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Saturday, March 12, 2005

My PPV Predictions

As we all know TNA'S PPV Destination X is this Sunday night pre show starts at 7:30 PM. Check your local listings for availability! Of course I feel the need to do my prediction and put my two cents in.

Starting with the pre show! The first match is The Naturals and Chris Candido VS. Michael, Buck Quartermain, and Lex Lovett. Now I'm not sure who Michael is. I'm not sure if it's Michael Shane or some indy wrestler that I'm not familiar with. I think The Naturals and Chris are going to win this match the reason I think this isn't because the other team aren't good strong athletes. The reason I feel this way is because Chris has been hard at work guiding The Naturals. Since Chris is a great seasoned wrestler he has a lot of experience and moves to share with them. He is also a slick cheater when he wants to and that is also a great skill for a heel to learn!

The second match of the pre show is Kidd Kash and Lance Hoyt VS. Jerrelle Clark and Cassidy Riley. Now I touched on this match in a earlier article. I really think that there is a lot of incredible skill in this match as well as brute strength! Now I have to say that my favorites in this match are Kash and Hoyt. So of course I will be cheering them on. But they haven't been as intune with each other like they should be. They could be one hell of a tag team as well as great tag team champions if they could just get thier act together! I think with Cassidy and Jerrelle's speed and agility they will win out in this match!

Now on to the PPV. I'll start with the matches that I really don't care about there are two of those matches this time! The first one is AMW VS. BG James and Konnan of 3LK VS. Team Canada. One of the main reasons I have no interest in this match is because when there are 3 tag teams in one match it is way to hard to keep track of the players! Not to mention the fact that I am totally disgusted with AMW. They are a mediocre tag team at best that instead of working on there skills they feel the need to resort to handcuffing there opponents to the turnbuckles so that they can double team the remaining guy! I hope now that AMW is hanging out with Dustin he will straighten them out and help shape them into a better tag team. Now the other two tag teams are good solid tag teams. 3LK are both seasoned wrestlers with lots of experience under there belts and Team Canada are quickly rising to the top of the young athletes in TNA! Now my assumption with this match is that AMW will win the match as much as I don't think they deserve to!

Now the other match I don't care about is "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown VS. Trytan! Ok does anyone really care about this match? They only have it to show off Trytan who I think is Titus or what ever any way. So he really isn't new so who cares! They only have Monty wrestling because he is a fan favorite and they need to get him in there! In short I don't care who wins but it will probably be Monty.

Now on to the Abyss VS. Jeff Hardy falls count anywhere match! I am a little disappointed they opted for this style of match! Why, because all the good stuff is going to happen outside of the arena that is always what happens. I want to see Abyss up close just beat the tar out of Jeff Hardy! He isn't even worth the time he takes up wrestling any more and if it wasn't for the Hardy Party they probably wouldn't have him on any more. He wasted his career with drug abuse long ago! I'm hoping that Abyss beats him this month like last month so Hardy can have another spoiled little brat tantrum!

Now I think one of the most violent matches of the night is going to be Raven VS. Dustin Rhodes in a bullrope match! Now as any of you that have been a wrestling fan for years you will remember that Dusty Rhodes made the bullrope match famous so I'm sure that Dustin was very well trained by the master! Of course lets not forget that Raven has no problem putting his body on the line for a great match! These two both got off to the wrong foot and Raven tends to like to keep it that way! I predict a lot of blood in this match from both of them! It's to hard to call who will win this match just because bullrope matches tend to be hard to predict, because they are totally unpredictable!

I am really looking forward to see the Team Trinity Phi Delta Slam VS. Team Traci The Disciples of Destruction. I really want to see this match because they are both great tag teams that are new with TNA! Now I know DOD was with TNA before but they are back and there are a lot of new fans that don't know them. Both tag teams are highly skilled indy wrestlers. I really think this is going to be one hell of a brawl. Not to mention the fact that there is going to be one hell of a cat fight outside the ring between Traci and Trinity! I'm hoping that Phi Delta Slam wins because I've been a fan of them for years!

On to the no disqualification, first blood match between "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash and The Outlaw! Now I'm really hoping this match doesn't drag out and Nash wins! I'm really not a fan of the Outlaw and he is really still in the same tired gay gimmick that he has been doing forever! Oh sure Nash is still Big Sexy but the difference is Nash is smokin hot!! So it still works! Besides Outlaw really verges on lame!

The Ultimate X match is going to be a killer match. I do hope that they don't start to wear them out though because they are special matches and they shouldn't have them to often! The wrestlers in this match is AJ Styles, "The Truth" Ron Killings, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, and "Primetime" Elix Skipper! Keep in mind this is a title match and anything can happen in an Ultimate X match! What I really wanted to see is Daniels and Elix going at it one on one but at this point this is as close as I'm going to get! There is a whole lot of skill and ability in this match. I really want to see the belt get passed on to Daniels or Elix I think they would be amazing fighting champions!! But because AJ is such a fan favorite he will probably win!

Now on to the main event! Jeff Jarrett VS. DDP! This is a title match. As we all know Jeff has held the title for about a year and that is way to long so I think that DDP is going to be the one to take the belt from him! I thought it was going be Nash last month but I'm sure that DDP will get the belt this time! Now I just love Jeff. He is a good wrestler and has been wrestling for a number of years even though he is still only in him mid 30's! He is also a great business man. Sure most of you hate him but he knows what he is doing and always has a plan. Now DDP on the other hand has been hot after the title since he came to TNA and I think he is going to do it this time!


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