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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Telling It Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton

This Time Around......Rhyno and Matt Hardy Free Agents, Where is Brock? and more.

Greetings again. Well big news coming out this week. Rhyno and Matt Hardy have been released by the WWE. If I am TNA, I am on the phone trying to pull this deal. Forget just Abyss, Rhyno has what it takes to be a main eventer. As for Matt Hardy, he may be what the doctor ordered (besides some other drugs...LOL) for Jeff. Let's face it, Jeff is no longer the next HBK, but the Hardy Boys can be a good tag team again, and get TNA some name brand recognition. the bottom line is that TNA can finally get their hands on some stars that still have some shelf life on them. Here is your chance, TNA, to prove you are serious about competing. Make me believe again, the ball is in your court!!!

So now TNA is taping every THREE weeks now? Big mistake. The crowds are raucous the first hour, but by middle of the second hour, it is half empty, by the end of the night, you can hear the crickets chirping. Bottom line is they need to find a way to get a weekly one hour show, because they are getting way ahead of themselves if they can do two hour tapings and keep the intensity up for that time. Because the answer to that is not yet.

Has there been any Brock Lesnar sightings lately? This guy has gone from being one of the best workers of the past decade to hardly a blip on the radar. Vince's son in law doesn't want him for fear he may steal his thunder. WWE neds to bury the hatchet and get Brock back. The fans want him Vince, and isn't it supposed to be about the fans??

I watched RAW last night and got my first glimpse of Chris Masters, and a gimmick idea went off. Since this guy only wrestles Cruiserweights, he can do the Reverse Bob Holly gimmick. Make him at a weight of allegedly 200 pounds and make him only wrestle cruiserweights. That would be so freaking funny. As for the Hassan-Davari storyline, hey they need to find another way to get the fans to hate these guys. The Iron Sheik was 20 years ago, and it just falls flat. But now it is possible there may be a Hogan-HBK team up against Hassan and Davari. Maybe it works, maybe not.

That is all for now, but hope to see you soon at Studio 21. Take Care


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At 6:40 AM, Anonymous RavensWing said...

As an avid reader of your blog, I have to say it is almost always a pleasure to read. The lone exceptions are those days when you post John-Michael Newton articles. To put it bluntly, his posts are total garbage. It's not like he knows what he is talking about either. He is always bashing TNA, but then he says he goes to the tapings. My question is, if it's so bad, why does he even bother to go?

I have seen TNA on FOX and think it's a pretty good wrestling show. I have also ordered a few of the PPV's, and they also excellent quality. It seems to the reader, that the only good thing in the world in John-Michael Newton's opinion, is ECW (long since extinct), and Paul Haymen (who I also think may be extinct).

If John-Michael Newton thinks he can do better, then why doesn't he start his own federation?

Do yourself a favor, and get rid of him, and his column.


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