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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Special Telling It Like It Is....By this site's New Public Enemy Number One!!!

Well, all comments made in my last column aside which I heard infuriated all 4 of my readers, Here are my thoughts on this year's edition of the Grandaddy Of Them All....Wrestlemania. Before I go into any of the matches, I will say this. Vince, this is a chance to do a really classy thing. Before the start, toll the bell 10 times for Pope John Paul II. I am serious on this.

I am not going to go match by match, but I will gibe some thoughts. First, I accused TNA once of trying to dwell on the past, but WWE is trying to do the same thing. Piper's pit on Wrestlemania. We all know how that will end. Austin comes out, says a few words, stuns Piper, and then drinks beer and walk out. GOD I should become a clairvoyant!!!

Angle-Michaels should be a good match, and a good lead-in to Angle's upcoming move to Raw. Of course, we will be seeing Angle-HHH title matches if that happens..hopefully not....But only time will tell.

The Money In the Bag Match: This should hands-down be the match of the night. Everyone and their mother sees Jericho winning this match. But still, there is enough raw talent in this thing to make it exciting. Edge had better pull his head out of his ass and deliver a great performance, or else it is an eternity in Vince's doghouse for him!!!

JBL-Cena. Of course, JBL will put Cena over, then the question marks begin.....Will Cena Draw? Will an Orton-Cena feud work? What happens to JBL.....Another title run in the future, or midcard for life status again?? About 2 months ago, I had said Cena would be HUGE, but the buildup to this main event has been less than impressive, but then again, so was the buildup to Austin-HBK at WM14, and look what happened to Austin. Only time will tell.

Orton-UT. I do not see this as being one of UT's more memorable moments at Mania. Look for Taker to win and Orton go to Smackdown.

Cripple H-Batista. Batista has assumed this role better than I thought. But I do not think he is ready to be over as a World Champ, that leads to a very possible conclusion......Jericho cashes in his world title shot right after the match and wins the belt. Then the stage is set for a Jericho-Benoit feud!!! Which of course, would be the smart play!!! Chris Jericho is a worthy titleholder, and it is time to have a REAL title run!!!!

Well that is it for now, gotta run. Hope everyone enjoys Wrestlemania. Next time Around, Losing patience with TNA, expecting to see Brock Lesnar on a Milk Carton soon, and other things. I am out!!!!

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