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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Credit: TNA'S Official Site03.16.05 | MIDWEEK


Following Sunday's Destination X Pay-Per-View and Tuesday's Impact taping at Universal Orlando Resort, there are several news items to report. Here is the midweek news report:

- Tolerance for pain...Jeff Hardy and Abyss have it! During their Final Assault match, Abyss dislocated one finger and sliced open another while powerbombing Hardy through a table. With his finger hanging to the side, Abyss grabbed it and immediately popped it back into place. The monster was wearing a splint and bandages on his hand the following day. Then there's Hardy, who after being slammed into the pile of tacks, needed assistance from exiting the arena by referee Rudy Charles. On his way to the medical doctor, Hardy was stopped by a fan who asked to get a photo with him. Not only did Hardy oblige, but then spent another three minutes talking to the youngster - with the tacks still in his bloody back! A few feet later, Hardy was in such discomfort that Sean Waltman began picking the tacks out of his back. Hardy made it to the doctor's table a few minutes later - and his back looked like it had been smashed with a meat tenderizer on Tuesday at the Impact tapings. Backstage footage of Hardy following the match will be included on the future "Destination X" DVD.

- After the Pay-Per-View, cameras were on hand in Jeff Jarrett's locker room to capture the victory celebration with the NWA World Champion, The Outlaw, The Naturals, Chris Candido, Lawyer Daggart and of course, their newfound associate The Alpha Male Monty Brown. The footage will air this Friday on Impact.

- Tiny The Timekeeper, who manned the bell for all of TNA's Wednesday night Pay-Per-Views in Nashville, visited Universal for the Pay-Per-View on Sunday. Everyone in TNA was happy to see Tiny again, and Jeff Jarrett personally asked him to return to the bell that night for the broadcast. Like clockwork, Tiny didn't miss a beat (or ring) during the Pay-Per-View!

- TNA newcomer Shocker will be in action this Friday on Impact, taking on David Young. In addition, we'll hear from The Alpha Male Monty Brown for the first time following his actions on Sunday!

- Savio Vega, Shane and Rey Gonzalez from Puerto Rico's IWA promotion were backstage at
Tuesday's Impact taping in Orlando to meet with TNA management. On April 15,16,17 and 18 (IWA's biggest shows of the year), several TNA superstars will compete during the nightly events, including NWA World heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, America's Most Wanted and Team Canada.

- TNA offices expect to take stock this week of December's Turning Point DVD, available soon
in the merchandise area. The DVD will include exclusive backstage shot footage during the show, including AMW and Triple X receiving medical attention following their bloody brawl inside the Six Sides of Steel.

- TNA's May Pay-Per-View is title "Hard Justice", set for May 15. Expect a press release on the event to follow, as well as some big news and plans for TNA's June three-year anniversary Pay-Per-View event.

- Raven and Terry Taylor recorded special bonus commentary on Tuesday afternoon for the upcoming "Nevermore: Best of Raven" DVD. The bouts including special commentary are Raven vs. Wildcat Chris Harris from May 2004 and Raven vs. AJ Styles for the NWA World Heavyweight Title a month later. For their first time calling a match together, Raven and Taylor did a great job - including a bit of humor (albeit twisted) from both.

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