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Friday, April 08, 2005

This Weeks Impact Review

Little did I know going to the taping of this weeks Impact that DOA Dusty Rhodes was going to make an announcement that would rock the wrestling world! But as we were entering sound stage 21 at Universal Studios I did take notice as to how fast the seats were filling up. There were the regular familiar faces as well as new faces. Which just goes to show that TNA is getting bigger all the time.

The first match of the evening was an X-Division match with Michael Shane VS. Chris Sabin. This was a very strong tight match. I have to say I was never to impressed with Shane but after seeing him in this match against Sabin it proved that he may have some skill after all. The match was very close but Sabin won with a pin fall. Shane being the sore loser that he is kicked Sabin in the face because he was out maneuvered. I think there is going to be a big feud between Shane and Sabin in the works!

Next Dusty with Traci and Trinity came out to make his big announcement regarding Lockdown. The first part of the announcement was that the winner of the AJ Styles VS. Abyss cage match will become the number one contender to face Jeff Jarrett for the title!

But that was nothing compared to what he would say next! Dusty goes on to start telling you to hide the women and children and if you had a heart problem or aren't able to handle extreme violence you may want to leave or something to that effect.

You know how Dusty gets sometimes. But the announcement he made had everyone go still with disbelief was that all 8 matches at Lockdown will be in a cage! This will be the first time in wrestling PPV history that the whole event will be cage matches. Making the event a Lethal Lockdown. The entire audience was in shock.

The next match was Chase Stevens with Andy Douglas and Chris Candito VS. AJ Styles. This match was just a comedy of errors on Chase, Andy, and Chris's part. They are really starting to become the 3 stooges of TNA. AJ won the match even though there was interference. At the end of the match as AJ was going back up the ramp Abyss came out with a chair and hit the ring post. AJ came back down to face Abyss but security ran out to break it up.

James Storm and Chris Harris came out to the announcer's table to join Don West and Mike Tenay. To co announce the next match. Lex Lovett and David Young VS. Cassidy Riley and Dustin Rhodes. This match was pretty much what you would expect. Dustin and Cassidy were defiantly the most talented of the wrestlers in the ring. I really find Lex and David a bore. They have no impressive style or any really impressive ring moves. Cassidy and Dustin won the match when Cassidy pined Lex.

Next Mike Tenay went into the ring to interview Jeff Jarrett. This was less of an interview and more of Jeff talking about being a winner. Now I like Jeff. I have been a fan of his for years but I really think its about time for him to drop the belt. We really don't want it to be like HHH! During this DDP snuck down out of the crowd and into the ring to attack Jeff. The Outlaw came out to assist Jeff. Which by the way Jeff was looking smoking in his pink shirt and white pants he always wears colors that really look good on him.

Next they went on to show a vinyet of "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and "Primetime" Elix Skipper. Daniels was telling Elix that he was the strongest member of XXX and everyone knows it and wanted to know if he was sure that he wanted to face him now that it was a cage match. Since he said that Elix lost the last cage match he was in did he want to be a two time loser in a cage match. Elix said he thinks he does want to go through with it.

The next match was the main event Kidd Kash with Lance Hoyt VS. Apolo. Dusty came out to the announcers table to watch the match and comment on it. Sonny came out to the ring side and interfered causing referee Andrew Thomas to call the match. That was when all hell broke lose. The four of them went for each other looking for blood. There were chairs and bodies flying everywhere.

This Impact really put the coming events into motion for Lockdown. I wouldn't be surprised if Kidd and Hoyt end up in a cage against Sonny and Apolo! I really think that Kidd and Hoyt could easily win they are a great tag team they just need to keep themselves from getting distracted.

If your not watching Impact every week you are really missing out on an extreme action packed show!

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