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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Interview With SCW Owner Chris Carson

I want to take a moment to thank Chris Carson owner of SCW for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this interview.

1. Why did you decide to get involved in pro wrestling?

At the age of 9 years old I was exposed to a Saturday afternoon program, Florida Championship Wrestling. At the time, the pro wrestling business was at a whole different state. I truly believed in the storylines such as seeing the great rivalries of The Sheepherders and Fabulous Ones, Rick Flair, Mike Rotundo, Black Jack Mulligan, Wahoo McDaniel, just to name a few that really caught my attention. During my grade school years, I later met current wrestler Frankie Capone and him and I shared interests to get in the wrestling business once we were old enough. Guess, what here we are!

2. Where your friends and family surprised that you wanted to go into the wrestling business?

Well, not so much my family. My parents as well as my sister knew I really had a strong interest in it as back then it was recognized more like a sport. On the other hand, some of my friends were surprised to find out today that I was able to do something in this crazy business.

3. Were you a big wrestling fan growing up?

I was a huge wrestling fan growing up! Never missed a pay per view, begged my father to travel many miles for house shows as well. Back, then may kids were afraid to admit that they followed wrestling, but when you attended a live event in the nearest city, you would see a lot of familiar faces in the audience.

4. What wrestling promotions were you involved in prior to becoming owner of SCW?

Well, it all started in 1994, I was taken under the wing of John Isaacs who ran United World Wrestling based out of Eustis, FL. It was a great experience as I had the pleasure of working with great wrestling legends Greg Valentine, Ivan Koloff, Japanese legend Hayabusa, Dick Slater as well as truly learn the ropes and pay the dues that is necessary to get a true understanding of foundation of running and owning a wrestling company.
After, John left the company. I resumed my wrestling promoting career in partnership under Continental Championship Wrestling based out of Jacksonville, FL. After a few years of CCW and great memories to go along, Southern Championship Wrestling was born in October of 98 in Sanford, FL.

5. What are the various day to day duties that you have to perform as owner of a wrestling promotion?

Well, trying to stay on top of everything gets more difficult each day. With rising expectations of the wrestling audience. I try to do as much as one can as well as keep the team communicating with one another. SCW has a GREAT team, comprising of Ari Goldstein, Michael Cade, MSL, Ox, Eric Fishman, the great Security Team just to name a few! The last 6 months, I have turned over the reigns to Ari Goldstein, as he is truly learning what it takes to satisfy demands of everyone, just can't do it but we love trying. I, on the other focus on special areas, such as new markets and keeping the relations of our sponsors and of course the fans at a consistent and positive level.

6. You are also senior referee for NRW. How did that come about?

I am a good friend of Mr. Rico Casanova. As NRW were in the developmental stages, Rico asked me be part of team and the rest became history. In my earlier years of SCW, I would often fill in on shows for a few promotions such as Daytona and Lake City/Live Oak. The promoters seem to like my skills as a referee, which I enjoy doing. Calling a match and working with tomorrow's wrestling stars is rather an great role to have with any organization.

7. On Sunday April 17,2005 you refereed several NRW matches and you seemed to be bias. Was that the case?

On April 17th's NRW event, I admit things seemed a little overly suspicious but I am a man of great integrity. I would never play games while being in such important position on any event. It was a bad day for me, after being accidentally swiped by newcomer Rip Malibu, things seemed be a little blurry. My eye sight has indeed improved since visiting an eye doctor.

8. What kind of advise would you have for some wanting to go into the wrestling business?

Advice from me, expect to pay your dues in this business. I often tell the young guys, you can have a long wrestling career if you use your brain. Stay out of the locker room chatter and try to avoid the politics that go on in every locker room. Always give your best and try the philsophy of helping getting the show over first and then worry about yourself. A good promoter will always take care of you, but he needs a strong team that understands the concept about getting the show over! Not enough of that out there!

9. In your opinion what do you think the hardest part of owning your own wrestling promotion is?

Finding the time to cover all your bases: promoting, finding sponsors, booking appropriate talent, finding the venues and of course paying the bills! That is a tremendous amount of reasonability for anyone not everyone can be a owner In fact, I have witnessed more one night promoters then any consistency of one. What I am saying, there is a big difference being a promoter to being an owner.

10. In your opinion what do you think indy promotions could do to promote more?

Well, thinking outside the box for example. Find the market and exploit it. If you are in a Latin demographic, book Latin wrestlers and advertise in the appropriate publications. Other areas, always take the extra time to plan your steps ahead, deadlines as timing is everything!

11. What do you think is the biggest mistake that some promotions make?

Over book shows! Back in the day, we ran with 6 matches. The quality and expectations were the same then, one simple rule if you give quality it is best in a smaller dose than a larger dose of nonsense. Live and die by being a professional, there is not enough professionalism out there. Each company has to cut corners some where, but I feel it is best to cut corners where it is not visible to your paying customers, the audience. If Vince does it, it might work!

12. You've wrestled 5 matches in your wrestling career. Would you like to tell us about your best match?

Best match, was a tag team match where I tagged with an Attorney named Jeff Dean aka Mr. Money to take on a Police Officer from Sanford and a female School Teacher from a Sanford School. It was December of 98. Going into the show, I trained with Jeff as well as had workouts with other wrestling talents which prepared for what I thought was hard hitting and entertaining match. Entertainment was the name of the game for The Agent, Chris Carson. At the end, I was put away by the female school teacher which was the beginning of what was D.T.W. (Don't Trust Women).

13. What was your worst match?

Worst match was months later against, another woman named Scarlett Fever. Scarlett was in fact the first female football player in Seminole County history. She certainly was not as good as in football as she was in the ring. She beat the piss out of me for real as well as nearly speared me out of the ring, which was quite embarrassing. Anyways...DTW again.

14. You have never won a match you have wrestled and one was against Molly Holly. How did you feel about getting beat by a woman?

REAL FUNNY! Well, that night I thought I had that opponent taken care of with my finisher, Russian Leg Sweep. Never dated a Russian lady but man the move was always over with me! Anyways, back to losing to Molly...She was unbelievable in the ring. Molly made me look like a million dollars, which is very difficult to do. Molly such as class act, that she praised our match and time in the ring and therefore Miss. Holly will always have a large amount of respect from I.

15. Is there anything you would like to add?

Well, it has been quite the journey but I surely do appreciate your consideration and of course this opportunity to share my wrestling past. Each day, there is something to be learned, and of course please continue supporting the true foundation of PRO WRESTLING, visit the Indies! Oh, one last thing, please visit Southern Championship Wrestling at:

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