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Monday, May 16, 2005

Hard Justice Review

When I arrived yesterday there wasn't a lot of people in line and I was concerned that the turn out was going to be poor but the crowd was amazing. They were a good rowdy crowd to not one of those dead crowds that bring the whole place down.

Right before the start of the pre show The Naturals came down to rings side to thank all the fans for there support and kind words they have reserved since the loss of Chris Candido. They also said some very moving words about Chris.

The pre show started with a vinyet of Tito Ortiz talking about how cool he is. Then there was a vinyet for Shocker who is a wrestler I could do with out there are so many other talented Latino wrestlers that have more appeal.

Now on to the one match of the pre show they had a lot of vinyets in this pre show. The match was David Young VS. Sharkboy. Which to my surprise Young did have several near falls but in the end Sharkboys ring skills won out! Which Sharkboy gets to advance to the 20 man gauntlet in the PPV.

The pre show went on to show 3 more vinyets one was an interview with AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett then one on how great the world should think AJ is, the last one was Terry Taylor interviewing Jeff Jarrett.

The first match of the PPV was Team Canada's Petey Williams and Eric Young with Scott D'Amore VS. Apolo and Sonny Siaki. This match was boring. I don't think Sonny or Apolo are such wonderful wrestlers. Sonny isn't the best his family has turned out that is for sure. But before we got a chance to die of boredom Alistar came out to our rescue and help score one for the team.

Next they showed Tito , AJ, and Jeff Jarrett arriving.

The second match of the night was the mixed tag team match with Michael Shane and Trinity VS. Chris Sabin and Traci. Now before I start to go in to the match I have to comment on Traci's boots they looked like she had dead black poodles tied to her feet! Now I was suspicious of this pairing from the start but I thought maybe Traci really did change her ways. But that was not the case. After the match took a turn in Sabin and Traci's favor Traci hit Sabin with a low blow then Shane kicked Trinity in the face. Shane won the match by pin fall. Traci jumped in to Shane's arms to start celebrating.

Next were a few more vinyets while they set up the ring for the House of Fun match. There were a lot of vinyets last night.

This match was hands down the best match of the night. There were a lot of disappointed fans last night because this match was supposed to be Raven VS. Jeff Hardy but Hardy wasn't there so Sean Waltman stepped up to the plate. This match was going about 30 seconds when Raven got busted open with a trash can. It wasn't long after that when Waltman was bleeding as well. This match was very violent. To the point that some of the regular members of the TNA Pit got splashed with blood. Raven walked a way the victor after just killing Waltman. But this was to be expected with Ravens experience with ECW.

I'm sure that was just a taste of what fans will have to look forward to in the future.

Next there was a interview with Terry Taylor and DDP. Where DDP stated that he had a text message from BG James telling him he was having transportation problems and couldn't make the match. "The Truth" Ron Killings came out and told him at least he got a message he would wrestle in his place.

The fourth match of the night was "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown and The Outlaw VS. DDP and "The Truth" Ron Killings. Now I can't really go into to much on this match because I lost interest early on and was not really watching it but Phi Delta Slam ran in to interfere in the match causing Monty and Outlaw to win the match.

Next was an interview with Mike Tenay and The Naturals. Again what they had to had to say was very sad but very touching listening to them talk about how much of an impact Chris Candido had on their lives and career.

The fifth match of the evening was the tag team title match with AMW Vs. The Naturals. Andy came to the ring with a yellow hand towel and draped it over a folding chair at ringside in honor of Chris then Chase started a Chris Candido chant going. You could really feel the crowd was heavy with emotion. This was a very impressive match it really showed what an incredible tag team The Naturals are. They truly deserve the titles. I think the highlight of the match was when James Storms tights got pulled down and showed off his butt and what may have been a bluish gray thong. The Naturals won the match.

Next there was yet another vinyet.

Match six of the night was Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels VS. Shocker. This match was lame I really felt like Daniels was holding back. I hope they bring in so better Latino wrestlers! Daniels won the match and retained his title.

Match seven of the night was the 20 man gauntlet. I think almost everyone in TNA was in this match except Zack Owen. He is a one legged wrestler and was really holding his own. I was shocked that he removed his prosthetic leg to wrestle. I thought it was very impressive that he could still wrestle with skill even with his disadvantage. The rest of the wrestlers in this match were Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Cassidy Riley, PrimeTime, Sharkboy, Alistar, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, Sonny Siaki, Lance Hoyt, Michael Shane, Jerrelle Clark, Mikey Batts, The Outlaw, Trytan, Ron Killings, Apolo, BG James (I guess his transportation problems got sorted out), and Abyss. The last two wrestlers in the ring was Ron Killings and Abyss. The rest of the match went fairly quick Abyss won the match by pin fall and advances to the number one contender spot.

Match eight the main event of the night was Jeff Jarrett VS. AJ Styles with Tito Ortiz as the special guest referee. Now let me just say I think there was favoritism at play in this match causing Jeff to lose the title. Now don't get me wrong I think it was time for him to drop the belt but I think he could have dropped it to a better wrestler than AJ. Who in my opinion has no mic skills or personality.

Say what you want Jeff is a wrestler that makes the fans either love him or love to hate him which is part of the reason he is such a great wrestler. Now everyone one was so impressed with AJ's new finisher I was not because indy wrestler SFX has been using that finisher for a while he calls it "The Cutting Room Floor". I would have been impressed if I hadn't seen him nail it not only from off the top rope but from standing in the middle of the ring as well!

As I keep saying TNA's PPV'S get better and better all the time! I think if your not in the Orlando,FL area to see them live you should spend the money to order it! You wont be disappointed in the show you get.

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