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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Lethal Lockdown Review

Sunday nights TNA PPV Lockdown was packed to the rafters with screaming TNA fans. All just waiting for this historic PPV to start. Now I do have to say it was a good PPV but even though all cage matches seemed like a good idea at first in my opinion it wasn't. The reason I say this is after a while of watching the matches your vision starts to get thrown off by the cages. Other wise it was really cool. Now on to my review.

The pre show started with a 3 way tag team match with David Young and Lex Lovette VS. 3LK (Konnan and "The Truth" Ron Killings) VS. The Naturals with Chris Candido. This match started out in favorer of 3LK. Konnan was working on David Young than took off his shoe and hit Young with it. Buck Quartermain came out to help out his friends and to take a chair to their opponents, but he ended up costing them the match! 3LK came out victorious.

The rest of the pre show was Vinyets and watching the TNA ring crew set up the cage! The first vinyet was "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels talking about how he was going to beat "Primtime" Elix Skipper. The next one was Shane Douglas and Jeremy Borash talking about the PPV. The last one was Team Canada beating AMW with straps in the backstage area.

Now on to the PPV.

The first match of the night was Lance Hoyt and Chris Candido VS. Apolo and Sonny Siaki. This match started with Lance and Apolo going at it. They were really having a good match but the next thing we know is that Chris Candido is getting carried out of the ringside. From what the rumors were last night he broke his ankle.

I missed what happened to cause this. Lance held his own very well in the match but two on one ended up to be to much for him to handle. Apolo and Sonny were the winners of the match. After the match was over The Naturals came out and started to go to work on an already exhausted Hoyt.

Next they showed another vinyet of Dusty Rhoades with Traci and Trinity. Making the announcement that the Tag Team Title match between AMW and Team Canada a strap match. He also made the announcement that in the leathal lockdown match Jeff Jarrett will be the first one to the ring and the second man in the ring would be Sean Waltman.

There was an interview after the vinyet with Shane Douglas talking to Dustin Rhoades about his match with Bobby Roode. Next thing you know Scott D'Amore and Bobby Roode came out to tell him how great they are.

Match 2 of the night was the Prince of Darkness match with Dustin Rhoades VS. Bobby Roode with Scott D'Amore and Alistar. This match started out with Dustin totally dominating the match until Dustin went for a failed bulldog. Bobby took control until he tried to do a fail sleeper hold. Dustin and Bobby went up stairs when Dustin was able to bulldog him off the top rope. Starting the Prince of Darkness part of the match.

Senior Referee Rudy Charles put black hoods over each of their heads. At this point it took them several minutes to find each other but they both ended up knocking poor Rudy out instead of each other. At this point Scott threw a chair in to the ring and just missed hitting Dustin in the head. Scott entered the to help Bobby but Bobby ended up hitting Scott with the chair. Cassidy came down to the ring side to help Dustin by yelling directions at him. Dustin hit Bobby with a chair and won the match by pin fall.

Next was an interview with Shane Douglas and "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Daniels talking about how he was going to beat Elix then Elix came out. They started arguing.

The 3rd match of the night was the X-Division Escape match. Which this match had a surprise when Michael Shane came out to the ring he was with Trinity! The other wrestlers in the match were Sonjay Dutt, Shocker, and Chris Sabin. This was hands down one of the best matches of the night. All of the wrestlers involved are amazing athletes. The match started with Sabin and Sonjay.

I would love to see these 2 in a match with out any other wrestlers or interference. Sonjay was the first to get eliminated by Shocker. Trinity started to climb the cage when Traci came running down to ring side to stop her. Trinity kicked Traci off the cage causing her to go down hard. Trinity than did a back flip off the top of the cage hitting all 3 wrestlers in the ring.

Traci tried to come in the door of the cage when Shane pushed her out of the cage causing her to hit her head hard on the concrete. At this point Sabin eliminated Shane. Now it became the escape part of the match the first one to the floor wins the match. This was neck and neck with Sabin and Shocker. They were both on the outside of the cage hitting each other but Shocker fell of a second before Sabin winning the match. Sabin and Traci left the ringside together.

The 4th match of the night was the table match with Raven and Jeff Hardy also brought chairs to the ring. Raven was the first one to have bloody forehead. Hardy did go up to the top of the cage missing doing a swanton on Raven and went through a table. Hardy went over the top of the cage while Raven was down but Raven opened the cage door and Hardy went down hard on the cage door.

Hardy went over the top and missed Raven again. At this point Raven is covered in blood. Referee Andrew Thomas helps Raven stack 3 tables. Both Raven and Hardy went up on to the top rope but Hardy knocked Raven on top of the tables and went to the top of the cage swantoning on to Raven winning the match but not braking all the tables because he bounced off of one. Those darn tables.

Match 5 of the night was the tag team title strap match. Featuring AMW and Team Canada's Petey Williams and Eric Young with Alistar. The match started before Chris Harris got into the ring because Alistar attacked him and kept him out of the ring for over half the match. In the mean time James Storm is in the ring getting double teamed and bleeding. While Alistar continues to beat up Chris outside of the ring. At this point Petey took down the American flag and started to choke James.

Team Canada started to beat James with a strap severally. Chris finally gets in the ring and starts to dominate the match for a while. Until Petey gets James in a submission move and Eric came off the top rope while Chris is knocked out. Chris gets up and spears Petey. While James Kicks Eric in the head. At this point Petey gets up and Alistar gives him some white powder. James kicks the powder into Petey's face blinding him causing Petey to finish Eric causing AMW to get the win.

Next they showed a vinyet about the awesome team XXX was.

Match 6 of the night was "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels VS. "Primetime" Elix Skipper for the X-Division Title. I was very disappointed in this match to say the least. I expected such a great match but it wasn't half the match I thought it could be. The best part of the match was when Daniels went to the top of the cage and Elix knocked him down on the cage causing Daniels to fall to the mat. Elix flew off the top of the cage. But this move wasn't good enough for Elix to win the match. Daniels still managed to walk a way a winner.

Next was a vinyet with Dusty stating that the 3rd person in the Leathal Lockdown match would be The Outlaw. He was also looking for Traci and Trinity.

Match 7 of the night was the Leathal Lockdown match. For some reason Sean Waltman came to the ring first and second was Jeff Jarrett. Both wrestlers came to ring side with trash cans and other weapons.

Waltman did attack Jarrett before he got to ring side and started to beat the hell out of each other for 5 minutes until the 3rd wrestle came to the ring side The Outlaw. Of course at this point they started double teaming Waltman for the next 5 minutes. The next man to the ring was DDP with a ken do stick.

DDP started beating the hell out of everyone with the ken do stick. The next wrestler in was "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown with a black baseball bat. The Outlaw is bleeding heavily. The Next wrestler to come out ended up being a replacement for Kevin Nash who ended up not being able to wrestle after all. His replacement was BG James of 3LK.

BG was working for the side he was supposed to but there was some serious communication going on between him and The Outlaw. BG hit Rudy Charles with a tray knocking him out. While Monty pounced Waltman and than BG. Then Monty pounced BG and DDP at the same time. Waltman managed to pin Monty for the win.

The Main Even of the evening was for the number 1 contender spot. With AJ Styles Vs. Abyss. The match started with AJ flying out of the ring at Abyss. Fighting outside the ring and in the crowd. At one point AJ jumped in the pit and back out at Abyss. This match really made the fans part of the match. AJ started bleeding and Abyss got him in a blackhole slam.

Abyss broke out the tacks and AJ got out of a slam just avoiding landing in the tacks. AJ got Abyss tacked through the stomach, legs, and ect. Aj went to the top of the cage when Abyss throw Andrew Thomas in to the side of the cage almost making AJ fall off the top but he managed to hang on by one arm. Abyss got his chain and wrapped it around AJ's neck and started to choke him. Abyss took the chain from around AJ's neck AJ got back in the ring knocking Abyss back into the tacks getting the pin fall for the win.

All in all the matches where descent but 8 cage matches at one time are way to much on your eyes. But if they want to do a PPV like this again they might want to consider electrifying the cage just a little not enough to kill just enough to give them a little shock.

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