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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hawks Nest

Greetings citizens! Glad to see the Hurricane and Rosie are still tag champs. There was something else I was happy about....what was it???? Oh yeah that idiot HHH is off the show for a while, now if they could just stop talking about him. Looks like the draft is gonna be a little different this year, taking an entire month. Should be interesting.

Maybe during that time they can kill 2 particularly disgusting angles. 1. This Viscera sex machine deal. My wife and I were watching this week and we had to change channels and our kids were not even watching. It was just that gross. 2. Kurt Angle and Nitro Girl Paisley/Mrs. Booker T. My my Kurt how in the world did you get pulled into this crap angle? Get out because it is stupid!

Next order of business, the CD is out, the publicity push is slowing down, now do the right thing and give the belt back to JBL. Say what you will JBL was a believable champ. Cena is this decades version of the Ultimate Warrior.

Everybody loves him, is a great intercontinental / US champ, but he just isn't World title material. Sorry I am just not buying it and I don't think the fans are either. Batista is struggling but I think he will make it as long as HHH stays away. He needs a strong enemy (not Edge) like Jericho, Beniot, Booker T or Angle.
Well that's what I think how about you?

Till then fly straight

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