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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Telling It Like It is...By John Michael Newton

This Time Around: Insults To My Intelligence.

I have pretty much made up my mind. I will keep holding out hope and watch Impact or Raw and see if both shows get better, but if they do not, I am going to walk out or change the freaking channel. Why you ask? Pretty much I am sick of having my intelligence insulted by the drivel that is put out weekly.....on BOTH promotions. Don't get me wrong, I am still a wrestling fan, but as a "smart mark", which makes me pretty much The Devil in some people's eyes (I won't mention names), I would rather spend hours watching my old ECW Library, or tapes of days long gone when The Old WCW and WWE were actually GOOD!!!

First up, WWE. Vince I get your point. I know that you do not care how me, the wrestling fan, feels anymore. Heck you pretty much control wrestling, so we don't really have a choice. It is either put up with your drivel, or change the channel, which is pretty much what I do after 10 minutes of seeing Cripple H out there!!! Speaking of your precious son-in law, Get your stones back on and take back your company. The people are sick of seeing this jackass as champ. The ratings prove it. The house show attendance and the Empty Seats at RAW prove it. Give the fans what they want. They want to see Jericho and Benoit feud for the title. They want to see Randy Orton and Batista become real superstars. They do NOT want to see HBK and Crippled H in every freaking segment...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! At least on Smackdown, they have a long range plan to put Cena over. Cena is a bonafide star that is over HUGE, and when he wins at WM21, things will get rolling on Smackdown. But let's stop seeing RVD and Guerrero buried. Guerrero was arguably the best champ they had in a while. Let's get him back in the picture.

Next on to TNA. Guys, I am not going to say this again. Quit freaking thinking you can go back to 1996 and drag out old storylines and make it work. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!! I swear, I went to the last show and I have never seen an audience so freaking dead!!! Plus I would rather be stabbed in the head with an ice pick than hear Jarrett and DDP blabber on the the mic!!!! Both are mediocre champs who are solid mid-carders at best. Guys, this is NOT WCW. WCW died because of bone-headed booking like this. Quit blaming Vince McMahon for your troubles, because the way things are going, you will only have yourselves to blame!!!! You have dead weight and damaged goods on your roster. You drag long gone storylines from the closet, and expect them to work. Do you think I am a freaking moron??? I swear, how much longer until I have to see Brutus Beefcake and the freaking Honky Tonk Fat Ass!!! QUIT FREAKING INSULTING MY INTELLIGENCE NOW!!!!

Well, that is pretty much my rant for this week.Next time around, It's a look at the Brock Lesnar Saga, and other things that rattle my cage. I am OUT!!!


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