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Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Hawks Nest

Well well well.....It looks like we head back to where we came from the USA network. Which means preempting for the West Minister Kennel Club and Tennis. I surely hope WWE negotiates a better contract this time. What does this mean for smackdown?

This is when WWE needs to make a deal with Rupert Murdock, Fox and the WWE's style would make a great pairing. Years ago Murdock said he enjoyed wrestling and even made an offer at the old WCW.

Fox can offer a more diverse fan base and with Fox's large audience WWE might actually get that much needed bump or fan increase. Normally I would say we the fans win no matter what, but that will remain to be seen as we know networks can change what programming WWE uses themselves. Personally no matter where they go I hope the network puts in an anti HHH clause in the contract. Well that's what I think, how about you?

Till then Fly Straight


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