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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hawk's Nest

Now I am not one to say I told you so, but............. We are several weeks into John Cena's WWE title reign and it is less than glorious. They might as well start pumping in the fan cheers over speaker system (why do Goldberg chants keep popping up in my head!) Cena will make a decent champ but don't expect him the be the champ legends are made of. He just isn't a strong enough champ to get the brand back where it was. They have developed some great heels but the "Hero's" are just not up to snuff. Personally I think Booker T should be given a chance to run with belt. I guess the old school in me thinks the "Spinner" WWE title is just a little overboard. They did give Austin the Smoking Skull title and the Rock got the Brahma Bull title, but that was after they had established title runs and had proved themselves. I hope the brand lottery helps Smackdown out because it surely needs it. The addition of Christian, The Hurricane, Chris Masters and Jericho (as a face) could surely shake things up. This could be Jericho's chance to prove he can carry the brand. Give him the ball Vince he won't let you down! Also hiring back Matt Hardy couldn't hurt, it's time to see Version 2.0.
Next champ, next show. It may seem like HHH is setting the "Animal" up for a loss at the next PPV, but nothing could be further from the truth. That won't be enough time to make him look ineffective as a champ. Hunter usually sets them up for 3 or 4 months before getting his belt back. I am sorry folks I know I bash him every chance I get, but this man truly does not care about the business. I will try not rant on him any more THIS COLUMN! Raw seems to be fine talent wise they just need better story lines (they have been improving lately!) For Raw, getting Kenzo, Big Show and Mark Jindrak would not really be that of a deal for the show but may help each of their careers. BigShow could go either way due to the fact he actually seems to be learning his role as the giant figure that doesn't need to be champ just an enforcer. Glad to see Hogan back fighting the forces of evil.
One last thing if I may. I have been friends with Mike for several years and I just have to let you all know he is a great guy. He's just one of those guys you've got to get to know. He very opinionated (forgive him he's from NY) but who isn't on the net these days. The whole purpose of having an opinion column is to express your opinion. Like wise if we are going to express our opinions we must accept not everyone is going to agree with us. Well that's what I think, how about you?

Till then fly straight

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