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Friday, April 01, 2005

WWE'S Big Ticket Weekend

This weekend is going to be one of WWE’S biggest financial draws of the year, if not the biggest. This weekend not only does WWE have the class of 2005 Hall of Fame introduction on Saturday, but they also have Wrestlemania XXI on Sunday.

Starting with the Hall of fame introduction. If you wanted to attend this event the tickets range from $35. for lousy seats to $85. for great seats. Now when you do the math on this they are making a pretty penny off of this event.

Granted you will get to see the entire ceremony with all the inductees as well as the presenters. The inductees are Hulk Hogan, Roddy Pipper, Nikolai Volkoff, “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, Bob Orton Jr., Paul Orndorff, and The Iron Sheik.

The presenters for this event are Sly Stallone will be presenting Hulk Hogan. I guess they wanted a fellow “actor” to make the presentation. The next presenter will be Ric Flair presenting Roddy Pipper with his introduction. Something about drama queens comes to mind, but I’m not going to go there!

Nikolai Volkoff will be presented by Jim Ross, Jimmy Hart by Jerry “The King” Lawler, Bob Orton Jr. by his son Randy Orton, Paul Orndorff by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and The Iron Sheik by Sgt. Slaughter.

As I look over the list I see several names I really remember watching growing up and others that I barely remember. I'm sure it has nothing to do with their ring skills. I think it may have been their ring entrance if it wasn't really flashy or memorable then I didn't really pay any attention.

Now mind you the inductee that I'm most excited over is Jimmy Hart. I used to love the way he would come out with the megaphone and the flashy jackets!

Of course he is the sweetest person you can ever meet. Anyone that goes to any TNA taping can attest to that.

Which does bring me to wonder would WWE be having Pipper's Pit on Wrestlemania XXI if TNA hadn't have gotten such a huge fan response on their PPV "Victory Road".

Which brings me to WWE'S next big money ticket of the weekend, Wrestlemania XXI. As we all know Wrestlemania is meant to be WWE'S biggest hurrah of the year but sadly it hasn't been living up to the crowds expectations in resent years.

Of course in my humble opinion Wrestlemania III was the best of the best and a very hard act to follow.

While looking one line I was unable to find the ticket price of Wrestlemania XXI tickets, I guess because they are sold out.

But I'm sure the tickets are very pricey, just like the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Not to mention all the fans around the world that will order it on PPV.

So ether way the fans will pay out the nose. WWE always does what they can to suck every last penny from their fans.

Which is a real shame considering that their product isn't half of what it used to be. I mean really where do you go after lesbian, sleazy affairs, and necrophilia storylines?

No where but down. But yet the fans that are still trying to hold on to the great product WWE used to be they can't see that it's quality is in the toilet.

I really hope that some day WWE will have a glimmer of the incredible organization it used to be! But I'm afraid as long as Vince, Stephanie, and HHH are in charge it wont happen, unless it really starts to effect their pocket.

But hey everyone needs a dream!

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