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Monday, April 11, 2005

Josh Rich Interview

Hi. Josh I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. For those of you that are not familiar with Josh Rich he is a Florida indy wrestler.

1.When did you decide to go into wrestling?

I can't remember the exact day, but I'm pretty sure the year was
1997. I was watching a Nitro (I didn't watch Raw at the time as there
were no Nitro Girls) and remember seeing some of the cruiserweights
and saying,"Hey, they're not much bigger than me. Wrestling is
awesome. I'm unna wrestle." Now I wrestle.

2.Was there a certain wrestler that really inspired you?

There were a lot of wrestlers that inspired me, anywhere from Hulk
Hogan when I was a little kid to Chris Jericho when I rediscovered
wrestling in 1996. The one wrestler that put me over the edge and made
me realize wrestling is something the smaller guy can get into now is
Jet Jaguar (former IPW competitor). I read an article about him that
said he was going to college for marketing, was my size, and decide to
go to wrestling school to stay in shape and have some fun. He then
went on to a great deal of success, wrestling all over, including for

3. Where did you go for your training?

I went to Earthquake John Tenta's School of Pro Wrestling. It's not
around anymore, but I got lucky when it opened. I was all set to
either move to Tampa or Texas to attend Malenko's school (which is now
defunct as well) or Shawn Michael's School (gone in the wind as well).

4.What promotions have you wrestled for?

I've wrestled for SCW, NWA-FL, NNW, FSPW, NSW, MFW, NWA-SCW, SPW,
NBWA, and others that I'm sure I've forgotten about (or maybe not).

5.Do you hold any titles?

I hold no titles at the moment aside from the World Bunny Rabbit
Championship, all comers welcome.

6.What other aspects of wrestling have you worked in?

I've been a referee (greatest MLW ref ever), a manager (kind of,
I've gone out to the ring with other people), and also been in the
video production side as well.

7.In your opinion what is the best aspect of wrestling?

I think the best aspect of wrestling is the fan interaction,
whether it be while you're in the ring or when you meet them out and
about. I like feeling important because I have a humongous ego, so
having someone ask me for an autograph then being able to turn them
down makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.

8.In your opinion what do you think that Indy promotions could do to draw in
a bigger audience?

I think the biggest thing that could help indy promotions draw
better is to be more professional. Too many of these rinky dink
promotions don't do the simple thing of having everything laid out
well, a clean environment, security making sure things are going
smooth, or even a nice ring that's not falling apart. I know that
turns fans off from returning to shows sometimes, so I know that would
definitely help.

9.What is your future plans for your wrestling career?

My future plan is to continue improving and building a bigger fan
base. 2004 was sort of a breakout year for me as I worked more and for
more places than ever before and had a lot of fans know who I was
before I even wrestled in that area.

10. Would you like to add anything?

Yes, 2+2=4. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a god damned liar.
If you want to see me wrestle (and I know you do), check out,, or pray to your god that I'll be
visiting a town near you.

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