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Monday, April 25, 2005

Telling It Like It Is....By John-Michael Newton

Hello again wrestling fans. This column was written on Sunday, too early to get the PPV results, so I will go on with what I promised last time.

First up, why Edge has no business being a main eventer. The Tag Team of Edge and Christian was one of the best gimmicks the WWE ever came up with. Quite possibly one of the best heel acts in recent memory. I mean you were riveted to the TV wanting to see the Dudleys KILL these guys!!! But you knew it would not last forever. If at that time you had told me that Christian would be doing a better job than Edge 5 years ago, I would have told you to put down the illegal psychotropic substances and slowly back away. But I was wrong. Edge has been nothing short of a major disappointment. Edge has proven he has no business being a main eventer. To tell you the truth, Christian is not a main eventer either, but at least he knows his role and has turned into a stellar mid-carder. Edge is still in his hallucination of being a great, but his promo skills have gone in the tubes, and he has not found a real gimmick to hold on to. The sooner Mr. Copeland realizes this, the better off he will be.

Next. I have to agree with Hawk on the subject of Cena's title run being less than anticipated. To say the least, I thought Cena would have ben over HUGE as champ, but it has not proven true. Speaking of which, Batista has just fallen flat as the champ. I had huge hopes for this guy, but he has just fallen flat. Good skills, great appearance, but minimal mic skills and poor buildup has really hurt this guy. The worst thing is that Cripple H will soon be champ again. I swear. this guy is nothing more than a cancer. When he comes on, I usually grab something from the fridge or use the bathroom. Triple H was once one of the cornerstones of the WWE locker room. He put people over for the good of the company. He helped the younger guys. He stepped up and provided leadership. None of those qualities are evident today. Triple H is nothing more than a self centered leech who only cares about himself. He refuses to put over talent. He hogs the spotlight. He purposely makes other wrestlers look bad. Vince needs to find the sack to take back his company and cut this cancer out!!! Speaking of Cancers......

....Hulkk Hogan, a former cancer of the same quality, looks like he has come around. In the past few years, he has been willing to put talent over. Heck he even TAPPED OUT to Kurt Angle at a PPV, and let Brock Lesnar lay him out!! When would you ever see that from Hogan? Now he will be teaming with HBK at the next PPV. Like I have said before. In these sensitive political times, angles like this just don't work. I see where they are going with this. With Hogan they have the USA-Arab conflict angle. With HBK they have the Christian-Muslim conflict angle. And with Vince McMahon, it is another chance to twist the knife in Bret Hart's back some more....I bet that the Hitman is writing glowing things about this one. Hogan refused to wrestle or put over Hart in the WWE. Now he is working with the same guy who helped destroy his carer? Oh yeah, I bet Mr. Hart is just peachy with that. I always said Jeff Jarrett, Bruno Sammartino, and Bret Hart are the most bitter men in wrestling. Unlike Jarrett and Sammartino, Bret Hart has many reasons to be bitter. This is just the latest one. Hm let's just see.....Survivor Series 1997, "Bret Screwed Bret", Owen's death, the destruction of his legacy and his family....need I say more? And this was one of the greatest Champions they ever had!!!!

Well that is it for now. Coming up next week, The best and worst world champions ever., and other thoughts. Take care and Be Well


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