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Sunday, April 17, 2005

NRW Review

Ah Let me tell you all something as much as I am a fan of TNA there is just something special about going to an indy show.

No matter how crowded the show is you really get that up close and personal feeling that some how gets lost in the larger promotions. Indy wrestlers really put their heart and soul in to every match to ensure that you will keep coming back again and again.

Like tonight I went to see NRW. I had a great time and I was not disappointed. As always with NRW. I went home feeling satisfied that my money was well spent. If you haven't been to a NRW show you are truly missing out on a great time!

Now on to the show.

Ox came out to start the show and to do the announcing. When Barney Rumble came out with a chair and preceded to tell Ox that he wasn't leaving that ring until he got a match. He couldn't believe that he was not included in the show the great athlete that he is.

Ox tried to explain to him that he had no control over the bookings but Barney is thick headed and didn't want to listen. Ox called for security to come to remove Barney from the ring so that they could start the show.

Security guard Stormy came out to remove Barney. They had a brief scuffle in the ring. At this point Barney gets pissed and tells Stormy that he is going to take him on any time any where. When Lee Douglas came out to ring side to tell them that this match is not going to happen tonight but they will face each other on May 20th at their next show in Edgewater,FL at the VFW 2093! They both agreed and it was time to start the first match.

Senior Referee Chris Carson came out to ring side to get ready for the first match BoneZ the Cutthroat Vs. Rip Malibu. This match started out with BoneZ dominating the match but as with all matches your luck can change in a blink of an eye. It really started to look like Rip was going to win the match but referee Chris Carson claimed to have gotten something in his eye and didn't do the count so BoneZ was able to pull a fast on for the win.

The second match was SFX VS. Flatline. I was really looking forward to this match. This was SFX'S premier match on the Florida indy scene. SFX in my opinion dominated most of the match. He has very impressive maneuvers that just had the crowd chanting his name. Such as at one point he did a standing back corkscrew cross body press that was very impressive. Flatline did get lucky this time and won the match but I don't think that will happen next time these two meet! I can't wait to see what else SFX has in store for us in the future.

The next match was another match I was really looking forward to it was the cruiserweight title match. Current NRW Cruiserweight champion Indy Sensation Chasyn Rance with Mister Saint Laurent VS. Sedrick Strong. This match started out very technical match. Just going to show what an incredible athlete Chasyn is. Now some people may accuse MSL of interfering in the match but I don't think that was so I think that Sedrick was just picking on him. Sedrick did hit MSL knocking him off the ring and causing him to break his glasses at this point Chasyn took advantage of the opportunity to win the match. Retaining his title.

Flatline came out to the ring with his translator to talk about how Chasyn wasn't all that and he wanted a title shot. MSL told Flatline that he didn't have it. Chasyn took the mic and told SFX at was standing on the sidelines that he was good. But he would except Flatline's challenge because he wasn't worried. Lee came out and told them they would meet on May 20th.

The next match was a hard core match with The MFW Hardcore Champion Nightstalker VS. The Destroyer. This match started off with a bang literally Nightstalker hit The Destroyer with a trash can. This was a back and forth brawl with Nightstalker getting his forehead busted open which is to be expected in a hardcore match. The Destroyer won the match but Nightstalker challenged him to a ladder match on May 20th. The Destroyer excepted the challenge.

The following match was a special last man standing match where the audience did the ten count. This was also a title match both wrestlers have a title that was on the line. NWA Mid Florida Champion A Man Named Rouge Vs. NWA Florida Jr Heavyweight Champion Tommy Marr. This match was brutal both men wanted to keep their belt and gain the other title as well. There was trash cans and tables involved. Tommy Marr did end up winning this match but I think that Rouge was cheated out of his title.

The following match was very quick to say the least. Apolo VS. Mister Saint Laurent. I think this match lasted about one minute. Apolo went in planing to win and that was just what he did. MSL didn't know what hit him. He left the ring and went the wrong way back to the locker room when Apolo went back in to the locker room he dragged MSL out and put him threw a table. Chasyn and several other people had to drag MSL back to the locker room.

The next match was the Tag Team Title match. Raging Suicide (Havoc) Vs. Axis and Python. Axis came out not with Python but with Kahagas. Axis went on to explain that Python had separated his bicep and wouldn't be able to wrestle for the next six months. This is a shame since their tag team is such strong force. I hope Python has a speedy recovery and comes back to the ring as soon as he is able to. Back to the match. This was an all out fight. it did end in a double disqualification do to Kahagas's temper.

Lee came out and announced since Python is injured they would be striped of their belts because they are unable to defend them. On May 20th there will be a tournament for the championship.

The main event was Bruce Steele (who came out dancing) Vs. Chainsaw Kreuger for the NRW Heavyweight Championship. Chainsaw started out strong but Bruce started to go to work on knee. Bruce was not about to lose his title if he could help it. Bruce got Chainsaw down for a pin when Senior Referee Chris Carson came out and started talking to the referee in the ring causing Chainsaw to get the best of Bruce getting the pin fall and winning the title.

Apolo came out to challenge Chainsaw to a title match on May 20th. Chainsaw excepted.

The way things are shaping up NRW'S May 20th show is going to be one hell of a show and I hope to see you all there cheering on your favorite indy wrestler!

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