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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Scott D'Amore Interview

I wanted to take a moment to thank Scott for taking the time to do an incrediable interview for us!

1. Why did you decide to go into wrestling and at such a young age?

I just loved wrestling and wanted to do it. Every body kept telling me I
was crazy and I couldn't do it. If there is one thing you can't tell me
that it that I can't do something.

2. Doug Chevalier trained you in 1991. What was the training like for you?

Hard. I was a little too young and maybe not ready to commit the time
and effort to it. I was only 16 years old and I think that is a little too
young. Thank God Doug was a caring and understanding guy. IF I had went to
most places then they would have took my money, rushed me through and got
ride of me. Doug really cared and I will never forget that. I almost had to
fight back tears when Petey Williams told me he names his finisher after
Doug. Petey had only meet him once but still Doug was that important to
everybody around here that Petey names the hottest move in wrestling after
him. I think of Doug everything I see Petey do The Canadian Destroyer.

3. In 1993 you got a brake wrestling with WCW for 3 years until you got kicked out of the States. What do you feel your greatest moment was? Your worst?

I loved getting a chance to work for WCW. I grew up watching it and WWF
and wrestling for both was great. I can't remember a high point in ring wise
but I will always remember getting a chance to hang out with some of my
hero's. Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, they were all still
there. I would say just being there was the high point. I got a rush just
doing what I always dreamed of doing as a kid and getting paid and meet and
getting to know people I looked up to. On a side note one of the high
points of my in ring career was wrestling Kurt Angle at the Joe Louis Arena
in Detroit. I grew going to the Joe to watch WWF shows. Kurt and I went out
there and did a 10-12 minutes dark match before a Sunday Night Heat taping
and it was real fun. Kurt was a class act and we went out there and really
had a good match. He was about to start on TV in a couple of months and
could have mailed one in but instead wanted to go out and put on a show. I
will always owe him for that.

Terry Taylor set the whole deal up and I owe him a lot. Not just that match
but he has done a lot for me over all. He has taught me a lot.
Lots of people told me not to 'do jobs' or be a 'jobber' but I don't regret
it at all. I loved every minute of it. It taught me a lot. It helped make me
what I am today.

4. What do you feel was one of the most important things you took away from
your time with WCW?

Experience. I learned a ton. From Jody Hamilton, Terry Taylor, Pez
Watley, Buddy Lee Parker, Mike Winter and a ton of other people. I was just
a bottom guy. A job guy but sitting, watching, asking questions and
learning. I found people are willing to explain stuff to you if you are
willing ask and listen to them while they talk.

I could have sat there and listened to Jody talk for hours. Come to think of
it I think I did! WWE really picked the right guy to work with on the new
developmental deal in Atlanta. Jody has done it all. It's a shame more of
the young guys out there don't know more about him. He was one of the best
ever heel money promos and he was a smart as hell in the ring and out of it.
He was a well-rounded worker. If guy today could cut promos and build heat
half as well as Jody could the business would be in much better shape.

5. After you tutored under Jody Hamilton at the WCW Power Plant learning booking and other major aspects of wrestling. Did you want to go more into management and bookings apposed to wrestling?

Not at all. I really wanted to be a wrestler and make an impact. I was
happy to learn all I could about all aspects of the business but I was
still a wrestler. Johnny Swinger and I used to joke that someday we would
be somewhere and I would be in the office and he would be one of the top
talents and it kind of happened for a while in TNA. I was booking, and
producing and a lot of other things and he and Simon Diamond were in a main
angle with AMW. It was a lot of fun. WWE has a real talent in Swinger. I
hope they give him a chance to show what he can do.

Simon Diamond, notice I say Simon Diamond not Irish Pat Kenney is a hell of
a talent as well. He is old school and he is good. He is one of the guys I
would gladly wrestle any night of the week. He is safe; he has good heel
presence and is just a heel of a guy. TNA missed the boat on Swinger and
Simon as a team. They were money.

As for being an office guy it just kind of happen. I got hurt and couldn't
train any for a couple of years. I was down in the dumps and Terry Taylor
asked me to go to Vegas with him for a WWA PPV for Andrew McManus. I worked
as an agent for the PPV and loved it. I had always helped promoters book and
helped guys lay out matches and it just seemed like a good fit. I know I
don't have the years of experience that other agents have but I just have
other strengths. I like working with the talent. I don't tell them what to
do. I work with them so they can have the match they want within the context
that the office is looking for.

I owe Disco Inferno for a lot as well. He really went to bat for me with
Andrew to have me work with them overseas on a tour of Europe. I did just
about everything on that tour. I handle media appearances for the talent.
Set up the buses to and from the shows, worked the Go position, handle back
stage interviews for the PPV, helped book the shows, and worked with my
favorite TV producer Michael Vettor. It's a shame Michael is out of
wrestling right now. He has a passion for it and is great at it. He handled
all the ECW PPVs. What an experience!

Disco also really went to bat for me with TNA. Jeff Jarrett was looking to
hire an agent to help him and Jeff told me himself that he brought me in in
part because Disco just wouldn't shut up about me. Disco is somebody that
sometimes you want to slap but he really is a good guy and does love the
business even if he does like angles with aliens in them!

It was a gutsy move by Jeff to hire a 28 year old as an agent. Agents are
supposed to be older wiser ex-wrestlers. Jeff rolled the dice on me and I'd
like to think I rewarded his leap of faith on me. I will never forget Jeff
for doing that. He was real torn over it and was unsure. It was kind of a deal
where a lot of the talent had put in a word for me and told him I would be
an asset but he really worried I was still 'one of the boys'. Konnan, D'Lo
Brown, Disco, and a lot of the guys there at the time were my friends but I
tried hard to never let that get in the way of what was right for business.

6. After WCW you spent some time over seas in Japan, England, and Germany
, which is a big accomplishment. What do you feel you took away from this experience?

You said it experience. Not just wrestling but life. Going around a place where very few people spoke English. Having to learn to function speaking Germany. Simple stuff like going to a restaurant, or the store took on a whole new meaning.
Culture shock. It was unbelievable, hookers on the steps of the police
station, red light districts, and naked pictures in TV Guide. Culture shock.
One thing I will always remember is I had a girlfriend there that spoke no
English. What an experience. Come to think of it I think it was one of my
better relationships! lol

When I am done wrestling and out of the business I can look back and say I
traveled the world and never bought a ticket because of wrestling.
I honestly think wrestling has helped make me a better-rounded person. I
have seen more of the world them most people twice my age and have
experience more them most will in their lifetime. If the day comes where I
have to walk away from wrestling fully I will have a better understanding of
so much because of what I have seen and learned in the wrestling business.

7. You wrestled for ECW for a time. How did you feel your "strait-ahead,
technically sound" wrestling style fit in with ECW?

I really thought it was a good fit. I could brawl and do some highspots.
Hell I was working on indies with Sabu it seemed like every other weekend.
I loved the style. I loved working a little stiff and trying to think up
different ways to do the same old table a chair spots. Most of the matches
I had with ECW were simple ones. Openers with Chilly Willy and Rod Price.
One match I will always remember is wrestling Sabu in Columbus, Oh. We went
on second last and did about 20 minutes. I really felt like I showed what I
could do in that match. It wasn't my best match or even my best match with
Sabu but under a lot of pressure I went out and had fun and I think he had a
hell of a match.

I found out late that afternoon that Sabu and Paul E got in a fight about
the match. Paul E wanted it to be a 4-minute match and Sabu refused. They
were sitting there arguing about it. Paul E wanted a 4-minute match as
Sabu's first TNN match but Sabu wanted to work a main event style match.
Sabu is Sabu and ended up doing what he wanted even if it wasn't best for
his ECW career. I think it was his last ECW match.
I'll just never forget Nova coming to me and say "look at Paul and Sabu
argue. Guess what they are arguing about... YOU!".

That was Sabu. If he cared about you he would fight for you to no end.
That's why so many people in this business love him. I will always be
grateful and honored by how Sabu used to go to bat for me.

8. In 1995 you created "Gross Misconduct" a hockey tag team with your tag
team partner David Clark. I read that you were disappointed that it was
short lived because WWF came out with "The Goon" Bill Irwin. Is that why you
come out with a hockey stick now that you manage Team Canada on TNA or is it
because people associate hockey with Canada?

WWE stoled the gimmick. Well somebody that worked in the office did. I
know who and I know how. I even talked to a lawyer about it. Final decision
was what would I win in a lawsuit. Not much because the Goon deal sucked! I
would have got a small settlement and would have been blackballed from the
WWF/E forever.

I still joke I was not so hot that they stole it , as I was that they really
did a poor job of it after they stole it! It could have been cool and had
an edge but they made it silly. I wanted a heavy drinking, ex hockey player
or players that never had the talent to make the NHL but bounced around the
bus leagues fighting till they realized they could fight in a ring instead
of on a rink. It was a hardcore deal not a cartoon.

Most importantly, how stupid were those skate like boots?
As for the stick deal in TNA. I made a joke in a meeting. All the X division
teams carried flags. Jeff told somebody to go get a flagstick and a Canadian
flag. As a smartass I told Jeff we didn't use flagsticks in Canada we used
hockey stick so just put the flag on a hockey stick!
Do you know how hard it was finding hockey sticks ever week in Nashville?

9. Since we are talking about hockey how do you feel about the NHL season
getting canceled?

I miss it but I don't want it to come back till they straighten things
out. Make it something where it can survive and stop trying to be like the
NBA. Hockey is hockey. We like it that way. It's not a thing that's hot on
National US TV and good. It's not supposed to be. It's a Canadian game that
has grown to be a worldwide sport. If the US was going to embrace it on a
national level it would have after the 1980 Olympic Games.

10. As well as all the other things you do in wrestling you also train at
Boarder City Wrestling School in Winsor. Do you feel that by training your able to give back to wrestling and help shape it's future?

I don't know if I am giving back to wrestling. I hope I am but it's just
a byproduct of helping young guys chase their dream. I am proud of the fact
that I have played a role in helping Rhyno, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams,
Alex Shelley, Alastair "A1" Ralphs achieve their goals of becoming
professional wrestlers. I take great prided in all my students.
Teaching is one of the greatest parts of this business for me. No politics,
no backstabbing, just guys trying to learn and get better and take a shot at
making their deams come true. I hope I can continue to help these kinds of
guys take a shot as making it.

11. You've also been a noseguard and a long snapper for Windsor Lancers CIAU Football for the past few years how did that come about?

I gave up football years ago. I came back to play the '97 and '98
seasons for the Windsor Lancers. I loved it and am so glad I did it but my
playing days are long gone. I do however call the action from the broadcast
booth still to this day!

12. Now that you work for TNA as a Road Agent, Booker, and Manager for Team
Canada. Do you find it hard to make time for training and football?

See above.

13. Do you feel that Team Canada is a more complete working unit now that Johnny D'Vine is back from his injuries?

Well Johnny is out right now with a knee injury but we always have great
Canadian talent ready to fill in till he's back at 100%. Hell a Canadian at
50% is better then most Americans at 100%! lol

14. What should we expect to see from Team Canada in the coming months?

More great in ring action. You tell me a time you watched a Team Canada
match and felt like any member of Team Canada wasn't putting it on the line
in there. Those guys just love performing and are excited to be part of
TNA. I don't think is just by chance that just about every baby face on the
roster has asked to work an angle with Team Canada. All 4 of them are just
that good and the gimmick has great heat.

Some people say they are only over because of the cheap Canada heat. Well if
that was the case what happened to the UN-Americans and all the other
Canadian groups? There is built in heat built these guys bring it in the ring
every night.

15.Is there anything else you would like to add?

Watch TNA every week and order the PPVs. I don't think we have put on a
PPV since we have gone monthly that wasn't a bargain at $30!

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