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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Up Coming SCW Show

I wanted to let everyone in the Central Florida area the SCW is going to have a show on Saturday April 30 at the Eastmont Civic Center in Altamonte Springs. For more information and ticket information got to SCW'S official site.

They are going to have some great matches with some of the best indy talent in the area!

There is going to be a Heavyweight Title match with Mister Saint Laurent current champion VS. Josh Rich. This is going to be a very good match. I don't think that the size difference between these two athletes is going to make a difference. They are both very skilled competitors.

There is also going to be a Southern Tag Team match with current champions The Heartbreak Xpress VS. Ryze and Sequel. I really think that there is going to be new tag team champions at the end of the night with this match. The reason I say this is I don't think that THX is as driven and as focused as Ryze and Sequel.

There is also going to be several other intense matches before the main event. Such as "A Best 2 Out OF 3 Falls" between David Mercury VS. Aaron Epic, Dagon Briggs VS. Jason Hexx, Rip Malibu VS. Scott Davis, and some great tag team action between Johnny Schumacher and Jerrelle Clark VS. Chasyn Rance and Manny Montana. This is going to be one of he best matches of the night. It is going to very action packed with Jerrelle and Chasyn wanting to prove who the better wrestler is!

The main event is going to be Vordell Walker VS. Erik Stevens. My prediction for this match is Vordell is going to walk away the victorious one!

This is going to be a great night out and they have an after party at Ker's in Altamonte Springs. I hope to see you all there!

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