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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Upcoming POW Shows

POW has two upcoming shows. The first show is this weekend on Sunday April 10. Doors open at 6 PM and the bell is at 7 PM. The show is going to be at The Boiler Room in Seminole,FL. As always for price information check out POW'S official web site.

On the card for this show is a four way ladies elimination match. The ladies in this match are Dee Dee "The Kat" Venturi VS. Lexie Fyfe, Amy Love VS. Amy Sue. This match promises to be one of the biggest ladies matches of the year. This is the most ladies action that you will ever see in most shows. Your lucky if you get one ladies match, but a 4 way is almost unheard of. So if you love watching real ladies wrestling not that WWE T&A crap this will be a match for you!

There will also be several solid male wrestler matches as well. For example the main event will feature Heavyweight Champion Torcher with Bambi VS. The Black Knight with Lady Luck! This is going to be a title match and Torcher isn't going to get his title go with out a fight. Lady Luck needs to stay clear of Bambi as well.

There is also going to be a Semi Main Event with "SuperFan" Mark Zout (US Champion) Vs. Pretty Fly. Of course there is also going to be a tag team title match featuring The Psychedelics (Tag Champions) (James Morrison & James Hendrix) VS. Northern Exposure (Josh Masters & Scott Davis).

All and all this is going to be a hell of a show if your in the area looking for a good time!

The second show of the month is going to be The Third Annual Kids Kamp Fundraiser on April 17. This show is going to be in Clearwater, FL the gates open at 3 PM and the bell sounds at 4 PM. The card for this show has not been announced yet! For more information go to POW'S Official web site.

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