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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Paul E. Brilliant Mind Or WWE Puppet

I know as you all read this your going to have your own opinions and may feel the need to email me or to post a comment about what I have written. Keep in mind that these are my opinions and my suspicions that I feel if you really listened to "The Rise and The Fall of ECW" DVD all the hints to collaborate my suspicions are there!

I want to start out by saying the I completely believe that Todd Gordon was the original owner of ECW when they were East Coast Wrestling! What I am suspicious of Paul E. Heyman's ownership. That is where I think a conspiracy that would rock the entire wrestling world! I think that Paul E. was just an WWE (WWF at the time) front man! While WWE was testing a new type of wrestling to see how it went over, then when it was becoming to big and not making the money Vince thought it should he shut it down!

I know what you all are thinking "NO Way!", Paul E. is a genius! But is he really the genius and brains behind ECW like everyone thinks he is? If he was such a genius why couldn't he make it work? Not to mention the fact that it comes off that the wrestlers had almost complete creative control. It was one of those take the ball and run with it boys attitude! So how much of a genius was Paul E really? I know he didn't have a mind of business but you know what any idiot understands when they have more money going out than coming in. Also it should have been a wake up call when wrestlers pay checks started to bounce!

Oh yeah Vince has tons of money and could have paid the wrestlers but if he was a behind the scenes partner or the money man to get them going he isn't going to do anything that would let the cat would of the preverbal bag! I don't think anyone other than Paul E. knew what was going on, not the wrestlers that is for damn sure!

Every one of those wrestlers put their body and their lives on the line every match for little to no money and the only wrestlers they had on the DVD talking about how great things were are wrestlers that are owned by Vince! You didn't see Shane Douglas or Raven or Jerry Lynn stating their opinion! It also seemed that the whole thing was very scripted as well! All of the people talking on the DVD were looking to one side or the other of the camera, rarely looking directly in the camera!

I have had these suspicions for a long time their were several things from the DVD I would like to point out that I feel help collaborate this conspiracy!

1. Paul E. discouraged his wrestlers from going to WCW because he hated Eric Bishoff and Bill Watts. What he told the wrestlers is he felt totally screwed by them but I think the real reason is he was prepping his wrestlers for WWF!

2. Vince even went so far on the DVD as to say that they put Paul E. on their payroll to pay for all the wrestlers they stole! I think he was on the payroll all the time and I don't think he suffered the loses like the wrestlers did but wanted the wrestlers to believe that he was with them 100%!

3. There were a lot of ECW and WWF cross overs on RAW with the ECW invasions they went on for years! In essence Vince was show casing ECW talent to see who the fans liked and who they didn't to help him decide who he would want!

4. Bubba Dudley stated that "ECW was the minor leagues and the breeding ground for WWE!" How much plainer does it need to be said!

5. Bubba and Al Snow both made reference to how smooth Paul E. was that he was like a cult leader and could brainwash you! It is this that made those wrestlers risk everything because he talked them into believing him!

All these reasons and every other small little hint that has been dropped over the years! I also think that Paul E. has no problem lying to his wrestlers and fans! The reason I say this is because on the DVD he stated that when he was on TNN he never got any promotion for his show! Well, guess what folks that is bullshit! The reason I say this is after ECW the roller derby version of the time "RollerJam" came on which I used to watch as well! They would have commercials all week about there action packed Fridays! While that commercial was on they would promote all 4 shows that were on! If Paul E. felt the need to lie about something so petty what else has he lied about?

Another point I would like to make is supposedly when ECW filled for bankruptcy stating that there total assets were $1,385,500 and they were in debt of $8,881,435. After all things were considered that left them with a debt balance of $7.5 million! Keep in mind people that there wrestlers value counts as an asset! Now the company that was on the records of owning ECW was HHG Corp. I am unable to find any information on them except that they owned ECW! After this happened WWF bought ECW'S assets for the rock bottom price of $250,000 and ECW'S trademarks for $50,000 that expired in July of that year meaning once they expire if they are not renewed in 90 days they become dead trademarks that anyone can buy! So this was very generous of Vince but don't think that he does anything out of the kindness of his little black heart!

With in a week of ECW filing bankruptcy Paul E. was working for WWF replacing Jerry "The King" Lawlor as co announcer! One other point I would like to make Vince bought out and basically closed WCW within a couple of months! There for killing all competition and picking and choosing the wrestlers he wanted!

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At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, and nobody really went on the moon. that was all a lie too.

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At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say, I know I mailed the auther, but i want to make this public cause it just annoys me, i know its only wrestling, but still, how damn stupid can one person be. Lets see, Eastern Championship Wrestling, HHG=Heyman, Heyman, and Gorden. The 2nd heyman is a lawyer out of Scarsdale, NY. I heard somewhere that it is the father of Paul E., and your comment of Franchise and Lynn, proves your dumb. They are a part of TNA, so they cant say anything on the DVD. and if you saw Forever Hardcore, they dont look into the camera too, I guess they are part of this big scheme too?


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