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Saturday, April 16, 2005

New ROH Videos




2/26/05, Chicago Ridge, IL, "Third Anniversary Celebration: Part 3"- Ring Of Honor concluded its "Third Anniversary Celebration Week" with a huge show in the Chicago area featuring great matches from top to bottom. You'll see the biggest title defense of Austin Aries' World Title reign as he tries to prove his title win wasn't a fluke against former champion Samoa Joe in a hard-hitting battle. Plus: Jimmy Rave crosses the line in his bout vs. CM Punk; the Heenan vs. Cornette war erupts again as Bobby "The Brain" Heenan leads his team of Colt Cabana & Nigel McGuinness vs. Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer with Jim Cornette; Bryan Danielson vs. Homicide in the wildest falls count anywhere match ever; Alex Shelley vs. Jack Evans in Evans best singles match ever in ROH plus quality matches like James Gibson vs. Puma, Spanky vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Matt Sydal vs. Fast Eddie. This is a must for any ROH fan!!!


Now in stock are both ROH events from March 2005 featuring Trios Tournament 2005 from Philadelphia, PA on 3/5 and Back To Basics from 3/12.

3/5/05, Philadelphia, PA, "Trios Tournament 2005"- After all the tag wars of 2004, ROH finally held a one night tournament to determine who is the best faction. You'll see eight teams compete in six man tag team action that provided a fast-paced, exciting night of great wrestling. You'll see the following teams fight it out to determine who is the best: Generation Next of Austin Aries, Roderick Strong & Jack Evans; The Rottweilers of Homicide, Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero; Steve Corino, CM Punk & Colt Cabana; Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson & Vordell Walker; The Embassy of Jimmy Rave, Oman Turtuga & Weapon Of Mask Destruction #3; Dunn, Marcos & El Generico; The ROH Wrestling School First Graduating Class and the indy dream team of Spanky, James Gibson & Nigel McGuinness. Plus you'll also witness Jay Lethal's huge title victory over John Walters and Six Man Mayhem featuring B-Boy vs. Kevin Steen vs. Izzy vs. Deranged vs. Dixie vs. Arieal!!!

3/12/05, Woodbrige, CT, "Back To Basics"- ROH returned to its roots and presented just the best wrestling in its New Haven market debut. You'll see quality matches from top to bottom including a great tag team main event pitting Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal vs. CM Punk & Spanky!!! Plus: James Gibson steals the show again vs. Rocky Romero; Dan Maff in his last ROH match & BJ Whitmer defend the Tag Titles vs. Nigel McGuinness & Colt Cabana; Lacey vs. Daizee Haze vs. Allison Danger vs. Cindy Rogers; Homicide vs. Roderick Strong; Izzy & Deranged vs. Azrieal & Dixie with the winner's getting the Special K name; Spanky vs. Jack Evans in an exciting match plus more including a look at the history of Special K!!!


The first Straight Shootin' With Jim Cornette & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan was so good, so entertaining and so informative that we had to get these managerial legends to sit down again and share more of their stories, thoughts and revelations. The second edition of Straight Shootin' With Jim Cornette & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan picks up where the first one left off with more incredible antidotes, philosophies and tales from the road.

Just like the first one, this isn't your typical shoot interview. Instead it is like sitting in on a candid discussion with these two hall of famers. The questions are few and far in between as Heenan and Cornette take you on a journey throughout their careers talking about all the legendary names they've encountered. They are both an open book when talking about all the ups and downs of their careers.

You'll hear about the classic territories, the legendary names and some of the most colorful characters in wrestling history. These are the stories that can only be told by two old school legends like Cornette and Heenan.

As always Heenan and Cornette will have you laughing as they crack jokes and tell stories in their own unique way. You'll hear it all from traveling with Vince McMahon to working with all the top stars in the industry. If you enjoyed the first Straight Shootin' with these two managerial icons, this one is a can't miss. Wrestling history is preserved right here with the second edition of the Straight Shootin' Series with Jim Cornette and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.


Don't blink or you will miss something when Jack Evans takes on the best ROH has to offer on this special "Best Of" DVD. You'll see the most incredible high-flyer going today in some of his toughest matches as he dazzles with his innovative, athletic, one-of-a-kind ability. This is a must for fans of aerial combat as there is no telling what Evans will do next!!!
1. Clips of Jack Evans from the first ever Scramble Cage Match
2. Jack Evans vs. The Amazing Red vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Jimmy Rave vs. vs. Teddy Hart (Six Man Mayhem)...At Our Best 3/13/04
3. Jack Evans vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Masada vs. Danny Daniels vs. (Six Man Mayhem)...ROH Reborn Stage 1 4/23/04
4. Jack Evans & Matt Sydal vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Alex Shelley vs. The Carnage Crew vs. Dunn & Marcos (Tag Team Scramble Match)...ROH Reborn Stage 2 4/24/04
5. Jack Evans, Roderick Strong, & Austin Aries vs. Special K...Generation Next 5/22/04
6. Jack Evans vs. Bryan Danielson...Survival of the Fittest 6/24/04
7. Jack Evans & Roderick Strong vs. Izzy & Dixie...ROH Reborn Completion 7/17/04
8. Jack Evans vs. Trent Acid vs. Loc vs. Devito vs. Dan Maff vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Oman Turtuga vs. Diablo Santiago vs. Fast Eddie vs. Alter Boy Luke vs. Dunn vs. Marcos (Scramble Cage)...Scramble Cage Melee 8/28/04
9. Jack Evans vs. Izzy vs. Trent Acid vs. vs. Fast Eddie (Four Corner Survival)...Weekend of Thunder Night 2 11/6/04
10. Jack Evans & Roderick Strong vs. Homicide & Rocky Romero...Joe vs. Punk II 10/16/04


Now available are some new shirts from New Japan & All Japan. The following are now in stock:

New Japan:
RAD C.T.U. T-Shirt (L & XL)
Hiroyoshi Tenzan T-Shirt (L & XL)
Tiger Mask Yellow T-Shirt (Large Only)

All Japan:
Abdullah the Butcher "Greatness" T-Shirt (L & XL)
Keiji Muto "Man Of Love" T-Shirt (L & XL)
Toshiaki Kawada "Kick Your Face" T-Shirt (L & XL)
Satoshi Kojima "Become Cozy" T-Shirt (L & XL)

You can view all of these designs in the "New Release" section of the website.


CCW...Midnights Six Man Mayhem - Lenoir, NC 12/4/04 Double DVD-R
1. Jason Jones vs. Jason King
2. Thunderfoot #2 vs. Michael Yamaha
3. Gary Royal vs. Bobby Fulton
4. Big Country vs. Lodi vs. Johnny Blaze
5. Sherri Martel & Jenny Taylor vs. Krissy Vaine & Amber Holly
6. Kamala vs. Madd Maxx
7. The Rock N Roll Express & Dusty Rhodes vs. The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey, Bobby Eaton, & Stan Lane) with Nikita Koloff as referee
8. David Flair vs. George South Sr.

CCW...Midnight Cage Match- Lenoir, NC 1/8/05 Double DVD-R
1. Chavo Guerrero Sr. vs. Shane Austin
2. Thunderfoot I & II vs. Mike Lee & George South Jr.
3. Bobby Fulton vs. Gary Royal
4. Amber O'Neal vs. Siren
5. Kamala - Jimmy Valiant brawl
6. CAGE MATCH: Rock 'n' Roll Express (Morton & Gibson) vs. Midnight Express (Condrey & Eaton)
7. Brad Armstrong vs. George South
8. Dusty Rhodes vs. Tully Blanchard

CCW...Tully vs. Dusty Bunkhouse Match- Lenoir, NC 2/12/05 Double DVD-R
1. Brad Attitude vs. Filthy McNasty
2. Amber O'Neal vs. Krissy Vaine
3. Johnny Blaze vs. Ric Converse
4. Tom Pritchard vs. Bob Armstrong
5. Brad Armstrong vs. George South
6. Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton vs. Total Protection (Mr. Hughes & The Barbarian)
7. Bunkhouse Match w/Special Referee Ronnie Garvin: Tully Blanchard vs. Dusty Rhodes

-OVW TV March 2005
-Revolution Pro: Above and Beyond DVD
-AWS: Best of AWS Vol. 1 DVD
-Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol. 4 DVD
-Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol. 5 DVD
-Classic St. Louis Wrestling Vol. 6 DVD
-Great Muta Devil Figure
-3PW: Right to Remain Violent DVD (Sabu vs. Al Snow, Raven vs. Sandman)
-Desperados del Ring Vol. 1 DVD
-Desperados del Ring Vol. 2 DVD
-Desperados del Ring Vol. 3 DVD

You can find complete match listings for all of the titles above in the "New Release" section of the site.

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