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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Impact Review for May 20,2005

First I want to start out by saying there was a dark match before the start of the taping. The wrestlers in this match were Scott Howard VS. The Wonderer. What a joke! If you would have seen these people you would have laughed they were bald and out of shape. The match sucked. The winner was Scott Howard. Now granted there are a lot of wrestlers that are local indy guys that do matches for TNA and you may not know who they are but I do because I go to the local indy shows. These guys were just old nobodies because no one knew them.

The first match on Impact was Sonny Siaki VS. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown. Of course I don’t really care about either one but I was cheering for Monty because I like him more than Sonny. I swear Sonny is the only Samoan with no ring skills or personality. This match lasted about a minute before Monty creamed Sonny into Samoan hash. Monty won the match by pinfall.

Next they showed Terry Taylor interviewing Michael Shane and Traci. On a side note Shane Douglas has a bad case of the flu so he was not at the tapings or the PPV. I wish Shane a speedy recovery. Back to the interview, it was a typical Shane and Traci interview we are so great everyone else just sucks. Traci did tell Shane that he was the sexiest when he had the gold around his waist so he will be going for it.

There was another interview after that one with Mike Tenay and AJ Styles. AJ was just going on and on. He has no mic skills and they were just letting him talk about how great he was. Well if Tito wouldn’t have interfered he probably wouldn’t be wearing the gold now! Which Jeff Jarrett came out to point that out to everyone. Jeff also pointed out that he had a rematch clause in his contract so he wants to face AJ at Slamaversery. Monty came out and attacked AJ. Jeff came down to help when Abyss came out to help. X-pac and AMW came out to help AJ. The match at Slamaversery will be a King of the Mountain match with AJ, Jeff, Monty, Abyss, and a wild card.

Ok we still don’t have a match yet because Larry Z. came out to join the announcer’s table when Raven came out and hit the announcer’s table with a chair demanding that Larry make him the wild card. When Larry said he couldn’t do that Raven attacked him. Larry was holding his own but that didn’t last with Ravens rage. Dusty came out and started yelling at Raven about attacking Larry. So Dusty suspended Raven so in the rage Raven was in he told Dusty he quit!

Next came a vinyet. Yes still not another match. It was BG talking to “The Truth” Ron Killings about his “transportation” problems on Sunday. Killings was still pissed that he didn’t call him.

Finally match two of the night was Cassidy Riley VS. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. This match was good but of course Traci and Michael Shane felt the need to interfere because they want the X-Division Title. Chris Sabin came out to assist Daniels because he is still sore because of what happened on Sunday. Security had come out to break it up and I could swear that the one security guards was ex Roller Jam skater Tim "Big Nasty" Washington! Daniels did end up winning the match.

Next was not another match but you guessed it another vinyet. This one was AJ whining at Dusty about the King of the Mountain match. I mean come on he is always crying and whining about something. Dusty told AJ they had them where they wanted them. Yeah ok. I’m thinking the wild card person will be Tito.

Match three of the night was Team Canada’s Petey Williams and Eric Young with Scott D’Amore and Alistar VS. AMW. Team Canada won the match with a bit of interference. But AMW had a fight at the end of the match it makes you wonder are they heading for a break up which maybe a great idea. It may help them grow as wrestlers.

Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown came out to join the announcer’s table for the main event.

The main event of the evening was Abyss VS. Chris Sabin. I thought for sure this was going to be a squash match but I was really not giving Sabin the credit he disserved. I should have realized that Sabin has the skills to take on anything TNA throws at him! Abyss won the match but that was because Michael Shane and Traci came out to interfere other wise I really think Sabin would have taken the match. Jeff and Monty went out to congratulate Abyss when he turned on them and blackhole slammed Jeff.

After this Impact you can really see that things are really heating up for TNA’S 3-year anniversary show Slamaversery PPV. I know I can’t wait to see it and I hope to see you all there.

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