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Friday, March 25, 2005

Impact Review

Again like last week do to bad weather there weren't as many screaming TNA fans as there normally is! But it was still a good crowd! Of course the regular die hard fans that are there every week and every PPV. Which those are really the fans that can make or break a league!

The first match of the night was Buck Quartermain Vs. Trytan! This match was incredibly boring! I don’t think that either one of them have and real draw! Buck is just ok here I am, nothing more! Trytan is Ryan Wilson’s third gimmick and it just isn’t working maybe its just time for him to throw in the towel! Maybe he could become a manager! Captain Lou Albanio wasn’t a great wrestler but he was a great manager, Trytan so give that some thought! Trytan did win the match though.

Next came the first vinyet of the evening. Of course it was Konnan confronting The Outlaw! He wants to know what is going on with him and BG! Well, duh there braking up 3LK is what they are doing! BG and The Outlaw are a much better tag team than BG and Konnan are! They have a solid team!

The next match was another one I could have done with out! Lex Lovette and David Young VS. Shocker and Jeff Hardy. Now it has nothing to do with the fact that there was Indy guy in the match. As anyone that reads my column know I like watching the Indy shows as much as any other but these two like Buck have no personality, no charisma, no pizzazz! I do think that it is cool that they are starting to bring back some of the Lucha Libre wrestlers! Another downside to this match was Hardy! I am so incredibly sick of seeing him! He is such a screw up. He misses his mark often but the “Hardy Party” is still so awe struck by it! He has lost his skill due to drug abuse! Which I was informed by a “Hardy Party” member it’s not his fault! He just has so many injuries that he needs a painkiller cocktail just to be able to make it through his day! Well, if that is the case maybe it is way past time for Hardy to give it up! The winners of this match were Shocker and Hardy!

The next match was Sharkboy and Cassidy Rilley VS. DOD with Traci. This match went better than I thought it would. It wasn’t a total squash match, like I thought it was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised to see Sharkboy and Cassidy were able to hold their own with such a substantial size difference. But DOD’s size difference over ruled there speed and agility. DOD won the match by pin fall.

Next DDP came to the ring to demand an answer from Dusty for his challenge from last week. Dusty announced that he would sign DDP, X-Pac, and Kevin Nash Vs. Jeff Jarrett, “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown and The Outlaw for one of the cage matches at Lockdown!

Next they showed a vinyet of Raven talking to Hardy about joining forces. This is such a bad move on Raven’s part unless he is planning to do some major damage to Hardy. One smart move for Hardy he backed away and declined.

The next match was Sonny Siaki VS. Apollo. This match was OK. It showed a lot of brute strength but that was about it. The best part of this match was the end! Apollo pinned Sonny than they shook hands and hugged. They did this big no hard feelings were still cool thing. Then Kidd Kash and Lance Hoyt came out. Of course Kidd would have something to say about their behavior. As always Kidd is very entertaining. He was asking them if they were a bunch of homo’s or something! At this point Apollo and Sonny called Kidd and Hoyt in to the ring to settle it. At this point Kidd at his best informed them they were not going to get in the ring with them so they could feel all over them! This went on for several highly entertaining minutes.

The next match was Dustin Vs. Bobby Roode. To tell you the truth I didn’t really pay enough attention to this match to notice who won! I had got busy writing notes and talking I missed this match!

The main event of the evening was Phi Delta Slam with Trinity VS. AMW. Now I can’t say enough what a great tag team PDS is. I really hope that TNA decides to keep them around! AMW on the other hand is getting a little better with Dustin’s guidance but not much. Now Trinity can never mind her own business and stay out of a match for the most part but AMW behavior is a bit uncalled for! They are forever spanking her and Traci when they get unruly. They are such role models! There was no winner in this match because Team Canada came out to interfere. Big Tillie was just about to splash James but Dustin came out and knocked him off the top turnbuckle!

All in all this was a pretty good Impact! The shows seem to get better and better all the time. If you’re ever in the Orlando, FL area when they are going an Impact taping you should defiantly check it out! Your guaranteed to have a good time!

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