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Thursday, March 17, 2005

New Revolution Wrestling Show Announced

New Revolution Wrestling has found a location to do a show! Their next show is going to be on Sunday April 17, 2005 at El Tequila in Winter Haven,FL at 4PM. Admission is $10.

They have some great local indy talent for this show and some great matches! There are going to be two title matches! A NRW Heavyweight Championship match featuring Bruce Steele Vs. Chainsaw Krueger and a NRW Tag Team Title match featuring Axis and Python VS. Raging Suicide (HAVOC). As you might remember from their last time these four guys met it was a hell of a brutal brawl!

They are also having a hardcore match with Nightstalker Vs. The Destroyer! As always hardcore matches are bloody so I don't think this one is going to be any different!

There is going to be a match featuring the NRW Cruiserweight Chasyn Rance VS. Sedrick Strong! This should be a great match! Chasyn is one of the best cruiserweights in the indy scene! Not just in Florida but everywhere he wrestles!

There will also be another cruiserweight match featuring Flatline VS. Lazirus (AKA Special Effex). This will be the first time Lazirus will be wrestling in Florida since he moved here from NYC! I bet this will be a hell of a match. They should be able to really do a lot of highflying moves.

Also making his first appearance with NRW is Former IWA PR, Heavyweight Champion Apolo Vs. Leon Scott with Tiziana. Any of you that watch TNA would have seen him in recent weeks. Apolo is a great athlete and I really think he is going to show Leon what he is made of!

They are also going to have a special last man standing match! There will be 2 belts on the line the NWA Jr. Heavyweight and Mid Florida Championship will be on the line. There will be no referee for this match the audience will be making the 10 count! The wrestlers featured in this match will be NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tommy Marr Vs. NWA Mid Florida Champion The Man Named Rouge! I'm sure these two will try to rip each other apart!

I think this show will be well worth every penny like every other NRW show! If you are in the area you should really come out and cheer on your favorite indy wrestler!

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