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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hawk's Nest

Welcome back Hulkster!! I never every thought I would say that. I used to view Hulk Hogan as I view HHH today, a cancer in wrestling. Then I watched him change with the face of wrestling and helped form the nWo. Bischoff can claim it was his idea, but it was Hogan's. After years of watching the business I realize now he truly has a gift for the business. In character and in just knowing what the fans need. Deep down I wanted and knew he would be at WrestleMania in more than a hall of fame role. I stood up and cheered as he beat the crap out of Divari and Hassan. It was like I was a kid again and I was ready to train, say my prayers and eat my vitamins. Usually I rant and rave about everything wrong in the WWE because I truly enjoy the sport and sometimes I just can't figure out what they are thinking about anymore. Most recently letting Matt Hardy go and keeping Lita and Over the Edge. Hopefully though they are going to go with the fans this time. Hell sign him to what ever deal he wants. His legacy has been sold on he forever now. Stone Cold came back and his gimmick looked stale and the fans just seemed like they didn't even care. I don't think anyone missed the Rock this year. But I guess I will end this one by say Hulk Still Rules !!! But hey that just what I think how about you????

Till then fly straight

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