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Friday, April 01, 2005

Telling it Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton

"This article was written by Mike Newton and is a rebuttal to my hugely popular and widely discussed article on Paul Heyman, ECW, and WWE.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of Mike Newton, and are his alone. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself, Pro Wrestling Impact, or any other writers on this blog.

This Week: Smart Marks are here to stay......GET USED TO IT!!!!

I was online the other day, and I saw an article about Paul Heyman. Now I know how some people I know feel about him, but I am going to put it all on the line. Paul Heyman is a dunce in Business Finance, but he is without a doubt, one of the best wrestling minds in recent history. And the idea of Heyman being a WWE Stooge in the ECW days may be a little far off. But let's get to the facts of this man's genius:

In 1996, Matt Hyson, a 5'5", 165 lb former teacher, joined ECW. Until then, people that size were only good for getting squashed. But Heyman turned this kid into a star. By the way, he turned out to be Spike Dudley, Wrestling's Giant Killer and grew to be a WWE Superstar!!!

In 1995, Terry Funk was just another over-the-hill former NWA Champion. Heyman made this guy matter again, creating the storylines for one of the greatest feuds of the past 2 decades, Funk vs. Foley, of course back when Foley was worth a damn. Then in 1997, Heyman made funk something no one thought a 53 year old wrestler could EVER be...a viable world champion!!!!!!

In 1994, Heyman took John Watson, a 19 year old kid who had been working as a roadie for the company, made him a wrestler. First he put him in squash matches, but the crowds loved this kid. Then in 1994, he won the ECW TV title, and this kid overnight became one of the greatest stories of the last 10 years. Oh by the way, I am talking about Mikey Whipwreck.

Taz Vs. Sabu, The Dudley Boys, Need I say more? Plain and simple, Paul Heyman is a creative GENIUS. No one did more with less than Heyman did. His only mistake was not being able to get a major TV deal. And as for hating Eric Bischoff and Bill Watts, who doesn't? Those are two of the biggest SCUMBAGS to ever contaminate the industry.

To a select few people, and you know who you are, You hate Heyman for one reason and one reason only, because he made wrestling for people like me...Yep ,those cursed Smart Marks.

Bottom line is, Those die-hard believers who will watch every boring Jeff Jarrett promo, along with a few other people in the stands, you know who you are, pretty much hate people like me deep down. You cling to the old "wrestling is really real" mantra. I hope I am not offending Ron in any way, but he is not stupid and knows my train of thought. I want a wrestling show that DOES NOT insult my intelligence. Heyman delivered. I want a wrestling show that is not a played out good guy-bad guy cliché, and I CERTAINLY do not want someone telling me who to boo and cheer. I got a sneer from a certain someone for cheering a heel...News flash I can cheer whoever the hell I want. You don't like it tough!!! Finally, I want a show that actually requires some intelligence to follow, and Heyman CERTAINLY delivered on that. By using the Internet, Heyman brought us into the fray. So the bottom line is this. We are the Smart Marks. We cannot be stopped, and we are here to stay!!!!!
Say what you want, but TNA made a HUGE mistake by not trying to pull a trigger on a attempted deal for this guy. But hey, if you think Dusty Rhodes and Vince Russo AHEM LOSER!! your thing, hey different strokes for different folks!!!

Well that is my rant for this time. I will be back with a special column for Wrestlemania tomorrow, until then, War Steve Corino coming to TNA and being the Next World Champ!!!!! I am OUT!!!!!!

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At 2:55 AM, Anonymous Ramon Alvarado said...

I would also have to say I really do not believe Paul E Heyman being a WWE bitch. The guy hated everything they stand for and made that a point more than once. I CAN NOT see my beloved ECW being an Ohio Valley Wrestling, OVW (WWE's training ground where all WWE trained superstars come from). To believe that would be death to evertying about ECW that I love. A well written comment. Oh, if only people like me and the author of this article were rich imagine how great wrestling would be.

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