest of the night! The first match of the pre show was Andy Douglas of “The Naturals” and Chris Candido VS. Lex Lovette and Buck Quartermain. This match really showed that Chris’s experience and guidance is changing “The Naturals” wrestling style! Chris and Andy showed a lot of great teamwork. The winners of this match were Chris and Andy.

The second match of the pre show was an incredibly brutal as well as incredibly skilled match. This match featured Kidd Kash and Lance Hoyt VS. Jerrelle Clark and Cassidy Riley. This match started out looking like Jerrelle and Cassidy were going to take the win do to Kidd and Hoyt not having thier act together but to my pleasant surprise they managed to get there act together and be the incredible tag team that I knew they could be!! Towards the end of the match Jerrelle got in the ring and was just slaughtered by Kidd and Hoyt. With Hoyt’s strength he was able to powerbomb and toss Jerrelle around like he was nothing! One of the highlights of the show was when Kidd and Cassidy we arguing and Kidd blew snot at him out of his nose! I know gross but so funny! Kidd and Hoyt won the match when Hoyt lifted Jerelle with one hand over his head for an earth shaking powerbomb that had so much force I’m surprised the ring didn’t break in the middle!

The first match of the PPV was Konnan and BG James of 3LK and AMW VS. Team Canada with Scott D’Amore and Johnny DeVine who was on crutches do to a knee injury. Allistar replaced Johnny. This match I thought was a going to be 3 teams against each other I must have miss understood that because it turned out to be an 8-man tag match! It was a little hard to keep track of who the legal men in the ring were because after a while all hell just broke lose and everyone was in the ring or out of the ring fighting. In the beginning of match Konnan lost his shoe and was hitting members of Team Canada with it until Senior Referee Rudy Charles took the shoe from him. Even Scott wanted in on the action and at one point was going to try to get the jump on someone by jumping of the top rope but the other team saw him and pushed him off the turnbuckle! But what tends to happen when you have so much going on in a match that it is hard to keep track of the match some one always gets left to get a beating while everyone else is distracted. In this case it was Konnan! He got pinned by Eric Young while everyone was distracted.

I believe that at this point there was a little vinyet at this point showing Dusty, Traci, and Trinty in Dusty’s Office when Johnny Fairplay came prancing up (what else can you call it). To beg for another chance. So Dusty told him he had 3 hours to come up with a tag team and they would get TNA contracts.

The next match I didn’t even know was scheduled but it was a good match nonetheless. It was Chase Stevens of “The Naturals” with Andy Douglas and Chris Candido VS. Chris Sabin. This was a good match. I do really enjoy watching Sabin’s matches because he has moves to spare! I really thought that Sabin had a real disadvantage with him being out numbered 3 to 1 but he held his own very well. In fact he held his own so well that he won the match! There was of course a lot of interference from Chase’s friends out side the ring!

After Sabin pinned Chase, Chris and Andy came in the ring to start ganging up on him to teach him a lesson for getting the better of them when a masked man came running out to help Sabin! The masked man help Sabin up than took off his mask to show that he was actually Shocker! I look forward to see where this goes!

The next match I was really disappointed in and I hate to say that because it included one of my favorite wrestlers Raven!! It was the much anticipated bullrope match! It wasn’t half as violent as I thought it would be! I expected both of them to just be a mess when it was over but it wasn’t. Dustin did win the match!

Again I have trouble remembering exactly when the vinyets come in to play but there was another one of Johnny at Dusty’s Office trying to talk AWM with Dustin in to letting him manage them so they told him to get down on him hands and knees they threw hay on him and James put a saddle on him and tried to ride him. That will teach Johnny to mess with the redneck tag team!

The next match was the Team Trinity Phi Delta Slam Vs. Team Traci DOD match. This match was an all out brawl! I was shocked that Traci and Trinity didn’t get in to a huge fight but Trinity being the tuff girl she is decided she was going to take on Ron of DOD. She flew off the top turnbuckle at him while he was at ringside but he caught her and tossed her over the railing and in to the crowd! Big Tillie did manage to get a “Tsunami Splash” on one of the members of DOD ( I think Don) but when Tillie was looking at Bruno and they were both giving themselves kudos way to soon. The other member of DOD changed places with the one in the ring and got the drop on Tillie. DOD won with a pin fall and Bruno never even saw it! I really hope that this is not the last we see of Phi Delta Slam. They are a great asset to TNA and I hope to see more of them!!

Next was “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown VS. Trytan. This match was I think the worst match of the night. Trytan’s gimmicks just aren’t getting any better! The referee for this match was Rudy Charles he is always on top of his game but this match had him distracted. Monty was starting to get the better of Trytan when the lights went out and a man in all black with a mask came in to the ring and took the beating for Trytan and got pinned. Rudy really looked dazed when he realized what happened. Monty on the other hand looked really pissed and confused!

On to Abyss VS. Jeff Hardy Falls count anywhere match! Now I do admit I did miss some of this match do to a potty break! But I really liked what I did see of the match except the fact that Hardy won the match. Of course like all their matches tables, ladders and chairs came in to play. I really thought Abyss was going to win when he slammed Hardy with such bone shattering force that I thought he was going to break Hardy in two. But Hardy did manage to get the pin but barely! Abyss got so overwhelmed with rage that he went under the ring and got out a bag of tacks!! Now I thought for sure that Hardy was going to end up knocking Abyss in to the tacks again but I was wrong Abyss got Hardy in a black hole slam and drove those tacks all the way in to his body! Hardy had streams of blood trickling down his back! Hardy took off out of the arena and was not seen again for the rest of the night!

At this point I think is when they showed the vinet of Johnny trying to recruit an already managed Team Canada, which didn’t go over well with any of them!

On to the first blood match with “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash Vs. The Outlaw. Now I was sort of right on my prediction of this match Nash did draw first blood on the Outlaw but off course he still lost the match! This match just goes to show that The Outlaw is not stable he was getting stuff from under the ring to try to cut Nash with such as a screw driver that it looked like he was going to stick it in Nash’s eye! He also go a utility knife out that I was really concerned about until I realized he was cutting the turnbuckle off. He had to cut them off because TNA doesn’t have those cheap turnbuckles that just come off like WWE has. Nash did get the best of The Outlaw by busting his head open on the exposed turnbuckle but referee was knocked out. At this point Jeff Jarrett runs out and hits Nash in the head with his belt leaving him outside the ring while a DR. comes out to wipe the blood off of The Outlaw and stop the bleeding. But when the Ref came to he saw that Nash was bleeding and called the match! Nash though feeling cheated he power bombed The Outlaw to show him who is boss.

The last vinyet was played for the night with Johnny talking to Lex Lovitte and Buck Quartermain. He told them that if they took him on they could get a contract they never did let us know what happened with that.

The Next match in my opinion was the best match of the night! The Ultimate X match. Now they did do it a little different this time. They started with 4 men in the ring and the Ultimate X wouldn’t start until 2 men got eliminated by pin fall. This match had “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels Vs. AJ Styles VS. “The Truth” Ron Killings Vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper. The match started off to a great start and there seemed to be some tension between Elix and Daniels. But that match went on. The first man eliminated was Killings when Elix got the pin there were some great moves and acrobatics with them. AJ and Elix were going at it when Daniels climbed to the top rope and up to the Ultimate X in the middle of the ring. He was sitting right there above AJ and Elix when he did a back flip off on to them!! This had to be the most amazing move of the night. The fight ensued when Daniels eliminated Elix! Elix was very pissed and crossed his arms at Daniels. Then Daniels told him that XXX was no more and the belt was what was important! I was very excited over the start of what is going to be a breath-taking feud!! There was several near wins but the ref got knocked out (That happened several times last night) while he was out AJ got the belt and it looked like he would keep it. But Daniels went after him and got the belt in his hands and out of AJ’S when the ref came to for the win!

The final match of the evening was the main even with Jeff Jarrett Vs. DDP. This match had enforcers out side the ring. The enforcers were Monty Brown, 3LK, The Naturals, Chris Candido, and “The Living Legend” Larry Z. This match was very brutal right from the start. This match was all over the inside and outside of the ring. It also spilled out on to the announcer tables. The Spanish announce team didn’t get it as bad as poor Don West and Mike Tenay! Don even got his mic broken and almost knocked off the platform! While the ref was knocked out the wrestlers outside of the ring got into a fight and The Outlaw ran out with a guitar to hit DDP with but BG James and Konnan got involved they took the guitar from the Outlaw and he got chased out. BG was going to hit Jeff with it while Konnan held him but Jeff moved and BG hit Konnan and knocked him out. The Naturals and Chris Candido got chased out and the rest helped carry Konnan out leaving Monty there to watch things. Well Sean Waltman ran out to to help DDP then ran back out of the arena a quick as he came. It looked like DDP would win when Monty came in and interfered! He was on Jeff’s side the whole time. Helping Jeff to retain his title!!

All in all it was a great night out! I do hope that Jeff loses the belt soon! He is one of my favorites but he has held the title way to long and he is starting to get compared to HHH and no one wants that!! On another side note where was Mike Posey?

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