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Monday, April 04, 2005

WWE'S Channel Changes

While I was reading the news online today I came across a very interesting article. It seems that since Spike TV is no longer going to carry WWE, NBC is now going to carry Monday night RAW as well as on the USA Network and Telemundo.

As we all know these stations are all owned by Universal. Which is where TNA is doing their show tapings. I wonder what this will mean for them. Their contract with Universal is up in just a few months. As rumor has it they are looking for a larger venue to move to so they can accommodate all of their fans.

TNA'S fan base is growing bigger and bigger every week and they have to turn fans away at almost every taping! I'm sure that they are getting ready to make their move to either a larger arena or to start traveling for shows.

But than again maybe TNA will stay on at Universal Studios for a while to continue to build their ever growing fan base for a little while longer.

The following is credit to Yahoo News!

World Wrestling Signs Pact with NBC Universal
Mon Apr 4, 9:19 AM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. on Monday said it has signed a three-year deal to broadcast its wrestling events featuring sports entertainers on media conglomerate NBC Universal's television networks.

Starting in October, WWE's weekly shows will broadcast on NBC Universal properties, including "Monday Night RAW," which will be seen on the USA Network, as well as other shows aired on Telemundo and NBC.

NBC Universal is majority owned by General Electric Co. .

The agreement reestablishes WWE's relationship with the USA network, which started in 1993 and ended in 2000 when "Monday Night Raw" moved to Viacom Inc.'s Spike TV.

Under the new agreement, Stamford, Connecticut-based World Wrestling will receive rights fees, while the USA Network will sell all advertising for the programs and keep all ad revenues.

That differs from WWE's deal with Spike, where WWE sold the majority of the advertising. WWE estimated its advertising revenues estimated at $37 million, resulting in about $13 million in net income in its fiscal year ending this month,

In March, Spike TV said it had ended talks with WWE, and that it would invest in original programs and new acquisitions. The current agreement runs through September.

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