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Saturday, March 05, 2005

A TNA Match I Want To See

I was going to write my TNA Impact review today but I think I may save that for tomorrow. I wanted to write about a match that I would love to see and I think would be an incredible breath taking match!

I want to see two huge fan favorites having a go at it! I want to see ex tag team partners "Primetime" Elix Skipper and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels have a match. I think that would be one of the best matches so far on TNA! I think it would be such a good match that it could easily be a title match!

They are both very talented athletes that are just now starting to get the push they deserve. They are really starting to get a taste of the spotlight now that they are no longer tag team partners! They are able to work on there own with such finesse that they really make the crowd goes wild when thier theme music starts!

They are both two of the biggest assets in the X-Division and it shows more and more all the time! None of us will forget anytime soon Elix's amazing walk across the top of the steel cage at Victory Road. That was the beginning of the end of thier tag team but it was the beginning of a great singles run.

I think that either one would make a killer X-Division champion. I really hope that AJ loses the belt to Daniels and then Elix needs to go after him for the belt. Not only would it be a crazy aerial match but it would also be a hell of a brawl!They both have so much ring skills and ability. I think they both could easily put thier friendship behind them to be able to give it thier all in the squared circle!

I also think that a match of this caliber needs to have a referee such as Rudy Charles! He is always fair and unless he gets hurt he is one of the most alert referee's in TNA. I think with him refereeing it could be a clean, fair fight!

So come on TNA show us what they've got!


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