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Friday, March 18, 2005

TNA Impact Review

This weeks TNA Impact taping wasn’t as packed as they normally are but that can be chalked up to the nasty weather we have been having in the Orlando, FL area. But the fans that were there were very excited about being there. That just goes to show how dedicated TNA’S fan base is becoming. They would brave the cold rain to go to support their favorite wrestler!

The first match was a local favorite Jerrelle Clark VS. X-Division Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels! This match started out with Daniels slapping Jerrelle. This match didn’t really last long and it wasn’t a match that really showed the skill that both of these athletes prossess. Daniels won the match by pin fall! At the end of the match “Primetime” Elix Skipper came out and told Daniels not to forget that he knows him!

The Next match was another local favorite Mikey Batts Vs. Kidd Kash with Lance Hoyt. There was a new referee for this match I didn’t catch him name. This raises the question what happened to Mike Posey? Is he gone and replaced or what? Ok Back to the match! Kidd’s 15 years of professional wrestling experience really showed in this match! Of course Mikey was seriously out numbered from the start of this match with Lance at ringside. I’m glad that TNA is showing what a versatile wrestler Kidd is in both singles and tag team action! Kidd did win the match by pin fall.

Next they went on to show a vinyet of some of the trouble going on with 3LK! As they have been showing for a couple weeks Konnan is concerned that BG James has something going on with The Outlaw. Since BG James and The Outlaw were tag team partners several years ago and they have been spending time talking about the good old days! So Konnan said he is going to get to the bottom of this even though BG says nothing is going on! Now I’m sure I’m not the only one that sees the upcoming split of 3LK! BG and The Outlaw were a really good tag team and with X-Pac being in TNA it’s only a matter of time before they all get back together on the same side since they all worked so well together!

The next match was The Naturals and Chris Candido VS. The Redneck tag team (AMW and Dustin Rhodes) in a 6-man tag match! I have to say I’m getting bored with these matches to! Come on your not doing as many 4 man tag team matches so to make up for it your going to do 6-man tag team matches by the truck loads! This match was very predicable! The Naturals and Chris cheated as much as they could and Dustin pulls the other team for the most part. Now I have to say AMW is getting a little better and they managed to win a match that didn’t involve handcuffs but they are still a mediocre tag team and should be mid card at best. The “Redneck” tag team won this one!

Next came an interview, “The Professor” Mike Tenay got in to the ring with one of the most hated wrestlers in TNA Jeff Jarrett! I really don’t think the Jeff gets the respect that someone with as much experience and has grown up in the business should get! As far as I’m concerned Jeff is TNA, he is King of the Mountain! Back to the interview, “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown came out and the crowd started chanting “Sell Out”! Monty said that it wasn’t about selling out it was about money and he didn’t want to hear any more crying about it!

Before they got back to the matches there was another vinyet in Dusty’s office. Dusty with his secretaries Traci and Trinity. Dusty announced that at the next PPV Lockdown there would be 2 cage matches, participants in this match would be announced at a later date!

The next match was Shocker (formally of Team Mexico) Vs. David Young (who has managed to win what 1 match?). This match was short, sweet, and to the point! Young is a loser and Shocker reminded him of that fact!

On to the main event, Lex Lovitte and Buck Quartermain VS. DDP and X-Pac. This match wasn’t what was the most interesting thing about the rest of Impact, because it was obvious that DDP and X-Pac were going to win this match! No one could ever be fooled into thinking that they would pull a win like X-Pac did when he came on to the scene winning his matches in a matter of minutes against seasoned wrestlers in what should have been squash matches!

After the match “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash came out to the ring to congratulate DDP and X-Pac! Then took the mic and called out Dusty telling him that they wanted to meet Jeff Jarrett, The Outlaw, and “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown at Lockdown in one of the cage matches! Now granted I was just complaining about 6-man tag team but this is a little different because it is a cage match and that means blood! Every TNA cage match I have seen has had blood and I really don’t think this one will disappoint us! Though one would have to wonder if any of these wrestlers would turn on their team mates! Dusty said he would give them his decision on next weeks Impact but why would he not want to book this match!

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